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  1. LMAO!!!!! Best SFA post (err... roast!) I see new trees have been planted... but they are small and are going to take years to grow in. Whereas they should kick in the extra money to purchase more mature trees that actually have some sorta fully developed canopy. Even if just 10 per year... over 5 years that would be 50 well developed trees to reinstate some natural beauty!
  2. Where does Premier manufacture it's track. The company is based in Baltimore so I am surprised this is traveling through Missouri. This track is definitely a match of the previously spotted track at BGW.
  3. We're announcing the details of Strike-U-Up™ on Monday and I'll be doing an AMA ("Ask Me Anything") on Reddit to coincide with that. We're pretty damn excited for IAAPA! If anyone is attending, you can come try out Strike-U-Up at Booth 3278, along with another yet-to-be-announced new product. This sounds awesome Evan!
  4. I too had a hate for Grizzly as it was always super rough and hurt a lot however, this season when I rode which was Friday Oct 10th, the ride was running absolutely amazing. Considerably smoother and delivered such a good ride I had to ride twice to make sure I was not delusional. I rode in the front and once in the back. It was so much better. As for the wooden coaster at KD that I still despise... that accolade still goes to Hurler.
  5. I've never heard of this before. I've ridden Kennywood's Exterminator many, many times with all four seats filled. I've seen others all run with four people in a car, too. I'm not sure why Six Flags would limit it. So Kennywood's was built around the same time or was it later? does it have the same restraints with 2 lap bars. I know some have 4 individual lap bars. If Kennywood in fact runs theirs with 4 people to this day I am so curious as to why six flags doesn't.
  6. This is easy for coaster enthusiast to say...like you and I. And when Dave was explaining the market to me, I understood where he was coming from. St. Louis is defiantly know as a baseball town and that's about the extend of it. St. Louis-ans (which I am) for the most part don't keep up with current roller coaster news...what's hot and what's not. Now, I'm not exactly sure about bigger cities like Chicago and LA, but it was most defiantly clear from Dave, we don't compare! So even if we don't have the same quality as SFMM or SFGAm.....St. Louis appreciates what it has. When I told family and friends the Boomerang was an old used coaster from Texas the reactions were "What?? This isn't a brand new coaster?" They've never been on a Vekoma coaster before nevertheless heard of one. Though many travel, they don't travel for amusement parks....I do so Boomerang was not new to me. It is very "new" for St. Louis. I think you misunderstood me... I am not referring to quality as in manufacturers (B&M vs Vekoma)... I am mores-so broadly referring to re-rideability. If I focus on Sfstl, boomerang has been mentioned to be smoother than other boomerangs which is good but if they had put in a rough ride it wouldn't have been worth it. However if a park, for instance, put in a coaster that literally beats its riders up then adding the coaster for quantity-sake would be a bad choice IMO. Further, if a park decided to put a coaster in but neglects the other coasters and allows them to fall into torturous rough houses or in a state of disrepair, then likewise, quantity was not worth it. When CF installed Carolina Cobra they intalled new restrains which shows they paid attention to the quality of the rider experience whereas when SFA installed Apocalypse, well... self explanatory. I for one, think that Iron Boss would be a great investment for the park. Or atleast a complete Topper Track re-tracking.
  7. ^THIS! I wouldn't be surprised if people have taken the L and just started Peeing off in the grass somewhere due to the awfully long walk to the restroom. I am sure if a ride like Justice League gets put back there it would allow the park to throw some extra money to install bathrooms or something.
  8. Coaster Capital is also arbitrary if your coasters are not enjoyable or re-rideable. It's better to be the awesome coasters capital than the suck-a$$ coasters capital (and that's not a dig at sfstl but a general statement to any park). Therefore, I think its definitely worth the money/investment to enhance quality than quantity in certain cases.
  9. Oh my gosh that is terrible! While fights are not uncommon around this time of year for some parks... actually having someone murdered on property takes it to another level.
  10. I never thought I'd see the day where SFA would get credit from you! Awesome! You hear that SFA, you are indeed improving! I agree the painted theming on the boards around the ride can be laughable but it's clear the young crowd the park is marketing this ride to despite the unfortunately high height restriction. It has definitely been a hit with guest. I am still curious about that 3 person rule. My group had to split up all 4 of us weren't allowed to ride together. Do other early reverchon spinners limit this as well? Likewise, I hope the gotham gets a refresh similar to how SFMM's refreshed theirs. Should be called DC comics... a justice league sally ride would be great between superman and batwing (especially with it's metropolis tie in). I enjoy Hurricane's ... it really is a great hang out spot. I just wish they served some food as well like hot wings and I am hoping for a spot that will at least sell beignets.
  11. ^ I visited 2 weeks ago and I agree, the surprise for me was how great Grizzly was running. I took several laps on this ride whereas on past visits it was a "one and done". Whatever they did, they deserve some recognition because it was first time I can say I truly had an enjoyable ride on the Grizzly.
