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  1. Nice words you found about the Schwarzkopf-Coaster, R.D. : -) Agree with you of course: *High-5* Mrenata, I forgot something to say/write: You are really courageous, to pet/to fondle the "big cat" (Tiger, etc.)... I wouldn't, I can tell you that
  2. Yes, Tmcdllr - Revolution (SFMM) is "without words"... Best Regards Thri!!er
  3. For the fans from the new "sooperdooperLooper" / "SooperDooperLooper"-Trains... Eight pics from the brand new trains by NPN (06.06.2012). Don't forget to click the pic(tures) for an enlargement(!). Source: NewsPlusNotes - amusement industry news + notes
  4. Sad to see two Schwarzkopf Coasters and at least one Schwarzkopf flat rotting away I hope RD doesn't see this You both are so true . Really sad to see, among other things, the Non-Loop-Coaster (but nevertheless with the classy and original headrests) "Aconcagua" in these conditions... Anyway, thank you for your nice and interesting (and report) pictures, Mrenata!
  5. Another (High-Definition) pic from the "SooperDooperLooper" testing-phase, made (Source) by the Flickr.com-Photostream by Ride Entertainment Group.
  6. It's truly a Postcard Paradise, Marc - thank you very much for your big collection, you are sharing with us:). Some of these are very familiar to me, like the "original postcards" (by the ticket office) from the (former) portable carnival coasters and loopcoasters...
  7. A new pic from the "SDL"- (^Front-) Train... These new trains are SooperDooperLiscious- testing at Hersheypark. Source: Facebook - Ride Entertainment Group
  8. Thank you for your report and nice pictures, amongst others, from the k!ck A$$ Triple-Loop „Montaña Infinitum” - the former german portable „Dreier Looping”, Paul. To my mind – TILL NOW – it was Rudolf Barth senior’s best transportable loopcoaster ever… It’s always a pleasure to see this >Schwarzkopf-Coaster< in La Feria de Chapultepec/Mexico City RUNNING, compared to the other former portable coaster: the Quadruple Loop/der Vierer Looping „Thriller” – now (since 2008) better known under the name of „Tsunami”, which is ALMOST never running in Aguascalientes/San Marcos, Mexico – U N F O R T U N A T E L Y. --Thri „awesome compact track and thrill seeker layout quality instead of (vertical) looping quantity” !!er
  9. I want to say also *thank you* - for your very interesting Coaster Closet, Scott - as I said it to *Shane's Amusement Attic*. So, THANK YOU for the *Scott's Coaster Closet* : -)
  10. Well, R.D. - it seems to me, that you are really a Hardcore-Schwarzkopf-Fan: That's amazing...I mean : -))
  11. To me - the Compact A. Schwarzkopf-Coaster(s): Quadruple-Loop "Thriller", Triple-Loop "Dreier Looping" and the Non-Loop but Airtime-Coaster "Himalaya Bahn" (since 1998 under the name "Alpina Bahn"). Also (of course) the (former portable) Shuttle-Loop III "Wiener Looping".
  12. Booker T. - "Hey ya" in the - to my opinion - great music show Later with Jools Holland
  13. Fantastic job, Intamin10 - big respect for it! : -) I hope, you will do the "Anton Schwarzkopf-Part" with the classic TRAINs and various Track-styles (portable- and themeparkversions) also!!! : -)) Regards Thri!!er
  14. Thank you for your - as ever - great "gifts", Shane!
  15. Thank you, Tmcdllr and thanks - “once again” - for your posting, RollercoasterSim. Oh yeah…the designs from “Mr. Roller Coaster” (Anton Schwarzkopf) are really classic, cult and (->consequently->) TIMELESS - so true. But don’t get me wrong, I have no problems with other tastes, everyone has its own taste and favourite, which is totally fine and makes the world more interesting … I respeak gladly by the new SDL-Trains: Really good job/work for the “very beginning” by company Gerstlauer Amusement Rides GmbH, which is in charge right now/ is in its own governing! […] BTW: I forgot something – “Skyrush” is a really fantastic rollercoaster with a Kick-A$$ layout! ^I call it the “Golden-Yellow - in style of the Golden Gate Bridge – Lifthill-Coaster” *only a little bit joking*. And the “famous” curve, you all were talking and “fighting” about the definition: Well, I call it the “SooperDooperCurve”! No - in fact – it’s an amazing curve, which is also offride an eyecatcher!!
