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  1. Oh my gosh!! That hill lift is sooooo fast I thought the video was in fast motion at first! I think it's faster than Maverick and I thought Maverick was fast! Can't wait to see some POV's or Off-ride videos!
  2. I remember a long long time ago reading about this and looking it up on google and it looked amazing. Here is what I found that was envisioned for the park.
  3. I am not sure if this is true and probably isn't but I notice sometimes if there are less people it's a tad bit rougher but I'd go with what everyone else is saying, "Weather"
  4. I hope I get onto the IntimidaTOUR because I'm currently on the waiting list and I would love to have some ERT on this ride!!
  5. On the second picture you can see 2 parts of the track (The launch and the break run. It's just hard so see because of the white, just look to the right.)
  6. There is a big update from The Theme Park Guy. He has 24 new pictures! Here they are, http://www.thethemeparkguy.com/park/universal-studios-singapore/ They are really good and it looks like the park is really coming along. It also looks like Battlestar Galactica is testing. I also like the look of the Madagascar Flume Ride.
  7. I looked around and haven't seen this so here it is, I found the names of the kiddie rides that will be renamed for Planet Snoopy. Roller Coasters: * Rugrat’s Runaway Reptar > Flying Ace Aerial Chase * Hey Arnold’s Taxi Chase > Lucy’s Crabbie Cabbie * Fairly Odd Coaster > Woodstock Express Flat Rides: * Nick-O-Round > Character Carousel * Backyardigans Swing-A-Long > Charlie Brown’s Wind Up * Boot’s Balloon Race > Flying Ace Balloon Race * Little Bill’s Cruisers > Peanut’s Yacht Club * Tommy’s Take Off > Red Baron * Flying Dutchman’s Revenge > Sea Dog: HMS Beagle * Nick Jr. Jets > Snoopy’s Space Race * Danny Phantom Flyers > Woodstock Gliders * Rocket Power Airtime > Snoopy’s GR8 SK8 Other Rides: * TV Road Trip > Joe Cool’s Driving School * LazyTown Sporticopters > Woodstock’s Whirly Birds * Dora The Explorer’s Azul Adventure > Snoopy’s Express Railroad ^From "Park Thoughts" I thought that was cool. Do you like the new names? Also I believe the name of the show that's replacing "Endless Summer on Ice" is to going to be "Snoopy Rocks on Ice"
  8. Looks awesome! Too bad I will probably never travel to the middle east Anyways, I looked around and it looks like the external structure has been completed! It took 14 months "with 35,000 tonnes cubic metres of concrete, 12,370 tons of steel, 29,000 square metres of facade glazing and 165,000 square metres of roof cladding" Here is another picture of the completed external structure. ^Impressive!! I think it looks amazing. I really hope they build one here in the United States.[/img]
  9. I can't believe those comments! Wow.. I guess that's all I have to say about those comments! IMO they should just tear it down.. I mean it would save the park some trouble.. So they should either put a new attraction in or something. But those are my thoughts.
  10. What ever happened to the update?! As a Moderator here let me take the time to state the following. For the youngsters and socially awkward, let me take this time to remind or educate everyone that the tone of this is post is rude and not what TPR is about. A response such as: "Did you get a chance to visit the construction site and take pictures?" would be much more appropriate and civil. 1. Sorry about being "rude" 2. I changed the wording to be more appropriate and civil.. 3. I understand that and I think it's great that he gives us those updates 4. I believe you were actually being a little rude to me too. Thanks.. Anyways, let's get back on topic. This park looks awesome and he probably just forgot about the pictures. Sorry!
  11. Did you ever get the pictures? And I just found out about this and it looks simply amazing! Can't wait for more photos. **Edit, I just found this on the internet. I don't think it is current but it looks really cool. this picture is where the heart of the building is and it will be one of the launched attractions.
  12. Wow sweet. I really want to go down there and just like stay in Universal! I love Universal Studios!
  13. Wow!! Vekoma has come a far way. I can't wait to actually see the first POV's of Battlestar Galatica.
  14. Wow sweeeet! Those slides look awesome. I actually enjoy water parks and I like those kinds of slides.
  15. I am really surprised no one has put this yet but I like this one, Expedition Everest:
  16. That would be really cool if it came back. I have never been to that park but I have been on a similar ride and it seems like it would be way better with a holding break. Also new coats of paint arent a bad idea
  17. Wow this is so amazing! Disney is doing so much and spending a TON of $$$$!!!!
  18. I don't know what it is but I really don't mind the spinning but some people do, I really wouldn't mind if it was a spinner coaster.
  19. Well I wasn't even alive back then but I think my favorite would have to be Loch Ness Monster at Busch Gardens Europe.
  20. Lol wow, $1 Billion? Seriously?! There even spending $25 million on Intimidator305, wow! Interesting fact, Royal Caribbean just spent $1.1 Billion on a new ship anyways back to subject, Knott's has always had a cool park, I think I might have to go to it soon.
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