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  1. ^ Entropy's Newton is built on the same concept for making tracks for NoLimits. This is some exceptional work, Phantage. I am personally inspired by your work and research to explore this subject-matter in college. Kind of makes me want to reprise my aspiration of becoming an actual roller coaster designer.
  2. I was pretty skeptical about the ride, but these are some pretty tight transitions. I'm well convinced that there are going to be some nice air pops on this!
  3. So, I remember reading a while ago about Atari or Frontier talking about working on a new "theme park-based game", but wasn't necessarily specified. I checked on it again today, and apparently Atari is partnering up with an obscure group of people (one of which includes Robert L. Ward, who has worked for WDI and Universal Studios) to make an experimental theme park themed to video games -- or at least, that is how I understand it. I thought it would be an online game at first, but if you read around the site (URL can be found at the bottom of the post), this looks to be an ambitious project for an actual amusement park. I double checked to make sure that discussion about this has happened, considering articles surfaced around Aug 15. Here is an article that discusses a little about it: GamePro - Video Game Theme Park Game Nation Partners with Atari You can check out the official website here: Demand Game Nation :: Home If you read around the site, it shows that Florida is a potential location based on fanbase votes. Like I said, I'm surprised this hasn't been surfaced on amusement park sites. -------- Comments?
  4. If you do a little research, you find out that it is in fact the only B&M Invert with a dive loop.
  5. This ride gets progressively more interesting... I'm really digging the lateral-moving zero-g roll.
  6. Well, duh, they're just making room for the 2012 dueling 500' Intamin!
  7. I feel convinced that the record is "tallest ride in the country with a water element", the name suggests it itself. As excited as I am to see something really cool tomorrow morning, I feel convinced enough that it's just going to be a bigger B&M hyper.
  8. Hmmm....while I'd like to believe this is one of the press materials, there just isn't anything about this image that screams OMFG to me like some of the I-305 concept images did. This looks more like something that someone threw together in No Limits, applied some photoshop filters to it, and then spread it around the internet saying it was "leaked." Perhaps if this is one of many images, but I can't imagine this would be "key art" for the ride. Thoughts? It's an animation by Keith McVeen done in 3ds Max, but I personally think the picture is just to show the massiveness; we'll find out tomorrow.
  9. Actually, I checked the video again. It definitely looks to be like they have lapbars! Pause at ~1:33
  10. ^ Just one of the few errors I found on the fact sheet, and with that terrible NoLimits presentation, I felt the effort put forth for the press release was underwhelming... could they not have contacted Keith McVeen for a CGI? And with the custom train made for the NoLimits train, it has OSTRs. Not a big deal, though. I wasn't expecting the winged seats, I want to see how Intamin will incorporate this design for future rides! It already looks to be an improvement from Baco.
  11. In regards to the grammar of the dude... he might have been a foreigner, since DLR is visited by people worldwide. Oh, and I loved how one comment mentioned how the ride stopped because he had a penny on the ride, dropped it, and triggered sensors to stop the ride
  12. Hey, I was wondering if there are any mounted pov videos of the ride from Las Vegas. I haven't been able to find any on the internet, they're all handheld.
  13. I just remembered AP exams existed I'll see what I can do, however.
  14. I am possibly going tomorrow, but I have news of possibility of rainfall.. does Knott's operate their rides in the Rain?
  15. I can definitely do tutorials for NoLimits, Object Creator, Construction Kit, and newton2.
  16. I would totally talk your group into doing the Knott's event. It is an incredible event, and an incredible deal! You will absolutely hate being there on the same day and see all the things you are missing out on. You'll see us on ERT, tours, and a buffet lunch, and wish you were with us! Well it's actually with a youth group, so that can't really work out, and I don't have to pay much for it. Don't get me wrong, ERT is great, as are backstage tours, and I went to the KBF WCB last year, but I didn't really enjoy it and didn't do the SFMM one (which looked a lot better, so that's something I want to do). The real main problem for me is that I lack the money for both.
  17. I am going to be at Knott's the same day as WCB but with a different group of people, so I really won't be in WCB for that. However, I'm considering going to SFMM's the day before, and probably going to bring a friend as a guest. Would I need to get the money from her first? Or would she need to send the check directly to you?
  18. What are the estimate max +/- vertical and lateral forces on the ride?
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