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  1. ... By the way: Judging by the HEADRESTS from the 6-unit-train by “Superman” @ Hopi Hari since that new paintjob and refurbishment of this Shuttle Loop - they are (quite) identical with these from the recent 7-unit-trains by the former "Laser" @ Dorney Park at least… But that has not to mean (in fact), that this is one train from the former “Laser” but an option regarding to the rumours you were hearing (and reading), Maria - yep… Only a quite identical design like I said above yet. But I see no more the former/same HEADRESTS, like before the refurbishment and new theme, if we all compare the both. But it could be also only a partial headrest-change... yes. We will see/hear (exactly) perhaps in the next time… These last mentioned (more “thicker” and a little bit different designed) headrests like for example by the former ”Katapul” @ Hopi Hari or "Aconcagua", etc., were used for example by the portable triple-loop “Dreier Looping” or the quadruple-loop “Thriller” too (in the premiere-season 1986 till the end of that named season by “Thriller” at least…), only to mention a few coasters with these elegant headrests - and besides - my absolutely favourite “headrest-generation/design” from all of them. ^Well, I guess, I gotta go to Argentina as well, to rip out a few like from “Aconcagua” @ Parque de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires - they are/were also on these “magic” trains… But I guess, I will get problems from that capricious brown bear…oh man…what I’m talking about here!… It’s/was R.D. of course, dressed as a bear… I knew it from the beginning… LOL! Again: Great to see this original train by Anton with this new color scheme/paintjob/theme - whatever headrests! Thanks again, @Hopi Hari-management for keeping the "spirit" of Anton up! All of you Brazilians there and here by TPR, can be very proud of it. Just AWESOME. Thri”not to forget the original-mechanic-flywheel-launch-system”!!er
  2. For those, who didn't know (for "some days") yet… Very strongly "rumors" say, that the Shuttle Loop "Turbine" @ Walibi will lose totally its iconic flywheel-launch-mechanic-system, which will be replaced by a LSM-system. A brandnew train will keep the only lapbars by company Gerstlauer Amusement Rides GmbH. Source: coastersandmore.de I said it in another thread yet… I’m hoping, that comes a second train-generation/prototype with its regarding (and hopefully beautiful) front-car(-nose:-) by company Gerstlauer … If not, I am not so much exited about the train, because we know for month the look/design from the new “sooperdooperLooper”-trains. But okay, the colors could change definately… Thri"but nevertheless, it’s always extremely positive to keep a Schwarzkopf-Ride running and not scrapping"!!er
  3. Thanks for your detailed report and the numerous nice pictures with such a Sn w- and Lightness, Chuck! Enjoyed it also, Thri!!er
  4. Viola Wills - "Gonna get along without you now" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=746lOmgpw74 Viola Wills - "Gonna get along without you now" (Maxi)
  5. Ok... thanks for the first rumors/infos, Maria... The main issue (for the truly Schwarzkopf-Fans) says: ORIGINAL/CLASSIC counts... haha! Maria, thanks once more:-) And keep all the ears open furthermore...! Thri"thumbs up"ller
  6. Thanks for the photo, André.Vides! ^Aw… aww… awww – exactly: AWESOME! Seriously: It’s such a pleasure/benefaction to see one of my favourite Anton Schwarzkopf-multi-unit-train with its classy/beautiful bended “nose” and its two (accented) eyes by the front-car in this brand new color-design! I’m so happy about that new paintjob – it’s really sexy and successful! Definitely beautiful – yeah! The track-paintjob and theming besides too! I can only repeat by myself: I’m so glad and so happy to see these original train-design by the second generation (with its typically nose, I was above shortly describing yet) STILL for this Shuttle Loop! Thanks for this, Hopi Hari/Brazil, to keep the “old” but EVERGREEN original ANTON SCHWARZKOPF train-design (and of course the so - to my opinion - important and characteristic front-car with its nose too): It’s just TIMELESS and CLASSY . I could further and furthermore try to describe and adore/crazy about it, but I guess, it’s not really possible to describe exactly - this is just “MAGIC”. Well done, Hopi Hari… well done and biggest respect… very good taste also – smooth original! Good question(s) by the way, A.J. I hope someone knows something about it more accurate and may answer ... PS- HeitorAntunes, I overlooked that video above - till now… thanks, buddy!
