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  1. This park would hire the Westboro Baptist Church to do their fright fest.... they will probably set people ablaze on crosses if they could.
  2. I guess the swings will become crime wave like at SFNE photo from themeparkreview photo TR
  3. Hmmm going along with this new development... If Rockville themed area is being changed to Gotham ... could we perhaps be seeing a large scale re-theme with a few new small rides with one large batman attraction... They did say "Flying" a lot... so could the old rumors SFA rumors of Batwing's removal be coming to reality. Granted we have seen no indication that SFA is removing anything (They shouldn't)! IT could also be a Superman Ultimate Flight Clone relocation from another park (but what are the chances of SF relocated a newer B&M). Texas does not have a flying coaster... and Six Flags is no stranger to ride relocation. Batwing does take up much more land than a S&S (free spin or el-loco).. but I'd hope this is a brand new custom flying... I'm sure SFFT pulls in enough money to merit new (non-relocated) rides. Thoughts?...
  4. ^I pitched this same concept back in '08 when they built B:TDK! Great minds think alike! An indoor El loco with heavy theme would be awesome!
  5. ^The reason I am just going to wait for BGWs announcement and try to put at least some kind of faith in BGW ....because having seen how BGT modified Sheikra to a floorless station and trains after Griffon, I think that we could see BGW implement changes for theirs in a similar fashion. I feel as though BGW could indeed build their ride with the dual station idea in mind that the ride could run two trains. However, they may wait until Bosque Magico's attraction opens first before they do so. OR, maybe the plans just include the basics of the ride and not any details as far two stations or what not. Wishful Thinking!
  6. I was just basing it off of the ride review from TPR when they went on it not too long ago.
  7. That space between KK and El toro I would like to see a flat ride like a Giant Discovery and one of these ... GAdv could use another water ride.
  8. SFGAm restored the Little Dipper! As rare and unseen as that was... I'm sure six flags would do it again if they wanted to.
  9. 7 mil may just be the price of the actual ride hardware itself... not including the cost of installation (shipping, equipment to erect the ride), construction (labor, grading/etc).... so the total investment may actually be much higher. I think the windseeker price tag, along with many other price figures released by parks are all total investment figures not just the ride.
  10. Interesting! I could see that as a possibility.... However, I would think that HP would sell it vs. scrap it... its one of my favorite mouse coasters purely due to its location... it's so high up.
  11. A spinner indoors like Tornado at Bakken would be amazing!!!!
  12. I think a smarter approach would be to have a single load station but allow the cars to be dispatched to two separate tracks from there (via a track switch) similar to how Disney does on the RSR. At the end of the ride after the mock finish line they are will then be merged back into a single station track. Therefore you only need one crew.
  13. KK's faces last night at the annoucement: @ The fact that it's a launched B&M coaster @ the fact that it's a wing coaster @ the fact that HW finally has a Large Steel Coaster @ the fact that it has 4 inversions @ the fact that HW dropped $22 Mil on a single ride!
  14. Worlds first multi-inversion launched wing coaster (since baco only has one inversion). USAs first launched wing rider. I love the pace that the cars take on the large overbanks. I wonder if they will have to put something over Voyage where TB crosses over. Looks like I will be a fan of the left side as it gets one more head chopper than the right. I love the colors and the theme, especially the station design. Looks like that path to walk back to this ride will give the path to Batwing at SFA a run for it's money.
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