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  1. Nemesis, cos you won't notice me at first, but when you do, you'll wonder why you hadn't sooner...
  2. Nemesis, cos you won't notice me at first, but when you do, you'll wonder why you hadn't sooner...
  3. Lost Continent doesn't, but a lost continent theme could feature almost any type of mythical craeture you care to think of, therefore has an almost limitless supply of animals to choose from
  4. lol, American Adventure is definately the crappiest park i've been to (which isn't actually that many) nothing sticks out much, the only memories i have of that park is my uncle teaching me to stick my middle finger up at peole (i was 4) and some years later the log flume breaking down because supposedly something fell off the Mine Train and jammed the lift/coneyour......
  5. i can't, the nearest parks to me now are the other side of London (thorpe Park & Chessington)....the and Dreamland isn't worth it anymore
  6. hmmm.....i want a switch that can turn physics on/off now, it sounds like Six Flags has one
  7. wow, that's just wrong yet reminds me of a joke about a plane crash...
  8. Every possible ride that runs on a track, so everyone can spend the whoile time arguing whether it counts as a credit or not
  9. I've broken my Left Wrist once about 7 years ago going "Over The Handlebars".... That was about 3 or 4 days after ordering one of those beds that has the desk underneath it, with a ladder, great fun it was getting to bed with a stupid cast on....
  10. well, when i was in Florida in 2004, they were running both sides of Gwazi (though not synchronised)
  11. LOL, saw that second article, about the coasters....i was like Florida, Florida, Florida, Florida, so i presumed the next one was gonna be from like BGT....boy was i suprised.....
  12. Mines BorisTF games i play online: PGR3, Perfect Dark Zero
  13. just yesterday i finished treatment with my orthodontist, had braces in for 15 months and then top & bottom retainers for a year. Had to haev elastic bands for the final 9 months of wearing the braces, they were a pain to fit at first, but then once i got used to where the pins were, i could hook them up in the dark. Worst part of the whole thing for me was the first week or two, had to have 4 teeth out to make room, and there was some pain with eating for the first few days, but after that it was a breeze. Now i just have to wear my retainers one night a week minimum, but I'm done with my treatment, i have a lovely set of teeth now also, wow, never heard of half the stuff you lot are mentioning....(waterpick, pendulum etc...) all i now about are the train tracks, and fixed & removable retainers :/
  14. Colossus @ Thorpe Park, the quad roll is almost over the entire pathway, and the hop after the hill & corkscrews go right over the queue
  15. if you're still on about The Mummy, i rode that back in August '04...and i'm pretty certain that was over a year ago...
  16. HAd work experience at a video game store. The manager couldn't remember my naem, so just kept calling me boris, just sorta stuck.....dunno where my TheFish (TF) came from though :/
  17. 2 rants: 1) the state of RCT3 and how sloppy the whole thing is, but i dont really wanna get into depth about that 2) the mods at the Atari Forums for RCT3 are some of the worst i've ever seen
  18. Me back in october after getting a new camera phone, and discovering i can easily take pictures of myself... Yay for randomly pointing at nothing!
  19. No Limits hands down, despite the fact Scream Machines has more coaster types to choose from, and some better sounds (iirc) No Limits is by far the superior software.
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