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  1. I have been a quiet lurker for some time since I heard about Lake Monster. I think this is a really interesting concept and I REALLY hope it comes to life, Darien Lake NEEDS this. We live only about 3 hours away and none of my friends ever think to go there, its always Hershey or the nearest Six Flags! Anyway, I actually may be going next week and will try to get some pictures with my phone. I will look for markers or anything out of the ordinary. I made a quick concept for where I think the coaster has a possibility going. The red "blob" represents what I think would be a pretty cool layout and the yellow "blob" is what I think is more realistic. Either way, this area is most likely the location. Predator is the least favorable ride in the park and every time I've gone, it barely has a wait! Thoughts?
  2. Looks like Royal is most profitable cruise line for Q2! No surprises there, RCCL rules!! http://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/9646-q2-royal-most-profitable-norwegian-biggest-potential.html
  3. Yeah, thanks! By the way, someone told me that is on the current sailing that Allure had a surprise health inspection yesterday and received a near perfect score of 99! I am uploading a cruise video on YouTube, shhhh don't tell everyone on CC the secret if you are following along there! I will try to post it here if anyone is interested.
  4. Hey everyone, so I frequent the CC boards often and decided to take a stab at my own review of my recent cruise on Allure of the Seas!! It was freakin' amazing!!! Now its mostly done but I still have some stuff to add. I actually saw you on the boards Elissa, I tried saying hi but I don't know if you saw it! So I am known as "swim13" on there, for some reason Swiminn6 must have been taken. I don't know if I am allowed to do this so Robb or Elissa, feel free to delete the link but I figured I would just try! http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1877135
  5. I honestly can't understand why anyone could be attracted to sail on the Carnival Ecstasy or any of her sister ships?? Like do people look at the ship before they sail, they are the ugliest things on water (inside and out!) Trashy!! Def. not worth $38...would rather save that for a sweater or other type of souvenir in the Logo shop aboard a Royal Caribbean ship!
  6. Well, the Klassy Kruise company is back in the news...what's new. http://www.usatoday.com/story/cruiselog/2013/04/19/carnival-cancels-triumph-sailings/2096197/
  7. Wow, actually just kidding, this doesn't surprise me! We tried Carnival once on the Dream and won't sail on them for a LONG time. Although we had a fun time, it just doesn't compare to RCCL. There are too many beautiful ships out there to waste a vacation with Carnival! Besides that, we don't want to pay for a vacation where power outages and loss of toilets is common! I used to want Costa to revive the Concordia but they will scrap it, I mean just look at the deterioration already.
  8. OMG!! I am in love. I had to look like a nerd today because I was walking around the halls at school with my headphones in and playing the live stream on my phone! All I can say is it was super hard to concentrate today! My favorite parts of the ship have to be the SeaFlex, SkyDive, Indoor pools, Two70...EVERYTHING. But I am super excited to learn about that pool under the North Star. It looks like the solarium on the Solstice Class on Celebrity which is AMAZING! Really happy that there is not only one pool in a temp. controlled area but TWO! Definitely can't wait to see the renders for the pool areas, just wish they would add some slides already! Two70 looks incredible, need I say more? These loft suites on this ship are going to be insane. They will be redesigned and will be positioned on the aft, can you say best view ever? Too bad I'll probably never have the chance to sail on one of those expensive puppies! Deck plans are here BTW, http://quantumoftheseas.royalcaribbean.com/quantumoftheseas/meet-the-ship/deck-plans/ Anyone else think the front of the ship looks ugly? I think it's the North Star that makes it look somewhat like a cargo ship! But the back is sexy! Wonder how that thing hanging over the ship will affect the stability, especially in strong seas. So happy this will be in NY! Living here sucks because on top of the expensive cruise ticket, we have expensive plane tickets! Also to the OP, there will still be a ice rink as Adam said in a interview the other day. Remember everyone, this is just the beginning to what is coming! I can hardly wait to see what the Royal Promenade will look like on this ship. I LOVE ROYAL! P.S. what the heck happened to the Viking Crown Lounge, that has been a staple on every one of their ships.