  12. Just a bit of speculation. My attention was immediately drawn to the large building that is to the left of the Jurassic Park River Adventure Ride. Could this possibly be a glimpse into what the rumored KONG ride could look like? Given its location and that its theme would make sense in that area and also given that other rides depicted have a striking resemblance to existing rides... could this indeed be what the ride building may look like?
  13. If the price was lower I think too many people would use it to the point that it would end up pointless because the instant flash pass line would be long as well. The higher price will probably cut back on the number of likely users which may be the point of this upsell.
  14. ^yeah its terrible that he has to endure such extensive surgery due to the senseless actions of his peers. Also I think it worth noting the following: The park is catching a lot of hell from this as if it was completely their fault. However, according to the new stories, the parents admit to being present to pick up their kids... insinuating that their kids were unsupervised in the park. There were probably many of kids who were also unsupervised. I know Disney does not allow unaccompanied minors under 14 to be admitted to or roam their parks. Do any other parks require this? Further, as these parents stated, they were there to pick up their kids, which means they likely dropped them off in front of the park. I bet these parents did not pay the parking fee to enter the parking lot just to drop their kids of. SFA has a pick up/drop off circle just in front of the property (red circle). Just beyond that circle are the parks gates/fences (yellow). Cars cannot enter the left side (as that is the exit) and if they enter on the right that enters the gates to the parking toll booths. These eye witness accounts were coming from people who were picking up kids which leads me to believe that they were out along central avenue. A public road that runs along the private property. The white box is where I have seen people stating and waiting for their rides to pick them up when I leaving from my visits. Its unfortunate that these alleged events took place alongside a public road in front of a theme park's gates. However, I think the media is clearly trying to lead people to believe it happened within the parks gates... especially the vine video of the girl laying in the grass... the grass in the white box. Looks like this is also going to fall within local police to also patrol the public roads during let outs (like they do for large events like concerts... theme park let outs should no different). Also latest reports are that the trouble may have been pre-planned via twitter or social media. www.inquisitr.com/1510889/six-flags-fight-a-real-life-purge-twitter-organized-brawl-fractures-teens-skull-video/ www.hngn.com/articles/44184/20140930/six-flags-fright-fest-massive-fight-involving-200-kids-planned.htm
  15. ^reports came from outside the park it seems... the police were on the regular roads in that video... not in they park or parking lot. The park already has police on duty. Really don't trust the media especially given that I was in the park ... who ever they interviewed stated "they closed the park early" ... that's interesting because I didn't I nor anyone else left the park early or were told it was closed. They blow things out of proportion occasionally.
  16. At no point was Gotham city shut down.... I was there too and Gotham was pretty much where I stayed... I was never asked to leave! Flash Pass definitely came in handy finally. yeah there were a bunch of teens but in now way should that correlate to "ghetto" (I am interested in what you were implying there). Fights unfortunately happen I've seen it at others parks too not just SFA... KD's parking lot (i think someone got shot there) and another SF park.... it happens especially when there are tons of teens. It was the first night of FF and I can see why it drew such a huge crowd, particularly teens. The park was Packed! I do not think the park can legally block teens from coming to the park. After my experience yesterday you might want to aim for Friday or Sunday. Oh and Batwing was running out of both stations for part of the day and it appears as though they somehow sped up the lift hill on superman (did anyone else catch that)?
  17. ^I am pretty sure that they will be repainting it... part of repainting process sometimes consist of blasting. This ride has been sitting for years and so before they apply a primer coat they have to sometimes blast it first. Also primer coats come in different colors too so who's to say the red isn't primer. I have faith that KK will be giving this ride the due diligence it deserves. My bet is that Vekoma is involved in this rehab and will be also supplying the new trains. Not sure how the Kumbak trains compare to the new Vekoma ones.
  18. ^as i was writing that... i was saying to myself... "well they still have those headrest on bizarro/superman" .... one can wish
  19. It so unfortunate because the ride looks so awesome and is almost beckoning people to come ride it. Yet, the ride is so painful that I have no intent on ever riding it again unless they do something with improving the ride experience. SFNE seemed to have been trying to improve the capacity of the ride with these trains as the main goal but ended up detracting from the ride experience. If anything they achieved their goal, because they have one less person (me) who is anxious to re-ride it. It felt like the train was shifting left and right so rapidly... it didn't feel as if the the side wheels or the wheels that ride on the under-side were in constant contact with the track. There was some violent shifting.. absolutely jarring. The gentlemen who was a single rider who rode next to me and my group told us to keep our head forward and off the headrest and to hold onto(hug) the harness as hard as we could, if we didn't want to get beat up. I thought I was on Hades for a moment. Speaking of Hades, that is only other coaster (my last ride was in 2012) where it looks awesome, yet it was so painful. Rides that are so appealing like Goliath and Hades are full of so much potential.... so it's disappointing when they yield as sub-par experience. Apparently Hades 360 has been full re-tracked for this season and is doing better... hopefully, SFNE will address this issue for one of their most popular coasters.
  20. ^ That's good because it would hard for me to believe that their own staff has not yet endured the painful ride themselves. Sometimes I look at park management and tell them "If you won't ride it, what makes you think I will"?
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