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  1. What about the possibility of a 4D theater... since they already have an indoor shooter? Other than that I am thinking a Madhouse but who builds those anymore As for wishful thinking.. A ride like Arthur at Europa park would be nice.
  2. 92.5 and the picture of the wood... looks like the antique cars are out and a wooden coaster is in. from RCDB.com However, what if RMC is building this from scratch using topper track? I'd love for it to be a GCI though! I'm with Rob... where if its GCI I hope that they maintain it....
  3. The background in that picture looks like rockwork... could this be the exit of Runaway Mountain? I doubt Mr. Freeze is going anywhere but could this mean that Mr. Freeze is being repainted back to Blue? Or this just a hint that this will be a dark ride ... since dark rides only have exit signs since they are in a building (i.e. the large theater we've already been focusing on).
  4. B&M Launched wing coaster (but that wouldn't be a worlds first since Furius baco exists) or free spinning wing rider by B&M. A flying launched wing coaster would be crazy!
  5. This may seem far-fetched... but I noticed a few things in this picture. One a picture of a spinning ride in the foreground, two the letters HUS with the rest of the ride name, "HUSTLER" cut off, and three I balloon in the air which appears to be between Hustler and Sky screamer. reaching very far with this... and taking the HUS as a hint... I am thinking HUSS, and I am also thinking of a ride that goes up in the air and spins and I couldn't help to think of the recent post on screamscape regarding HUSS re-introducing their new Condor 2G (2nd Generation) which they claim is drawing some industry attention for this classic ride. www.screamscape.com
  6. ^I enjoyed Scooby Doo... I hope this doesn't end up being a case of so called "fixing" something that isn't broken... aka Another Superman to Bizarro flop.
  7. Now that the Two Face Void and the old rock climbing wall void is filled... There still remains the follow open ride platforms: Sky Escaper across form where the Iron Eagle used to stand... the queue house still stands but is used a smoking area. Personally I would love to see a 400 ft sky screamer since it lines up along the center of the park. There is the old Tilt (tilt-a-whirl) ... Coyote Creek could use a new attraction! There is also the old Krpton Comet ride platform area (currently an outdoor sitting area) but I noticed it looks like the power house for the former ride still is there. Not sure if the spot next to Joker's Jinx where the Avalanche used to stand is also available. I think a inverting flat like Le Demon would be nice. Lastly, there is the old diesel derby ride in Looney Tunes which is still unused. That side of the park could use a nice water ride like Tsunami Soaker. There is also that huge gap of space between Superman and Batwing. I am all aboard for a flat ride package.
  8. Midway America Tent is coming down... Cards, flying hippos... the whole spiraling background... why is this coming off like a vekoma madhouse.
  9. Weekday or weekend (including) saturday the park is not as busy as SFGAdv... In my opinion you do not need a FP unless you care to visit the water park and get one some of the slides. I actually really think Bonzai Pipelines is awesome... I just rode it for the first time two weeks ago. Lines in the water park are longer but your FP will work in both the water and dry park. IN the dry park I don't think you will see much need. I also agree that you don't really need a plan of attack but I would suggest getting to batwing slightly before 12 noon on weekends. The park has 2 trains running on everything during weekends... the only toss up is Batwing... Sometimes they have both and sometimes they have one. I've seen them start with 2 on batwing or add the 2nd later on and sometimes if they have 2 on... later on in the day when i revisit it has one removed (maybe they were having issues?). Yeah that park has a bad rap but as more people visit I see it improving....most reviews I have read, including my own opinion, all pretty much say that park is not as bad as you would think it would be based on the negative bashing it gets. I actually enjoy the park!!! ... my only bad experiences have been with food places in the park. I recommend you call the park and speak with someone who deals with tickets... I am sure they will advise you... its better to know for sure than to assume. It could turn out to be something you have to work out with ACE and not the park.
