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  1. Well, it has clearly been a while, so I'll post an update...
  2. Implementing Force Vector Design for the track would be great... as of now, it still looks as restrictive as RCT track design.
  3. I'll dump a couple photos I used for my portfolio for when I applied to architecture school last year: I don't believe these are actual coasters, I made them up in my head as I produced each.
  4. Ride is done, just need to tweak it a bit. Expect to see it on the exchange on December 02.
  5. Brief update here, I'm looking at ~89% done with the entire recreation.
  6. Currently studying architecture, just started this August. It's pretty good stuff!
  7. I disagree that the park isn't too "family oriented." The planned addition is holistically a pretty good move for KBF. But, if we're going to talk about making KBF a "complete" park, then I personally think a GR rehab would really make the park solid. Oh, but whatever happened to wanting to get Timberliners on it?
  8. Thanks for the comments, guys. Voxelmatic, I'm aware it goes through, this is still a work in progress and nothing is final yet. Brief update for you all:
  9. This is merely contribution to speculation, but, by any chance, does KBF have permits to construct over the road into these open areas?
  10. Thanks for the comments, I dearly appreciate them. The progress I'm showing you, as constructive as it may be, isn't very great news. Work has slowed down immensely, especially with adding these railings, which is the main culprit. The task is so tedious, there is no efficient solution such as copying along a path. The distance between each post varies throughout the course, as well as the orientation. I've tried several methods to expedite the process, and efforts proved to be unsuccessful. I at least developed a system, but it's going to take a while, and it shows that it has taken a while. I'm still pushing for that August release guys, it hasn't left my mind yet. The fact that I recently got a job limits my time further, but it's a challenge I'm up for. A113
  11. Or, better yet, you could wait until the announcement and not speculate what the element is called.
  12. More talk about little airtime.. guys, THE DROP. If this element turns out to be a Zero-G Roll, as the name suggests, it will have airtime! You guys should defer judgments to after more track has gone up, or, better yet, when the entire track is finished.
  13. Thanks, guys. Recently (for the past week, actually), I have been having a lot of trouble with the supports and importing models into Google Sketchup, and, after much delay, the issues were resolved and progress is back in gear. The support structure has been textured and I have begun installing the railings, stars, catwalks, and tunnels. As always, more pictures to come when progress continues. I send my best wishes to the site's American users, I hope you have a wonderful Independence day with your families. -A113
  14. Not even in the slightest bit surprised given the footer placement and Rocky Mountain's effort for pushing the envelope. Kudos to them, looks like another winner here. Also, I noticed some discussion over the possibility of no airtime hills on the ride; did we already forget about the drop?
  15. Hey, guys. I have been working on a recreation of California Screamin' in NoLimits for roughly 3 years now. After over 100 rides, I have carefully crafted the trackwork to be as close to the ride as possible, relative to shaping, proportions, etc. Trackwork is done, support work is roughly 85% done, and I just recently began working on 3ds. Why Screamin', exactly? Well, it's one of my favorite rides and I don't believe there is any recreation that gives the ride justice, and the size of the ride makes it such a wonderful challenge. Pics below, not everything is final yet and is still in progress, keep that in mind. Red line is an overlay of my track versus the actual ride. I used an imported Google Earth satellite image for the ride, but still, it's very close. A) Transfer section leaving station B) Transfer section between the main track and storage bay C) Transfer section between dual loading D) Transfer section into storage bay E) Station F) Storage Bay --- I'll post more when I get to it. Looking at an August release if all goes well. A113
  16. To be honest with you, is Screamscape even that reliable of a source? Where are the other sources?
  17. The majority of the restraints on Intamin rides tend to click down under conditions of high positive g-force, that really isn't new. Granted, going into the ride knowing that its negatives are on par with El Toro, I really doubt you should expect it to be kind to your legs. Probably the most insane moments of airtime I have felt are on the hop prior to the MCBR on NTAG and the second drop on the S&S Double Shot. The negatives are not even sustained for very long, and theoretically should not be sustained for long, so just be prepared to experience that pull out of your seat. Keep in mind that the restraints are prototypes and completely new; if Intamin plans to reuse them, they will more than likely refine the design. It's really not that big of a deal to fuss over.
  18. Firstly, I am aware that this is in the wrong thread; however, I firmly believe it is IMPERATIVE that you are all aware of this and share this with your closest friends and family. In short, Joseph Kony is a Ugandan guerrilla group leader, head of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), a group engaged in a violent campaign to establish theocratic government. Kony abducts innocent children of Uganda, brutally forcing them to murder innocent civilians as well as their parents, and for years has been building this LRA. He is currently not very well known in popular society, and by getting his name out there, the public opinion of the people validates the demand to have Kony arrested. If his name is not spread, the United States government will consider the effort to arrest him trivial. Again, I sincerely apologize for posting this in the wrong thread, but this is for an important world cause. I am asking that you all ​please spread the word.
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