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  1. My friend lives in Shanghai! She lived here but then here dad's job made them move to Shanghai. Haha cool maglev train video
  2. I know this is random but I feel as if "Scream" was just put together in like 1 month. I know it must be a cool ride and all but here's what I think is wrong with it, The ride is sitting over a parking lot, you would think Six Flags would at least dig up the parking lot where the ride was going to be and plant grass & also plant landscaping. To me the only "fun" part of the ride is well, the ride whereas "X2" has all these awesome affects and isn't just sitting in an old parking lot! I also think SFMM should paint Scream, don't change the color scheme but I was recently looking at a picture of it and it's colors are so faded!!! I don't know, If I went there I would defiantly ride it but I just thought I would point this out, what does anyone else think?
  3. They will be revealing it today!!! Here is there twitter message from about 2 days ago! cedarpoint 09.03.09 09:10. All will be revealed. http://bit.ly/GeaJw #fb
  4. I doubt that, because Cedar Fair's idea of "Taking advantage of nature" isnt using nature to enhance a ride, no, not at all, they use the other meaning of "taking advantage of" and rape nature instead. LOL
  5. Knoebels 2x Darien Lake Nascar Speed Park Busch Gardens Africa Islands Of Adventure Universal Studios Orlando Cedar Point Water Safari
  6. When I went to Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay about 2 weeks ago I was amazed! The park was clean and well themed. The park had a great deal going on where you buy 1 day admission price and you can get the rest of 2009 free! Overall I loved the park, I would definitely go back. Here are my thoughts about all the roller coasters. Cheetah Chase Never got to ride it as they were doing work on it when I went. Gwazi Since the park wasn't busy the day's I went only one side was open, my ride was really rough! The themeing & ride layout were really cool, it would be a great ride if it were smoother. Don't get me wrong you should ride it, the first drop is really fun!! Kumba Kumba was a really great ride. I know many people thing it is rough but I personally think it depends on how full the train is. When I went on with the train full it was very smooth, when I went on with less people it was a little rough but not bad. Overall I really enjoyed the ride. Montu Montu is probably my favorite feet dangling roller coaster! It is a very smoooooth ride and features some good speed! Again, the themeing is terrific! When you site in the front you can really feel the speeds, twists, turns &, forces more than the back. Its a great ride you should defiantly go on it! Scorpion This ride is crazy! Located in "Timbuktu" the ride boasts a good themeing but, the ride is really rough! It will leave you with a back and neck ache. The ride is really fun besides the roughness. I would go on this ride anyways because I believe its the 3rd of its kind left in the world. SkeiKra Wow, Amazing, Terrific! SheiKra has defiantly made my top 5 roller coasters! This ride is one of the best I've ever been on! The ride is a whooping 200 ft. tall and reaches speeds over 70 mph and it feels great! The ride is very smooth and the seats were comfortable. I love the feeling of sitting down while its still floor less. The queue line is really fast as they load two trains at a time. This ride is a must when you go there! On to the photos. Scorpion I'm next here! Believe it or not but there was seriously a giant turtle under the furthest to the left turtle and was getting layed! Haha it was great, the turtle was making a noise and everything lol Howl-O-Scream posters "AHH WERE GONNA HIT OURS HEADS!" Splash! 90 DEGREES! I'M HUNGRY! Hello! Nerd Shot?? Above the water & below the water, idk don't ask I thought it looked cool The Congo River Rapids is really cool and can get you pretty wet! El Tigre El Consado! Kumbaaaa Some monkey going to the beer house SheiKra AHHH! Nerd Shot! Some thrill ride in "Timbuktu" Gwazi Some random Elephants SheiKra! Nerd Shot! There was a really cool walk through near Montu with an Egyptian themeing The walkway to get on Montu The park has great themeing even the banners are awesome haha A photo of Montu while in line to get into the parking lot.
  7. Millennium Force at Cedar Point on Saturday night!! I think its the best roller coaster I've ever been on.
  8. I was there yesterday and didnt hear anything but I know two things, Millennium Force and Maverick are AMAZING! Top 3: -Millennium Force -Sheikra -Maverick
  9. Nobody forced you to wait for it. Only because you didn't get to ride it. 1. No I wasn't forced to but, I'm just saying I wasted 3 hours.... 2. Universal shouldn't have opened it because of all its flaws, not because I didn't get to ride it...
  10. I went the other day and was EXTREMELY MAD. Heres why, I ran to the ride around 10:30, the ride was closed still and the crew members had no idea what time it would open, I waited in the line which was huge! Around 12:00 PM they opened the gates and let people in the queue. I have to say the queue is quite impressive besides the chipped paint. After 5 mins waiting in line, the ride broke down but I stayed in line, 1 minute later it opened back up, about 3 minutes later it broke down AGAIN! I waited for it to start working again and it did, but wait about 6 minutes after that it broke down again! I finally left and never got to ride. I wasted 3 hours waiting for nothing. Then it rained the rest of the day so the only roller coaster I got in was Mummy and like 5 other rides. I was really disapointed for 1, I didn't get to ride, 2, I didn't get to have fun, 3, the only ride I could ride in IOA was Spiderman!! I wanted to have a fun day but it was totally ruined. Universal shouldnt have opened this ride yet....
  11. Guys look, I read this from a article, Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit soft opening tomorrow? Reports on the web are claiming that Universal Studios Orlando will begin a soft opening of its Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit rollercoaster tomorrow at 2pm. Here is my source, http://www.themeparktourist.com/news/20090815/219/hollywood-rip-ride-rockit-soft-opening-tomorrow
  12. Hopefully this doesn't cause another delay lol! My friend that is there said a construction guy said 2 weeks but who know.. I wouldn't believe any rumors. We will just have to wait until it opens for the real opening date (2055)
  13. LOL!!! Seriously?!?!?! Of coarse it will be open by then! That's 6 1/2 months from now!!!!!
  14. Great information. Keep us posted! It sounds like your sources are really reliable! Thanks.
  15. Nope someone beat you by 12 minutes posting the pic on a different forum! oh well better luck next time! lol Hahaha ok, I updated the post I made
  16. Remember, you heard it FIRST from ME!!! I believe it's on page 237 of this thread, I posted that the banner was up. I was the first to post this on this forums and I was second to post this on any forums!. Anyways, here's a picture as promised. (I know one was already posted but here's another one for the heck of it)
  17. There is something wrong with the banner haha? I'm pretty sure he's talking about whats wrong with the ride.. I will also be posting more pictures of the banner soon once my friend gets out of the ride he's on.
  18. Sounds like it could be opening soon! Hopefully in MID to late August, I will be going down August 16th but won't be going to universal until I think the 20th.
  19. This is crazy! So many rumors and stories. From what I know, I'm thinking Snicket's got the story right. But the banners are up, my friend is taking pictures TODAY soon. Once I receive them, I will post them.
  20. Whats up with these "Wooden" coasters with steel supports?
  21. MAJOR UPDATE You heard it here first! My friend just got back for Universal Orland and said the banner was up on HRRR! I sent him an animated picture of what the banner would look like just to make sure and he said it looked EXACTLY like that! I will be posting picture tomorrow as he is going back and said he will take pictures for me!
  22. I am going down the 16th but wont be visiting until the mid week of my vacation. I will update you guys with pictures and videos and news about it when I return.
  23. Whoa great picture! I knew they would be adding lights to them! They look great at night. It will look even better when there all lit up! -Swiminn6
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