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  1. I have the same exact opinion! ^^^^The red rails wouldn't make it ugly even though It would be nice if they painted the rails, I wouldn't mind the red rails.
  2. Wow great photos. Such a disappointment to still see this park like this!
  3. I really hope it is. Raising prices this much for just a new themed area is lame-o. 48" is NOT high at all IMO!!!! This is supposed to be a thrill ride and that seems very reasonable besides the fact that DD or DC is 54". Also they didn't raise that much now did they? Think about it as Universal is, Many many many people will be coming to this park when TWWOHP opens and wouldn't you want to raise the price to earn even more money too?
  4. Happy Birthday KidTums!! Hope you all have a great day
  5. Does anyone have a picture of the new map? Also it seems so weird how it's taking so long to get the final restriction in! But I guess it's ok at least as they get a new reasonable one. Gosh I really want to get to this park but the parents don't want to go to California! Need new parents
  6. Cool pen! I'm so excited!! Will be my new favorite pen and will give me good luck on tests
  7. ^ Good point and It's not that weird, It's not really any different from parks having a lot of sit down coasters.
  8. Dueling Dragons Now Closed To Be Turned Into Dragon Challenge From Screamscape: Many over at Orlando United confirmed that the Dueling Dragons have closed February 27th to be turned into Dragon Challenge. During it's closure the ride will go through a new paint job (rumored), get new trains (rumored), & the queue line is supposed to be finished.
  9. I'm probably forgetting two or three but here are the ones I can remember off the top of my head. Fairs -New York State Fair -Big Flats Community Days -Horseheads County Fair Parks -Universal Studios Florida -Islands of Adventure -Disneyland (California) -Magic Kingdom -Epcot -Animal Kingdom -Disney's Hollywood Studios -Blizzard Beach -Busch Gardens Africa -Busch Gardens Europe -Darien Lake -Six Flags Great Escape -Cedar Point -Hershey Park -Knoebels -Enchanted Forest Water Safari -Nascar Speed Park
  10. I guess I was thinking about it all as Rogue Waves. Also I'm not sure about the evacuation thing, all I heard on the news is that there was concern over the cruises and the ships were being evacuated. I would hope there moving the ships out to sea though as the ships could get damage when they are docked right? *Update* On CNN they said all of the historic war ships, etc are going out to see but some ships are still staying in port. Even ships in San Diego are going out to sea.
  11. ^Wow that's kind of cool actually but wouldn't you feel at least something?! Also it did say in a report all the ships are being evacuated that are currently in Hawaii.
  12. Tsunami In The Pacific Ocean! So..What does this mean for cruise ships currently traveling in the Pacific Ocean?! If none of you guys know what I am talking about this was a strong 8.8 magnitude earthquake that hit in Central Chile today, February 27, 2010. The Weather Channel is currently giving it a lot of coverage if you want to know more. One thing that I do know is that this tsunami is heading towards Hawaii and what does this mean for the ships!? I just hope no one gets hurt & my best wishes to all the losses in Chile. *Update* The Weather Channel is now expecting waves to hit Hawaii at 11:05 a.m. their local time. All I know is if I were on a cruise in the Pacific right now I would be very scared.
  13. I know this is probably wrong but, "Poof" & "Harry Potter" ?!
  14. ^ I would probably wait until Royal Caribbean does a cruise to the similar places. My best friend goes on Carnival every year (because he has too, his dad gives him no say) and he said he would much rather cruise on a Royal Caribbean cruise from hearing my reviews and 1 past experience on Royal. Also like Elissa said, go on a Carnival ship if you like to smoke, drink, & party Also- Your icon really stood out to me when I was scrolling down and I happened to see your location said Cairns! Well that's cool if it's in Australia your talking about because someone in my business class did their project on traveling to that place!
  15. I really hope this park opens back up! I am going to Myrtle over spring break. I'm still hopeful. I mean it would be really sad to see it just stay closed, it's such a nice park!
  16. Wow this is taking forever! I was there summer of 09' and I got to see the T-Rex restaurant open and I have to say, it's very nice! Too bad I didn't get to ride the Character's in Flight.
  17. I am really hoping that Darien Lake or Knoebels shows up on this list
  18. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but up until this point on Oasis you had to have their special hand held device to access these features...right? It would be awesome if you could just use an iPhone app to communicate and receive the info. Hopefully they deploy this fleetwide! That would be awesome and I like the idea that Elissa said about renting a iPhone on board! But like she also said, what about those roaming charges if you have your own?!
  19. This is looking better and better every time I look! Also I can't wait to see how it will turn out, I really hope they live to the standards as on the concept art because from what it is proposed to look like, it will look very good!
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