  9. Hey there! Do you remember me? Haven't posted in forever. Anyway, thats super exciting! What ship are you going on? I have 75 days till the Allure! Who else is excited as I am for tomorrow at 10 AM EDT?! I'm sure Quantum of the Seas will WOW us all. Unfortunately i'll be in class at that time...good thing for iPhones!
  10. Follow my plan on the mini trip report I posted on the page before this! Worked great for me last Sunday! Thanks!
  11. Haha yeah but my phone is really weird and they show up in the right position on my computer but upload a different way on tinypic. Don't really know what was going on and didn't really care. I forgot to mention my family and I never went to the water park area. I would have liked to have seen it but we just wanted to do the park. I never even got to see Roller Soaker! Oh well, if it's gone next year I'm sure people won't really mind! I always thought they needed to expand the water park, it just always seemed small to me. It's kind of funny how a bunch of us TPR members were at the park either Friday, Saturday or Sunday
  12. Alright, I just got home about an hour ago. Got to the park around 10:30 am today and left around 4 (right before the down pour!) Let me just start off by saying I never waited in a coaster line for more than 15 minutes!! I heard on this forum that it would be busy for multiple reasons and IT WAS! But if you follow "the plan" then you won't have trouble waiting in line forever! Some people I sat next to on Fahrenheit said they waited for it yesterday for 2 hours and they waiting no longer than 15 minutes this morning! Anyway, all coasters were running great and the park looked amazing. Skyrush This is what I really wanted to come for. Yes, the reviews are correct! It IS INSANE! I rode it later in the day after the crowds moved to the other side of the park, waited probably 15 minutes or less. They NEED a single rider lane because I saw so many open seats. I had an outside middle seat and experience the ride of my life! I felt like I was literally going to fall out of my seat the whole ride and couldn't even concentrate for a minute to see my surroundings!! The seat-restraint did kill my thighs although it wasn't that bad. Honestly, this is one of the greatest roller coaster ride's i've had! BY THE WAY, The pictures are minimal because I really just wanted to enjoy the park and they were all taken on my phone so bare with me! My first glance at Skyrush! It was cloudy with a temp. around 78. We were a bit skeptical because the forecast called for showers throughout the day. Weather was actually perfect though, nice and warm with breaks of sunshine throughout the day. The beautiful Hershey Park entrance. I've always loved this little tutor-style area! My first coaster ride of the day. My plan was to hit up Fahrenheit first, Storm Runner, then head over to Great Bear, Skyrush, etc. with stops at other rides and the zoo. Best plan if you don't want to wait! Never waited longer than 15 minutes, even for Skyrush! Sorry this isn't straight! Went on this 3 times today. First 2 times were in the morning after Fahrenheit, got on within 5 minutes each time. Operation's were pretty good. In the afternoon I waited about 10 minutes and it seemed like the coaster was a little more forceful than this morning. This ride never gets old! Original Hershey chocolate factory! Love this area of the park! Ahhh, I don't understand why these "vertical" shots are uploading like this. Sorry! Don't break your neck! Haha, I can literally see you all turning your heads Ok, I really love this new part of the park. It will blow you away when you first see it (especially when Skyrush whips in front of your face out of nowhere!) It's really a beautiful addition and I love the fountain! Tip: you'll want to walk through to see it because you won't get a chance to enjoy the scenery while riding Skyrush!! Here's a good shot of Skyrush! Seriously, if anyone wants to flip these pictures and post them, feel free! Alright i'll leave you with another head-turner.
  13. Hate to break it to you, but it's been pretty brutal, especially on weekends. Last Saturday the attendance was a little over 39,000 and that was with an all day-concert right next door. Expect some loooooooong waits, unless you perfectly execute "the plan" (it's been posted numerous times in this thread and in others). But don't worry, Skyrush is worth it! Great... Well, I'm still hopeful crowds will be lighter than expected! Is the "perfect plan" to go to fahrenheit, storm runner first?