  10. http://www.coastersandmore.de/rides/achterbahnneuheiten2014/achterbahnneuheiten2014.shtml I knew I had recognized those cross ties ... those same cross ties can be seen on the Zamperla's Thunderbolt at Luna park. They have the triangular cross section on the cross ties. cache.rcdb.com/migg00000prc92ai0035b9.jpg
  11. I was at the park on Tuesday... all the lines were very short... El toro was basically a walk on (or 2 train wait at most)... my longest line was Nitro but that was because they were stacking all 3 trains everytime. Zumanjaro was fun. Weaker than voodoo drop at SFA... it just didn't have that "KICK" to it... but I will also say that it definitely has the intimidating factor and holy Sh!t factor as you are going up. It is certainly re-rideable and I think everyone will have a blast on it! Great addition to the parks line up but it didn't scare me like I thought it would! That could also be a relatively reaction providing that I rode KK first (KK still is a powerhouse of a ride). The only thing I did not like was the long path to get to the main queue house. It feel so ridiculous but at the same time how else are you going to get back there lol. I am sure they will fill in the empty space. I enjoyed the new views that are offered on this path. El toro's first drop looks so much more menacing now that you are able to walk next to it. It was also my first visit back to the park since Safari Off Road Adventure was added. It actually was the surprise hit of my trip. I really really enjoyed it and my your guide. Green Lantern, Skull, B;TDK, RM, B:TR, were all walk ones. Bizarro was a 1 train wait... it seems so out of place. It is still a fun ride. Sky Screamer was fun as well. Im not going to lie, I kinda miss having a classic wooden coaster to ride at the park... I hope the park will find a way to fill RTs void.
  12. As far as US parks my guesses would be. Alabama Adventure (now under the direction of Mr. Koch and all they have is Rampage) or Kentucky Kingdom I don't think any major chain is going to purchase these rides (unless it was six flags which made a deal to open up some new parks overseas).
  13. ^That clearing is where the original cyclone entrance was correct? I glad they are closing it in July instead of august. This gives them a head start. RMC has shown in the past they they get started right away. Medusa steel coaster closed on August 20th just about and opened in June. So if they can get started right away in July, it could minimize the possibility of the i-box conversion opening late in the 2015 season.
  14. ^or that this is the first I-box conversion for a ride located in the north east and wanting to get a head start before winter. SFMM will be in southern cali temps.
  15. SIGH I can only hope that the same that happened on YOLOCOASTER Will eventually happen here.. Yolocoaster started with an uncovered station Then they finally put in some covering and now the finally have a permanent station structure and roof if I had to guess and speculate It looks like they just wanted to get this thing open and whatever the hold up is was probably contractor related (who knows)... but clearly they couldn't wait any longer hence the rush.. and it shows!!!! BADLY.
  16. When it comes to public transportation, the way you have already researched is probably the best way. I think you will take the MARC train from Bmore to New Carrollton (Orange Line Metro train). You will then take the orange line to the transfer point to get on the blue line metro train which will be at the Stadium Armory (DC united soccer team stadium) metro station. Take the Blue Line just a few stops to the end of the line which is Largo Town Center Metro Station. Take the bus and get off at the Six Flags America stop (Feel free to ask the bus driving for the exact stop you should get off on) you will definitely see the huge six flags sign and the park on the left hand side of the bus. Give yourself about 10 - 15 minutes to walk from the bus stop to the front gate. The other option is to find your way to BWI airport... take the metro bus from BWI to Greenbelt metro station (green line metro train). Take the green line downtown to L'faunt Plaza metro station (transfer station to get on the blue line)... take the blue line out to the Largo Town Center metro station (last stop on the blue line). Repeat the bus directions. Although its a lengthy commute, you will save some gas money and not have to pay for parking. Lines aren't atrociously long at this park so you will have plenty of time to get on everything. Just make sure you a lot enough time to get back to the bus stop in time... and pay attention to the exact bus schedule for the day you are traveling (i.e. on Sundays the buses run an abbreviated schedule). When traveling on the bus you may see workers in their uniform so that can be some reassurance that you are on the correct route.
  17. Interesting he got denied for his shirt by a company who's slogan is GO BIG!
  18. At this point... it seems like it may be wise to just disassemble the remainder of the station that is left at Great America and move it and re-assemble it at SFA. That could take about a week and would offer a quick station.
  19. Looks like they updated the program or are running an alternative program to the other one previously posted. This one has water effects! Looks like you get soaked! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GB8ah3-WlNk
  20. It appears as though the "pit" is being cleared and flatted in similar fashion to how Busch Gardens's did when building the show building for verbolten. I think the reason they may have said once construction get's started later this summer there will be no hiding it will be due to the fact that they usually they have the construct the track before the show building is erected around it. That said... we could be looking at a multi- launch coaster as well. Could Mack, Intamin, or Zierer be on tap for this project? Or could we be looking at a Gerstlauer Euro Fighter with an beginning section that starts within a building They could possibly theme the indoor show building to an underwater theme.
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