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  1. It's still a hybrid. Wood is involved for the support structure. Ravine Flyer II isn't necessarily a wooden, it's hyrbrid. Exaclibur isn't steel, it's a hybrid. I'm irritated of hearing everyone complaining if it's steel or woodie. It's a hybrid, a mix of both; it is what it is. I can say the same for everyone who complains about El Toro not being a Wooden Coaster. It is a Wooden Coaster, it's made out of wood. Go figure. Can you all stop having a pathetic argument about this please?
  2. Yes, but that's almost pratically a predrop. It curves into the straight drop. It's all consistent now.. should be fun.
  3. I don't know if you can tell by the picture of the drop, but if you look closely, the drop is CURVING!! Source: http://www.guidetosfot.com/features/giantreinvented/
  4. After reading a lot of stories as to why the trims were added, they were mainly for the twisties later in the ride, I guess. If that's the matter, the last third of the 150' air hill could possibly be trimmed so the twisties aren't as intense, and I think could possibly, elongate the airtime experience on the hill.
  5. ^^ If they say the first turn is almost as intense as it was pre-trims, get rid of them.
  6. I found it, but I'm afraid of posting it as it's not legal (I believe).
  7. Hmm, sounds... interesting. Who knows though! It may actually turn out welll, I'm curious to see how this is going to work out.
  8. ^ Curious, but what is the system for TT/Journey/RSR? Just bumping the picture.. it looks similar.
  9. ^ While you believe the layout will not be up to par to Test Track and Journey to the Center to the Earth, I can almost guarantee you the interaction of the ride will be amazing.
  10. They just released pictures of one of the Radiator Springs Racers Vehicles, for Carsland! Disney Parks Blog - First Look: Cars Land Welcomes the First Test Vehicle for Radiator Springs Racers
  11. Whoa whoa whoa!!! I am not taking ownership of that place! Not until they put in some Intamin rides and let me clean the place up! Superman's an Intamin
  12. That Zierer has got to have the one of coolest theming jobs on a kiddie coaster I've seen, I really want to know what it's like in what looks to be a space portion of the ride. But the theming of the whole park is just cool, I like it
  13. I checked the wiki page, and it is just a bit vague with the hydraulics. And I haven't considered actually emailing them, I might try that. I'm also afraid that if I request a diagram, they will say "no" because that's disclosed information, they're in competition with other companies, etc. Just my thought.
  14. Alright so in my POE class (Principles of Engineering) in high school we have a project on Fluid power/Pneumatics. I'm aware that the Hydraulics used on the Intamin Rocket coasters would be a perfect selection, so if you know anything, or work on an Intamin Rocket, can explain to me 4 components of the hydraulics used on the ride and how they're examples on Fluid Power? The help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again. EDIT: I just realized the flywheel launches on the Schwarzy shuttles are as well, so, rewording what I initially asked, If you work on a ride with a launch system that utilizes Fluid Power/Hydraulics/Pnuematics, I would appreciate the help!
  15. Don't you mean Batman the Chiller? Anyways, cool TR. I totally did not know about them using GASM's loop in the zoo.
  16. Alright guys, thanks for the comments everyone! I really appreciate it
  17. Thanks! And no I don't, as I'm still a kid in high school . The spine is touching the ground for me, so I thought a support wouldn't be necessary.
  18. Didn't know that. I had my GP moment of the day. Thanks for the clarification
  19. Since when is Disneyland's Space Mountain rough? I'm sure you mean Orlando's. And you only get the joke if you were in the Q&A Session of West Coast Bash for Knott's .
  20. Let me reword that. Since when was there a license? And I was confused by pkd's post.
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