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  1. Is Apocalypse/Terminator really that bad now? I think I last rode it last year but I didn't think it was anywhere close to as bad as my ride on Medusa in Mexico. I don't think any ride I've ever been on comes close to that, actually. I found Apocalypse fairly tolerable, but man, did that ride age poorly.
  2. Personally, if I'm going to be cantilevered from the track, I'm not going to want a forceful experience. Several rides on X2 have solidifed that opinion for me. Also, the 60mph speed is (expectedly) deceiving, as the pacing on the loop looks pretty quick. I appreciate that B&M's recent direction has been toward re-rideability, which is a great business move, in my opinion. That said, this looks incredibly re-rideable, and looks to be the best wing rider layout and ride by far. I don't even think it's short, and I don't think you can get any more of a well-rounded experience than what I'm seeing here. Really interesting to see such a short train, though.
  3. This can most likely mean they are going to start building more than 2 or 3 projects a year!
  4. I'm a little disappointed that I was there a weekend ago to see family considering I can only go once a year. Oh well, at least I passed it on the highway and got a glimpse of it. Can't wait for a POV.
  5. ^ I would disagree with that, their system of acquiring a drivers license is laughable but also cringe-worthy. The majority of drivers there are horrendous. On topic, however, I am optimistic about Medusa's turnout, it's going to bring a lot of people down there.
  6. Stashua123, it has to do more with the fact that the amusement industry is an evolving (and especially progressive) business. Sure, Colossus may be a classic, but not many people ride it anymore. That's an issue that I see with a lot of enthusiasts - whether they are a roller coaster enthusiast, a Disney geek, whatever, they don't want to leave the past and have a strong preservationist attitude. An RMC rebuild would warrant positive results for the park, with admissions sales, tourism, and more. If this is what the park will end up doing (which is kind of a given at this point), it's a great call.
  7. Guy, the idea sounds appealing in theory but I think that rids the opportunity for both sides to properly race each other, and makes it two individual experiences as opposed to a collective one. I mean, think about it-- a dueling RMC coaster? There is so much potential embedded in that idea. I can't even imagine what they have up their sleeves. I can easily see the high-five on steroids happening.
  8. So what, RMC is like the Arcade Fire of the roller coaster industry? I mean, I don't understand why "too much" of something is a bad thing. If we are talking about parks adding roller coasters, then they are doing it with business in mind. Considering NTG was a huge hit, more parks kept looking into RMC. To me, that's enough of an incentive to keep pushing the envelope as opposed to being complacent with the designs. I think I kind of understand the "mystique" of there being a few amount of rides, but considering RMC's current portfolio, every ride is unique in their own way, so there is a "mystique" to each ride. I can't speak for everyone, but I don't think enthusiasts will travel to ride Goliath to ride an RMC, but to ride Goliath. Same for people who are going to travel to Sweden to ride Wildfire. I don't see RMC diluting their creativity anytime soon, as I'm feeling pretty optimistic for what they are doing next year (here's me hoping for Iron Colossus). I would argue that, for example, B&M's collection is pretty dry and that they are very complacent with their designs, and especially cautious, because there are very few rides that are actually unique by them. Most of their rides utilize the same element progression, transitions, and so forth. Especially with how "cool" the Wingriders were, nothing really special is happening with them, in my opinion. And to answer you real question, we just need to wait to see what happens. I don't really know how to answer your questions about "remembering the early days" and the whole "other companies playing catch up." Makes me think you're just reading too much into RMC. They're making great rides right now, and we'll just have to see where they take it from here on out. TL;DR RMC makes good rides, each ride is unique, I don't see them "selling out" anytime soon.
  9. Is this even worth staying up for? I'll probably just check it out before my 9:30 class.
  10. Inverted Family RMC, possibly? Not much of a gimmick, but it's also innovative (but also a little predictable, given RMC's resume). Looking forward for what this turns out to be.
  11. ^ But in that case, you can use it for a dark-ride, something like the Curse of DarKastle.
  12. obviously just bathrooms with special effects, you are all being too outlandish
  13. On the topic of projections, it'd be really neat to see this system getting fleshed out in an attraction:
  14. Something that I don't believe is being acknowledged is the fact that Chris Sawyer is the brain behind the RCT franchise. He served as consultant for RCT3 when not Atari, but FRONTIER developed RCT3 (Atari was only the publisher and advertiser at the time). Chris Sawyer ditched the franchise when he sued Atari for not paying him royalties at the time of developing the third installment. It doesn't seem that Frontier contributed at all to this project or RCT3D, so it's only Atari behind this installment. Considering they lost both creative leads (with Sawyer being the more prominent one), I don't really think they will be able to create a game on par as the previous installments, or even know how to, actually. RCT4 to me is more of a business strategy to tackle the mobile audience and to try and "salvage" the franchise (or at least showcase that the series is continuing). Because this is a mobile game, a lot of the content isn't articulated enough, such as the discrepancies in scale and roller coasters being way too basic and lacking a lot of detail. As interested as I am in relaying the message to them, I'm not convinced yet that they would not only accept the feedback but do something about it.
  15. The renderings look like they are done in V-Ray, yeah? Correct me if I'm wrong. I've been meaning to find a new medium for modeling for NL, I've grown out of 6 years of SketchUp already. How does exporting Rhino to the simulator work out? Is there a difficult process for texturing (I already have experience in Rhino because of architecture school).
  16. Hi, everyone. The latest twitter update is that they are going to release a new video once their facebook page reaches 1000 likes. They are currently at 951, so please spread the word and LIKE their page! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nolimits.coaster?ref=profile Source:
  17. Interesting to see that they already mention coasters for 2015 and 2016 on the map. It'll be interesting to see how well the new KK will run.
  18. First Credit - Matterhorn, Disneyland WED - Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Disneyland Arrow - Matterhorn, Disneyland Scwharzkopf - Montezooma's Revenge, KBF Intamin - California Screamin', DCA International Amusement Devices - Colossus, SFMM B&M - Tatsu, SFMM Vekoma - Gadget's Go-Coaster, Disneyland Zierer - Jaguar, KBF CCI - Medusa, Six Flags Mexico GCI - Terminator (Apocalypse), SFMM Morgan - Santa Monica West Coaster, Pacific Park Mack - Technic Coaster, Legoland California RMC - Texas Giant, SFOT E&F Miller Construction - Screamer, Scandia Fabbri - Screamin' Demon, Castle Amusement Park Bradley & Kaye - Timberline Twister, KBF Caripro - Spellbreaker, Legoland California
  19. Do we know if SFMM is building something for next year, or plan to make an announcement?
  20. I'm surprised nobody has thrown a guess at "inverted wing coaster."
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