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  1. ^ I'm pretty sure, from this gigantic giant-wheel, you will see even more from the Area 51, "just around the corner" ! Thanks for the updates from this really tremendously wheel!
  2. Thank you very much for long report and pics, Chuck... appreciate it very.
  3. ^What impressive thrilling machine from Münsterhausen is this, may I ask, Adam? Seriously... I saw 1981 as (little) boy the first (test-)flights/shakedown flight on TV and it gave me THE heebie-jeebies, I can tell you that That's such an impressive technical power-machine (I guess, basically built by humans;-) this Shuttle - unbelievable but true... Adrenaline, etc. (...), pure, if i see this aesthetic Orbiter, with a shot melancholy You know I mean... THANKS for the very interesting pics (the models are great, amongst others...)! Thri"next is the extraterrestrial Warp-Launch-push"!!er
  4. Out-logged (guest-mode;-) watched that great video, in-logged to say thank you, Robb 3:54 Regards, Thri!!er
  5. Sharp pictures, peppered with some pretty cool comments by your side, Robb and of course peppered with awesome atmosphere by you all @ this trip (like always actually...)! So... many THANKS again from my side!
  6. Hey Gary, I want to thank you of course too like Elissa & Robb, for your pictures from Mexico City and all the others...! I am glad, you did like the former carnival triple-loop coaster "Dreier Looping" by Rudolf Barth Sr., which unfortunately was only 5 times (1984, '85, '86, '87 and '88) in Munich on the Oktoberfest, called also the "Beerfestival" ^^The townsfolk from munich missing that pearl and wishing it so much back to the "Wiesn"/Oktoberfest; by the way, the quintuple-loop "Olympia Looping" from same showman has this year the 25 anniversary on the Oktoberfest... Nice pics - THANKS!
  7. On the official Facebook-Site by themepark Selva Mágica, you will see the first pics from the very beginning buildup-phase now... That’s a positive sign, I mean
  8. ^Absolutely, Guy T. Koepp - "Freshness" inclusive . Thanks a lot for the pics, Robb!
  9. I like the park, and not only because of the Schwarzkopf-"Looping-Star"- Roller Coaster... believe me . THANKS for the new photos, Chad.
  10. D Train - "Keep on" Funky regards, Thri!!er
  11. Some useful link I can recommend, is (also) this one, the POB GmbH in Balzhausen... Spare parts for roller coasters and carousels from the Schwarzkopf company: http://www.rollercoaster-spareparts.com/index.html Thri"Schwarzkopf-and-100percent-original-detail-fan-forever"ller
  12. ^ I'm much more looped/"drunk" right now from this REFRAIN, like in any Loopcoaster ever...
  13. François Feldman (feat. Joniece Jamison) - "Joue Pas"
  14. Ten City - "That's The Way Love Is" (Underground Mix)
  15. Absolutely succeeded in every aspect/respect - CONGRATULATIONS then to BRAZIL!
  16. ^ I survived the 21. December 2012 too, as you can see... Thank you very much for the many pictures and videos in Mexico, Robb/Elissa! I enjoyed it really...! The HD-video (On-/Offride) from triple-loop "Montaña Infinitum" is one of the best I've ever seen in the internet! Thanks also by the way, for revealing one unit from the "Bullet" (Ex "Wiener Looping")-train! THANKS for ALL!!!
  17. The Art Of Noise - "Dragnet ('88) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtK5g1x0aBw ^Thanks God, it's friday!
  18. The previous postings did actual say everything yet... Thanks for the impressive pics/update, Chad!
  19. Thank you for this comprehensive and emotional characterization from the media-day, Robb! Very interesting and future-like/futuristic, for me as a middle-european or "from good ol' Europe", to see this (future-) "stuff"... Very good videos and pictures like always from you... thanks, you Three!
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