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  1. That's what I thought, they even have a Kodak stockcar too. Could they be a possible sponsor? They even have the Cole Trickle Mello Yellow car from Days of Thunder as Clint pointed out...I'd like to get my hands on that I still wonder what KD is up to with these random (Dale Earnhardt-unrelated) stock cars.
  2. That's what I thought, they even have a Kodak stockcar too. Could they be a possible sponsor?
  3. New train teasers were posted to the I305 website! I'm already having a good feeling about these.
  4. I set an email. And coasterkid, by any chance, was it in relation to "Leadtheway?"
  5. Ok, so I'm in an Engineering Academy at my high school and we have a project for my POE (Principles of Engineering) class for Friday in which we have to do a powerpoint on an Engineering field of your choice that you will research. Part of it is to compile an interview from a professional who specializes in that field, and Imagineering is too much of a long shot for me, so if you can take the time to answer these questions if you specialize in Structural Engineering, I will greatly appreciate it (Structural Engineering I believe is key to roller coaster designing, and is something I have a large interest in, as well as partial Mechanical Engineering, which is why I thought this fits in this thread, but let me know if it's in the wrong place). [Your Name][Age*][Job*] 1) Describe the duties and responsibilities you encounter in this field. What are some of the specific jobs in this field? 2) What is your specialty in this field? 3) What are some of the projects you've worked on? Were any of them pertaining to Roller Coasters or the Amusement Industry? 4) How much of your time is usually spent on the computer? 5) Does your occupation mainly deal with people, data, or things? 6) Are there any specific tools or equipment required for you to use? 7) What are the advantages/disadvantages? 8) Do most people in this field work for themselves, private industry, or government? 9) What is the beginning, average, and top pay one could expect to earn in this career? 10) How many hours do you usually work? 11) Is it sometimes required for you to travel? 12) Were there any tests or licenses you had to acquire, prior to becoming an engineer? 13) What degree(s) did you receive in college? And finally, 14) Do you have any employment opportunities for someone in our age range (15-18)? Once again, I greatly appreciate if you answer these questions within the next few days. *Optional. You don't have to answer this, but it would help.
  6. Just a side question, but do you think it is going to rain at SFMM this weekend?
  7. This is the best I can come up with. Timetraveling is a available for a limited time with an extended fee.
  8. By reading all of these replies, you're all telling me you're illiterate. I'm pretty sure I stated in the first post I started this WHEN I305 WAS ANNOUNCED and I did just barely joined the site. It may be new to you, but it definitely is older than most of the Gigas already posted in this forum section. And thanks Atem and moose
  9. Really awesome stuff! I'm looking forawrd greatly to the Timberliners, the 4-seater X-cars and the drift coaster, very interesting. I really need to check out IAPPA some time.
  10. Thanks for the update! I still think it's stupid making at the least 2 people watch the pre-shows before riding.
  11. Thanks guys. If you want I can get an overview of the whole ride, in the time being that I can't make progress on it.
  12. The park is in a deteriorating state as it is, so this ride should be both appealing and beneficial. I personally see a THBS, but I know this has been suggested before.
  13. Exactly. I'm pretty sure a little Finding Nemo charm wouldn't hurt
  14. Yeah, that's true. I'm just saying that a Disney park in a country/continent with a lack of amusement parks (Australia and Mexico most specifically) could and may attract a larger percentage of tourism, but who knows.
  15. Really, another park in Asia isn't necessary . I'm pretty sure HKDL and TDL already suffice, so a park in Australia, South Africa, another US State, or possibly Mexico would be cool. I do know that the economic state and demographics of a couple of these aren't strong enough to support the entertainment that Disney has to offer.
  16. Yeah before I start I want to introduce myself. I'm A113, and I've pretty much been lurking and roaming the site for 3-4 years now, but never got to joining. Nothing more to that really. I started recreating the ride essentially when it was announced for fun, and I think I have it pretty good. The track length is narrowed down to 5102 ft in my editor, just a couple feet longer than the proposed length of the ride. Recreating the ride pretty much gave me the idea of how beastly this thing will be, and I expect many people to black out on this ride Enough of me, here are the pics: As of now the track is 100% Done, Supporting is 5% Done, and the theming is going to be produced as the ride itself at Virginia keeps erecting, so this is gonna kinda be a long-termish project. As of now my computer is really messed up, so don't expect any progress made on this sucker for another couple weeks until I get a new computer.
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