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  1. Nice photo TR, I want to visit this park in the near future.
  2. LOL and oh no looks like Cedar Point will be tied, I bet Cedar Point will be getting a coaster in 2011
  3. Wow looks really fun! I've been to a park before that has something like this. Fun
  4. Manta, I really like the colors together, I also like Fahrenheit at Hershey Park but Manta really stuck out to me.
  5. Ok first of all, Disney want's to be unique in there own way.. Second, Disney isn't trying to have all that stuff, it's a DISNEY cruise where they want their ships to have some relation with DISNEY! Yeah Royal Caribbean rocks and you say something about the only nice "streets" which are Royal Promenade's, and that Oasis is the only nice ones, well uh..Navigator and Freedom have some really nice ones. Anyways it really doesnt matter because it's not Disney's goal to have teens on the ship..They want families and children like everyone else has said.
  6. Moinab, You will love RCCL!! My families first cruise was on DCL, we chose DCL because they offered a 4 day cruise and we were familiar with Disney. We ended up loving cruising but wanted to explore more! My mom went to the travel agency and they recommended RCCL, so we booked a cruise on Navigator of the Seas. The ship was spectacular! They have the most amazing ships ever! The next one we went on was Freedom of the Seas and let me tell you, I have never had a better vacation..! My brother and I got our own room this time so we weren't cramped with our parents and our room happened to look out to the Royal Promenade and I loved it! All in all, RCCL has top service and I honestly can say I have never had a problem on their cruises and there is so much to do you really can't do everything in only one week! Also, for the kid who asked about my age, I am 14 it just says 19 because my brother created this account and never got on and gave it to me and I just never changed it.
  7. Well if you look at their ship layouts they have teen zones as well as "teen" pools also, the water coaster to me, seems like they were aiming for the older part of the family as the little kids have their mickey slide Anyways I am not 19, so I am sure it wouldn't be appealing if I were 19.
  8. 1. Six Flags Darien Lake is now Darien Lake and its really not big at all. It was one of Six Flags's small parks that's part of the reason they sold it. 2. Universal Studios & IOA are basically the same park.. and IAO has 3 B&M's. Infact I heard B&M was going to build HRRR but was too busy.. ^Just pointing it out there. Anyways lets get back on topic.
  9. I really can't wait for this to be built. It looks really cool and there making some good progress. It will be interesting to see the rest!
  10. LOL! And yes I totally agree with what you have said. I think it will feel amazing to pretend that your in some kind of different world!
  11. Attention! Carowinds has just moved its webcam so we can see the lift hill better. Why have they done this? Well I think its because construction is about to go really fast and they want us to see the new pieces that will go up.
  12. I looked on the web cam a few minutes ago and it looks great, it looks like half the lift hill is up!
  13. Anyone take advantage of the buy one day get the rest of the year free ticket??
  14. I went there a few years back, the crowds really weren't bad at all. I strongly suggest to bring warm clothing though! And yeah all the roller coasters are usually open.
  15. What the heck?! I didn't even know Six Flags Over Georgia was even open!!! Edit: I have no clue why but I said that because I was thinking this was Six Flags New Orleans.
  16. Ive been on Freedom of the Seas which is Liberty's sister and let me tell you what! Royal Caribbean RULES!
  17. That's really cool. Hopefully we will be seeing large scale roller coasters here. I also hope we get to see construction photos often xD
  18. There's a lot but here are some that I know off the top of my head. -Bizarro (SFNE) -Batman (Any SF one) -Goliath (SFLR) -Medusa -Hydra -Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit -X2 -Terminator (SFMM) -SAW The Ride -Mr. Freeze -El Toro -Manta Well that's about all I can think of at the moment.
  19. For my park I would have very nice themeing and one thing I would deff. do is paint the roller coasters every 4 years to make them look brand new. One thing i hate is faded out roller coasters!
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