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  1. Damn...I better start seeing how much it'd cost for me to get up to London again, those look sweet
  2. You do realise that if you terraform now, you'll have to redo some supports again?
  3. And a good job too, seeing as it was CoasterSims park pack scenery.
  4. The easiest way to get supports like that is to run your track through the auto-flanger (available at NLDC). I presume that whats you're on about.
  5. I would, but I'm don't have the time to build a coaster now, I didn't see the rule about no Elementry
  6. Might I suggest you tunnel test the coaster before continuing
  7. You'd better believe it...I've nearly got my basic trackwork done (albeit with pumpy hills...but my corners are sweeeeeeet), then my terraforming, and then any finishing touches.
  8. I hope he doesn't win because of 3DS. Many of us don't have it and as far as I knew, this contest was based on the track itself... The 3ds had nothing to do with the track, all the brakes & stuff were done using supports.
  9. Depends on train length, longer trains seem to go a bit faster than they would in 1.55.
  10. They'll send you a link with a download code & reg information
  11. What do you mean not register in the right direction? When laying down, Acc Gs on flyers are the equivilant of Vert Gs on a 'regular' coaster.
  12. Acc Gs are to flyers what Vert Gs are to regular coasters, from what I've been reading elsewhere.
  13. If you're on about 1.6 Motion Blur, push Numpad9 to scroll through blur modes (blur/auto/off)
  14. NO, most people I've talked to (me also) have had a great framerate increase
  15. Sheikra has a U-turn out of the station: http://www.rcdb.com/ig2662.htm?picture=71 http://www.rcdb.com/ig2662.htm?picture=69 EDIT: Ehhhh, missed a whole page in which people already said this
  16. CTRL+G when you have a track node selected...just be warned it changes some segments of track quite a bit...
  17. If you've imported both 3ds files into anim8or, copy paste one into the other, they should line up perfectly.
  18. Some may be slightly elevated due to running rails, and there be just enough room to squeeze underneath and suffer some serious injury if you get snagged up the wrong way.
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