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  1. First of all: Happy New Year 2012 to All of You, Elissa, Robb & TPR-Team!!! Great as ever, Shane! I appreciate it very... I'm looking *Shane's Amusement Attic* since about 2007 (as a guest) here by ThemeParkReview.com and was really lucky and happy, to found this in the Internet!- And not only this of course...
  2. I'm very curious about the new "Schwarzkopf-Trains" (from company Gerstlauer Amusement Rides) for SooperDooperLooper @ Hershey Park next year...really can't wait. Hope the best (...) --Thri!!er
  3. As an A. Schwarzkopf-Fan, well you can (almost) imagine... *First-Drop(s)* from: - Triple-Loop "Mindbender" @ WEM, Edmonton - Quadruple-Loop (from showman Oscar Bruch sr. / 1986 - 1997) "Thriller" - Triple-Loop (from showman Rudolf Barth sr. / 1984 -1996) "Dreier Looping"
  4. I like your *Amusement Attic* so much - thanks a lot for this gigantic stuff, you're sharing, Shane!!! Best Regards Thri!!er
  5. You did awesome job as always, Robb - thanks so much...!! ) Best Regards from Germany
  6. Thanks for all till now, Robb! I am looking forward to the rest of it...! Regards from Germany Thri!!er
  7. That would be really cool - no doubt! But is there any (Wieland) Schwarzkopf-Booth at all? I coudn't find nothing there: http://shows.marketart.com/iaapa10/ (klick Companies) That´s what i know for sure is, that if some showman (for example O. Bruch or R. Barth) wants a new big transportable (Loop-) Carnival-Coaster á la Schwarzkopf-Design: the company Gerstlauer Amusement Rides in Münsterhausen will build it. Source: Employe from Gerstlauer
  8. Robb, thanks for the many pics and the videos from the Munich Oktoberfest 2010!
  9. @MaBi: First of all, thank you for your pics from the Munich "Wiesn", compatriot MaBi! Sorry for my long Offtopic now: So true...yes. It was a shame, what Arrow did with the fantastic and spectacular former portable 4er Looping-Carnival-Coaster "Thriller" from showman Oscar Bruch Sr. ---> "Zonga" @ SFMW (now SFDK) in Vallejo. The modification - or rather - the reduction of the first drop was more than a shame and of course the new (uggly) trains as well !! OMG [...] I´ don´t know exactly, if the rumors that the "Olympia Looping" from showman Rudolf Barth Sr. will have its last season 2010 are true...; last rumor what i heared is, that the Olympia Looping will start his new season 2011 on the "Hamburger (Frühlings/Spring) Dom" but don´t know if it is a fact...! But i could very good imagine, that if his most and big competitor Oscar Bruch will get some new big portable Loopcoaster maybe the next time - well...Rudolf Barth will get also something new and very soon and want´s to sell his "Olympia Looping"... but it´s only my opinion ... no more. You have to imagine, that only the Non-Loop-Coaster "Alpina Bahn" in Düsseldorf sucks for a big and famous Carnival like the "Düsseldorfer Rheinkirmes" the next years. And: the other two big coasters like "Olympia Looping" (showman Rudolf Barth Sr.) or the Douple Loop "Teststrecke" (showman Steiger OHG) are not welcomed (and was never there in history, and will never be in Düsseldorf as so long as Oscar Bruch has a big coaster like his last one - its "Alpina Bahn") in Düsseldorf because of the familiy Oscar Bruch, who is a so called iconic Showman-Family from Düsseldorf...you know i mean?! The Family Bruch has its roots in Düsseldorf and has big influence to this city and the "Schützenverein" in Düsseldorf as well. Believe me, i can tell you that. So, Oscar Bruch has to bring something new portable coaster - and to my opinion - very soon for Düsseldorf (!)... That´s very interesting for me as a 100 percent Schwarzkopf-Fan, what you have heared! Have you something more infos about that "rumor" of the consideration of a "recreation" of the Olympia Looping @ Bobbejaanland? Would it have been a "1:1 - Recreation" of the Olympia Looping or a little bit modified creation of the original Olympia Looping from showman Rudolf Barth, if the Bobbejaanland had decided for such a classic Schwarzkopf Loopcoaster? Do you know more details of this, Dragon Khan? That what i heared for about four years, was that there was some consultations with Wieland Schwarzkopf but they found no resolution (and with the dutch manufacturer Vekoma about a Flying Coaster also...; here an article (25.10.2006) unfortunately only in german language from Coastersandmore.de Typhoon - Wie entsteht eine Achterbahn); i guess because such a compact Multi-Loop-Coaster allá Schwarzkopf would be very very expansive (perhaps too expansive for the Bobbejaanland...), so... but i don´t know exactly the reason why they decided finally for a Gerstlauer "Euro-Fighter"-Coaster...ya...ok, one reason i could imagine: a Euro Fighter is much more cheaper than a compact coaster (for example Olympia Looping) in the style of Schwarzkopf! So for sure...yes, it will be very exciting where the Olympia Looping will go, if he would sold... BTW: As the most knows yet for 2011, there is a Maurer Söhne Spinning Coaster for the Bobbejaanland in planning; so...would there be much more place for a Coaster like the Olympia Looping as well in this belgium park, Dragon Khan? Regards from Germany Thri!!er P.S: And sorry for my not so well English...
  10. Thanks for the great pics from the Würzburger Kiliani Volksfest 2010! Awesome ... BTW: Is it true, that the "Olympia Looping" from Showman Rudolf Barth will have the last season in 2010? Give it something new (facts) about this rumor? Regards Thri!!er
  11. On the Munich "Oktoberfest/Beerfestival", you will find a lot of coasters. Normally you will find also a "Wild Mouse/"Wilde Maus" or a Dark-Ride like "Höllenblitz" for example... Regards Thri!!er
  12. "Olympia Looping": http://www.olympialooping.de/standorte.html Annaberger Kät: 05.06. - 13.06. 2010 "Alpina Bahn": As i heared, the next station from the Alpina Bahn is Düsseldorf from 17.07 - 25.07. 2010 "Euro Star" is officially sold since Juli 2008! Double Loop "Teststrecke": Teststrecke is right now in Karlsruhe: http://www.karlsruhe.de/fb5/maerkte/mess.de Karlsruher Frühjahrsmess': 28.05. - 07.06. 2010
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