  7. Thanks for the new and sexy stuff, Mark! THANK YOU for that CULT over here:-) Thri"an ABBA-Fan too"ller
  8. The Spinners - "Working my way back to you (Extended version)" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yP8Yxcvc1vE
  9. Thanks for the link/article, Adam and besides, for your encouraged/dedicated researches all over for TPR!
  10. True... Thanks for the nice pics from Brazil, Joey! Thri "Houston we have a problem" ller
  11. Most excited - better said - I'm looking forward to the compact Shuttle-Loop "Bullet" (former "Wiener Looping") @ Selva Mágica/Mexico! Sí... Viva México!
  12. ^Well, Elissa, to be honest - I would like to see such a great (used;-) Bavaria Mountain Railroad-Coaster much more... ^^BUT this l g flume is "okay" too
  13. The Album "Thriller" from Michael Jackson http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DisFK_tFJI 1. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin 2. Baby Be Mine 3. The Girl Is Mine (With Paul McCartney) 4. Thriller 5. Beat It 6. Billie Jean 7. Human Nature 8. P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing) 9. The Lady In My Life
  14. Thanks @ TPR-Team and for all – YES. I just want to accompany in this thread… Much videos, photos and interesting infos: So, tons of EFFORTS - absolutely! ^ I can only rudimentary imagine, how much sleep you all have to catch up… oh boy! Besides: Very interesting questions (all of them) from the TPR-User about the companies as well. You can be proud of them, Robb/Alissa & the TPR-Team! Was a super idea with the IAAPA 2012-user-questions, Robb – many THANKS for this also. I would call it: ^Freshness^! Again: Thanks and great job - Robb, Elissa, Adam, Jack, Jake and the rest of the ThemeParkReview-Team around IAAPA 2012. Just AWESOME.
  15. Awesome themed "B&M-Flyer" - you named it, Robb... ^Robb, It could be argued - especially by you - that the "SKLOOOOOOOOSH!!!!-picture" includes the completely opposite from tons of "HOTNESS": (Tons of) FRESHNESS!! "Anyway", thanks a lot for your efforts/great pictures!!! : - ) Have all much fun...!
  16. Thanks for the information, Elissa - sounds quite good for the beginning... The only thing I can tell still, is, that I got an email from the themepark Selva Mágica in which was written, that they are planning to open the "Bullet" ("Wiener Looping") next year, in the Easter Season...
  17. 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,057% agree! These are the classics and some of the pioneering designs created by a genious that ultimately led to what we have today, not preserving them would be criminal. ^I love you both even more *signed* : - ) If your information (by company Vekoma in the Netherlands?) is 100 percent for sure with the original train, I would love it! And I "think", I'm not the only one... Still one question to you, Erik - for the case you know it yet: Will this new original (Anton Schwarzkopf) train still be with the shoulder-crawl-accordion-restraints (*OTSRs*), or will it be with the so much loved *only lapbars*?
  18. Thanks for your great photos as usual, Chad(ster) Exactly this Schwarzkopf-LoopCoaster ("Silver Bullet" in Frontier City), was the former and first portable LoopCoaster (in modern times) from the WORLD - named "Looping-Star" (in the beginning tour under the showmen-constellation between Fritz Kinzler & Oscar Bruch (Senior). The World-Premiere was at the carnival/fair Cranger Kirmes in Herne - better said - Wanne Eickel 1978 in Germany (Nordrhein-Westfalen/NRW).
  19. Thanks GCG, for your impressive photos (postcards) from "Mindbender", which completely rocks!! Enjoy it very (as well)... Like I said: Retro Rocks !
  20. Everly Brothers -- "On The Wings Of A Nightingale"
  21. Awesome report(s) and videos like always, Robb!!! Oh yeah...definately... ITALY has an "OVERKILL" by CULTURE... It's freaky (amazing) there THANKS!
  22. Circuit Breaker -- "Overkill" Power pure...
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