  16. Roach Motel - Wild Luv http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kw-F5_KYwsY
  17. No, you are not the only one… I “love” the original (Anton Schwarzkopf) front car “nose” or “face” - as you said - by the first and second generation from the Looping-Racers, and also the portable Loop- and Non-Loop Coasters so much like you do. Respect for your taste, by the way - with your 16 years! Singer Billy Idol would surely say SWEET 16...! But all in all (to my opinion), I have to say also: The new fresh train-look from company Gerstlauer Amusement Rides is really O.K. and I like it, no doubt (only lapbars-style and feeling; the headrest-style for example and quite the rest of the new train…), EXCEPT TO the FRONT car with its new designed “NOSE”/”FACE”, which I personally have to get used to it yet/I still have to customize (like you, RollerCoasterSmi)… What I like really from the new design by the company Gerstlauer Amusement Rides GmbH as well - are the new wheel assemblies in retro-style of the 1970s: OMG…so K!ck @$$: good job… really awesome: Respect!!! ^As a little technical fetishist (like for example QueerRudie and all the others...), I look at (almost) every single detail (as well) - well… We have to or should note/remind: The Great American REVOLUTION from Sixs Flags Magic Mountain/SFMM, has the first generation “nose” (with the “more straight-line nose”) as we all now… And so: It COULD be (but I am not sure!), that the new SooperDooperLooper-Trains from company Gerstlauer are a retained style of the “Anton Schwarzkopf-FIRST Generation-Seventies-Nose” and NOT of the SECOND generation “nose” (from the end of the seventies/beginning eighties til end of the eighties…) as for example by the (former) “Doppel Looping”, “Himalaya Bahn”, “Dreier Looping”, Triple-Loop “Mindbender”, “Thriller” or “Olympia Looping”…or the “Silberpfeil”/”Silverarrow”) is… or even the the trains from Double-Loop “Shock Wave” @ SFoT, Double-Loop “M?ndb?nd?r @ SFoG”, "Aconcagua", "Wiener Looping", "Münchner Bahn" and so on, and so on... But as I said: It’s only a speculation by my side, and not a fact! It could be also, that this new Gerstlauer train style will be the only one prototype. But to me, I can’t really imagine, because "the custom are king", as we in Germany are using to say (“Der Kunde ist König”)… But I want to be honest: I guess, a possibly "second generation (roundy) nose (with its two eyes)" from company Gerstlauer could also have a little modification by the original from the former company Anton Schwarzkopf…but as I said: “Keyword” custom wish… But if my words/presumption WOULD be true (in the near future)…so yeah…I am more then curious about the new trains for a retained style of the “Anton Schwarzkopf-Second Generation- (with the more bended or roundy) Nose” with its typically two “eyes”. And of course about the wheel essembly in style of the mid eighties (like for example from 1986, which I like/“love” so much) ! Here is some usefull link from the SCN for the ^fetishists^… No, really…not bad work, company Gerstlauer!…This makes really hope for further trains [and (inversion) rollercoasters] in style of Anton Schwarzkopf… I almost said: Off-Topic Regards, SW7 @ Alton Towers for 2013… Best regards Thri!!er P.S: The new magnetic brakes for SooperDooperLooper @ Hersheypark (like by the Triple-Loop "Mindbender" @ WEM, Edmonton/Canada) are not a bad invention...THIS - I am sure - would love Mr. Roller Coaster, A. Schwarzkopf
  18. Have to agree with cfc and gisco. But what would (master of celebration) skipper Jakob think about?
  19. Thanks for the video, Robb! Well, I would say, there is / was really HOTness in the air Thanks once again!- Thri!!er
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