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  1. This is why Gamestation is so much better than GAME I don't see the reason why they aren't stocking it either...oh well.
  2. Well, numerous issues here, mainly pumping, but I could also feel every single banking transition, due to mis-use on the con roll button. Also, the lift hill wasn't straight (go into side view & push 'i'). Whilst it seemed straight in the editor, in the sim I could tell very clearly it wasnt straight. Also, for a GCI coaster, it lacked much of the GCI style...the crossovers, the quick pops of air, the tight transitions. To me, this was just a generic (and rather uninteresting wooden twister)
  3. But no rider on a B&M (or pretty much any coaster in existence that is heartlined) in any seat is ever going to be on the heartline.
  4. That carpet officially makes up for your taste in music
  5. .tga files work just as well, you'd just have to remember to create an alpha channel for any transparency you require.
  6. 1) Watch the wheel hits, I counted at least 3 2) Didn't feel much like GG coaster either to be honest. Transitions were either drawn out, or were too sudden (creating the wheel hits) - you need to find the sweet spot in between.
  7. No Limits. It's much easier to notice pumping from a back seat because you'll notice the train 'snap' as the radius has a sudden change. Also, you should always ride a coaster front middle & back plus seats either side just to make sure Gs are in check everywhere.
  8. Work on your track shaping (lager radius pullout) and better manage your speed. I think he meant on the trains To do that, you'd have to change the car texture.
  9. But it is, just look at some of the recreations people have been making, the time going into the trackwork (i know of several that have been in the making for a couple of years, going through multiple versions to get the trackwork perfect). With the right research, knowledge of how the ride 'rides' & state-of-mind, you can create the perfect recreation.
  10. SEE... Even you say you can not get a perfect recreation. "pretty much perfect" Last time I checked pretty much perfect was not perfect, just close, which is what this coaster is. ~Matthew But if you'd read on, I said its due to minor discrepencies (i.e the height, drop & length could be fine, but the ride time is a few secs too short because it travels 1 or 2 mph quicker average due to physics within sim), whilst the trackwork is perfect. As a side note, how can you say this coaster is 'just close' when the very first sentence in this thread is "ok it's not exact, I added a few things, and altered it a bit. "
  11. NO. If you try hard enough, take time & put enough effort in, you can get a pretty much perfect recreation (allowing for minor discrepencies within the sim). With enough time, you could get the right height, length & 'feel' to the recreation. Going in with a 'it'll never be perfect' attitude is counter-productive.
  12. Then you'll want to view pictures such as; http://www.rcdb.com/ig502.htm?picture=12 http://www.rcdb.com/ig1366.htm?picture=30 and http://www.rcdb.com/ig605.htm?picture=3 to get an idea of how they should go.
  13. What type of B&M is it though, an Inverted needs a different structure to a Floorless
  14. I must say, as much as I was hoping it would happen, I never figured it would happen. Oh well, perhaps this'll finally make Sony realise what they did to such a promising franchise (but then again, it's Sony).
  15. SikTh win, hands down. No-one comes close for me. Plus, they're English, which makes their awesomeness even better. Skies Of Millenium Night wins me over every time.
  16. Nononononono...That loop has pumps, it is so obvious I wouldn't even need to ride it. Also, the shape seems like its been sat on, try looking at the shape of loops in real life.
  17. You lie. The reliabilty of rating has nothing to do with how long you've been making rides. You lie. AHG will make your heartline perfect. Quite why people think AHG is a smoothing tool is beyond me.
  18. I have two of the machines (Wii & 360) and already feel that I'm not losing out at anything.
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