  14. How are the lines for the end of August? I'll be going down this weekend, can't wait to ride Skyrush!!
  15. I'm on this!! I was riding Sheikra during spring break and saw people being interviewed near the entrance and in one of the scenes, I see myself taking a picture of the ride
  16. Why would they build a metal slide?! The looks HOT! Why not just buy from the experts in Canada?
  17. Hahaha! This would beat any ride But seriously, I would actually love this!
  18. Just kidding, I did take two photos from yesterday on my phone! I call this one, "Park from the Parking Lot!" My beautiful drive through upstate NY. ^Why did I take this? I got into the whole Instagram bull sheet
  19. Darien Lake June 20th (Wednesday) Review Since I only live about two hours away, my friend and I took the first of many Darien Lake trips this summer! I will split the review into sections to make finding certain things easier. I didn't get any pictures because I left my phone in the car Crowds The crowds were pretty light today. The water rides were more busy as it was 90+ degrees out! There were a few buses that brought many kids. These kids were very annoying! They had shirts saying "Class of 2016" so you know what I'm talking about. When standing in line for a water ride, there was a girl on the stairs above us spitting down trying to get it on us... Also, by 4:30, everything was a walk-on. Operations When we first got to the park around 11:45, they were having a power outage and only about two or three rides were up. It wasn't long before everything was back up and we were queuing for the Viper. They had two trains running and were getting them through by the time the next train hit the brakes. Superman operations were somewhat slow and only had one train running. There was only one attendant up at the soak city complex of four slides! Mister Twister was not running even though the water was Lifeguards Had to mention that the Lifeguards were doing an awesome job! I am a Lifeguard myself so I naturally look and see how well they are doing their job They were even doing some training throughout the day. I know they would definitely be ready for any accident. Overall, the park looked great! It was clean and the staff was attentive. The only thing I thought bad was, it seemed like a lot of rides weren't in operation or were on and off during the day. I believe four or five were out of service including Cuda Falls which would have taken a load off the other water rides that were packed. Oh BTW, while in line for one of the slides, I saw the yellow pieces of roller coaster track still across the street where they have been laying for years... If you wanted to know anything, just ask. I probably forgot something
  20. Can I just say that no one from the general public cares if it is the same ride system! It's a whole different experience. Most people are looking for the thrill and besides that, they won't even have a clue how the ride works, they are just going to be laughing and having the time of their life!
  21. This is incredible...I hope Universal doesn't get too over their head by building so much potter, although it seems like a good move as some of the members are saying how popular it is in Japan. By the way, did anyone see in the LA Times article that Uni is planning an expansion in Orlando (kind of already knew that but does this kind of confirm that?!) and that it was planning parks in South Korea, Dubai and Russia. I know Russia was pretty much announced but I thought they cancelled Dubai and South Korea?
  22. No idea which ship yet, I'm looking into them now. Hoping to go on one of the newer ships. We can't afford Europe quite yet... Good to know about going on the off times. If you even want to have somewhat of a good time, please choose a ship from the Dream Class! There is the Carnival Dream, Magic, and the Breeze will be coming out later this year. Have done Royal and Disney on most cruises and we ventured onto the Carnival Dream and had a great time! Wouldn't go on any class below though. Take the Klassy Kruse as the reason! If you decide on the Breeze, it might not come to the Caribbean until late this year or early 2013. They are really trying to tone down the cheesy, gaudy theme on this one, looks like it might be ok. Try to convince him on RCI though
  23. Just looked at this thread from page 1! What a GREAT concept! You know, the area I live in DESPERATELY needs something like this... Our area isn't big enough for a full blown water park but I think we are the perfect size for a neighborhood water park! Have you thought about new locations?! Great job, it looks like Disney worked on this project!
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