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  1. I think Insane is cooler than Green Lantern because of the height above sea-level; the pov segment when you hit the brakes facing downward at the water looked freaky, kind of how the drop is like on X2. I wonder how the views will be like on GL
  2. Happy birthday! And didn't BeemerBoy say he was in the new preshow? Or PeoplemoverMatt.. I forgot who
  3. He probably meant to put a colon instead of a period.. I am a grammar nazi; I know these things.
  4. Psyclone... sfmm... Vortex... cga... other stuff on the west coast...
  5. While we can't know what's going on with I305, do you know around when the fix will be complete?
  6. ^ I noticed that, as well as kinks in other pictures that weren't quite as easily noticeable. Looks like we have a janky ride on our hands.
  7. Is Rocky Mountain going to be there? Those are the dudes working on TG right?
  8. I checked closely in the animation, and it looks like Tidal Wave is staying, you can see in the video (picture below, it's blurred but you can sorta make out Tidal Wave) that it is in the location of the former freefall ride.
  9. Sorry for the vagueness, but I'm wondering if all of these will be open by the summer? Or is it just "2011" for now
  10. A coaster is a coaster, why are all of you so ungrateful (no offense but that is what it's looking like). I have actually been liking the ride so far, and it looks like it has fair amounts of speed, airtime, and overall fun. And I'm no fanboy, I'm probably never going to even ride the ride until I go back to Florida hahaha.
  11. I beg to differ. Theoretically speaking, Bizarro SFNE has a deceleration G-Force of about -1.2 (see graph), and at the rate of acceleration Superman usually takes to reach a 100 it should be roughly the same sensation sustained, or they could reduce it if necessary if they were to use lapbars. You can see it peaks -1g of deceleration on the graph.
  12. I confess I don't trust this really advanced technology to be constructed on a used Dinn Structure...
  13. This picture reveals just how much the drop curves... I think it shows how insane it will be.
  14. I spoke too soon. www.stratosoar.visitkingsisland.com/index.cfm
  15. sonofbeast.com/ Um if you click the link, it redirects you to the I305 website.. speculate away
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