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  1. Thanks Eric and of course all the others like Robb for the again brilliant reports/vids and pics from the many coasters and other thrills. It's always a pleasure to see a Schwarzkopf coaster in its original (Train-)Form. Thanks for the efforts to share, guys! Thri "loving California (-Landscape)" !!er
  2. ^This bordeaux (or purple/pink/redwine) or whatever color from the track reminds me so much to the year 1987, where the Schwarzkopf-Non-Looping Coaster "Alpina Bahn" (since 1998...) had a colour-change for only one year with - I call it - *bordeaux* painted tracks on white painted supports. It was just noble, under the name "8-Achter-Bahn". From 1983 till 1986 (Original-Theme), it were darkblue tracks on light blue supports - the "Himalaya Bahn"-Theme, which was by the way my all time coaster-theme by this non-loop coaster by Oscar Bruch Senior. OnTopic: Yes definitely, Tmcdllr - awesome colour-combination by Banshee, Thri!!er ^Edit: or Magenta
  3. Some new photos from the official Facebook-Fansite by Selva Mágica Themepark...
  4. Actually I could speak/write in german language with you and it would be a little bit easier to me, Marcel, but I guess it's not allowed here Ok then... thanks for your nice pics; was really interesting to see it through your german glasses Glad you enjoyed it
  5. Thanks Robb = )) The only thing I can say is (also here): my RESPECT Edit: And thanks to (Piano) John
  6. Thanks for the further pictures, Gary = ) ^^And please who says, that you (all) are nerds? I can remind me pretty much well, as I was sitting by a more than a lilliputian, Larry - a mouse called, "The Fastest Mouse In All México", Speedy Gonzales was his name Interessting motives/photo-motives, Gary, thanks once more!
  7. This. ^^Yes, Elissa, for german conditions, sounds really great! Actually I didn't expect that for the "HoPa" (Holiday Park), to be honest. I was expecting a "XXL-Marienkäferbahn"; trying to translate it into american-english: a "XXL-Ladybug-Coaster"...LOL
  8. ^^^ Robb, I have really to say, that video with that compact Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop-simulation, with that brilliant graphics comes very very close to the reality, like the themepark-videos from Theme Park Studio... ^I hopefully have not to say to you, that I was only kidding just a little bit...lol I only can say again and again, your videos are just so sharpe and professional, just awesome - THANKS for THAT! Thri "sharpness pure" !!er PS- Thanks Milton for the pic by the way, Looping done - olé!
  9. Thanks for the efforts, Robb - I like the trains, they have really charm... Thanks once again, for video and photos!
  10. Emmanuel Top - "Spherique" Hypnotic sound... (from 7:24 ready for take off)
  11. ^I hear him (R.D.) moaning, yes Thanks for the updates, pretty sexy I mean... can't wait for more. Thri "This compact/portable shuttle loop coaster was unfortunately only 1988 and 1989 (showman Götzke) in Munich on the Oktoberfest/"Wiesn" - too sad "!!er
  12. ^Nobody will judge you, Hilltopper39 Ok, it's my turn... I love the Březňák Pils from the Czech Republic, much more than any beer from Germany (or Bavaria;-), honestly. It seems almost, that the master himself (Anton) is drinking this original bohemian pils beer
  13. Your postcards are always a pleasure - thanks, Sir... ahem...Mr. Postcard Thri"analog-to-digital and backwards to classic"!!er
  14. Hi Mark... ^I am not so much into the (skyscraper-)scene like you and your american fellows, but if you say it - I just believe it Regards, Thri!!er
  15. I have (as a No Limits-Rollercoaster-Simulator user, if the time allows... to say, this is really an (epic and) impassionated detailed work, WOW. ^Even, if I can't find the Schwarzkopf-rides yet, but nevertheless - it's a breathtaking graphic/Simulation, they're working. Good luck for it!
  16. It gives so, so many fantastic skyscrapers and postmodern skycrapers in the Staates, especially in Chicago and New York (but not only there of course...), some of you named it yet... also in the world indeed, it’s very difficult to me, to decide Only for ONE. But my all-time favourite on the Westcoast (U.S.A) is in any case the TransamericaPyramide because of its simply, aesthetic pyramide shape. Thri”and I’m not a free mason”!!er
  17. Same here...for german conditions, this is a pretty cool log-flume, not only the theming... Very good work, yes. Thri"nevertheless still a big Bavaria Mountain Railroad-Fan (for the Phantasialand)"!!er
  18. I have to agree, for german conditions... WOW...this is really a culty, iconic and classic wing coaster by B&M. I didn't realize and follow that in Heide Park: my RESPECT.
  19. ^ Really didn't know that - that's sad Anyway, thank you for the info!
  20. Thanks for the L/A-Times-article. Finally a ferris-wheel without such a typically "2000-Millennium(Eye)-look/design", which I find extremely boring to my opinion. ^Yes, finally a giant-wheel, between a mixture of the old twentieth century and the following Millennium (3000)...lol No, I like this "postmodern" style/construction (for example the radius arms) really and I'm looking forward to the next updates/pics, if possible
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