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  1. Just heard this on the news here all the way up in New York State. Wow.. I feel really bad for the trainer and her family. Just imagine waking up to go to work and then you find yourself fighting for your life. So sad I still hope they don't remove the show although I doubt they will.
  2. Wow this is sweet! And that's kind of cool you get to say, "Hey! I went to Disney World the first year it opened!" Also thank god whatever happened to Busch Gardens happened because Sheikra is amazing. Great photos!
  3. Wow it will be cool to see some more inside pictures and to get user feedback. I'm also really excited to see some POV on that coaster that is suppose to break the world record..
  4. Just image how amazing this park will be when everything's done! Also I agree with everyone's point but maybe not 6 months but maybe 1 or 2 would be realistic just to finish small things here and there & and to work hark and get the entrance complete.
  5. LOL!! I totally agree with you! Also Viper is a really good one too if your looking for some good inversions. Overall I think it's worth it. It really is a nice park and they even have a newer coaster which is always nice. As for the expansion, I hope it connects with a part that already has water attractions because all the water rides are kind of spread out all over the place right now
  6. Im not a fan of Harry Potter what so ever but I think it's really cool how their remaking the land and stuff. I have plans to go down to Universal Studios in August so I'll try to take some good photos. Thanks for the update!
  7. No way! Does not sound like fun at all and I would feel out of place. Also to me it would take the fun out of going on a cruise.
  8. Holy cow this is really making me excited! Also I'm not sure if this was mentioned before or not but are there any perks for Knoebel's? That would be awesome if they offered us wristbands any day to Club TPR memebrs
  9. Wow! Those cards came out stunning and I really can't wait to see the full list. I mean you guys are so amazing!
  10. I think I would go on a lot of 3 or 4 day cruises if I lived in Florida because it would allow more cruises just like Reed said although if it were Oasis of the Seas or something I would probably book a 7 night. I agree to the people who think the EPIC looks really cool and I think I would save up to have a suite. I just hope the EPIC lives up to how it looks in the renders. Well I still wouldn't even if I had the money because the ship seriously looks bland. I don't know, I'm just not a huge fan of the ship. Also we took the 4 night in the parks, 3 nights on the ship for our Disney cruise as it was our first cruise and we didn't want to spend the whole week on ship if we didn't like cruising. We chose Disney because my brother and I were young and we were familiar with Disney. They are good amounts of time for people like us who were first time cruisers. But like I said before to the people who have motion sickness, go on the bigger ships because you will barely feel anything. I have also noticed when you are laying in bed you don't feel a thing!
  11. I would never. Here is why, 1. You have to buy the room which is your own house so you would basically never go on any other ship. 2. It seems a little boring to me as there's no real appeal to it besides the places it goes to. 3. I love the cruising atmosphere and all the activities you can do aboard a real cruise ship. 4. They even say it's a ghost town sometimes and I would hate that! I also think this is a great thread as I absolutely love cruises! I am a huge RCCL fanatic and I only want to go on their ships although I might give the Epic a try in the future when I'm on my own. So far I have been on the Disney Wonder, Navigator of the Seas, & Freedom of the Seas and we LOVED all of them although the RCCL one's were our favorite. Here's my experiences. Disney Wonder: A great ship and at the time I was quite young, about 9 or 10 and I thought it was awesome! There private island was really nice as far as I can remember and had the characters walking around in special costumes. I have a picture of Mickey and myself with the ship in the background! I think my absolute two favorite things on the ship were the slide and the dining room that changed colors throughout the night. Navigator of the Seas: A spectacular ship. I was about 10 at the time and we were on the ship when it was new. When I stepped on board I couldn't believe my eyes and at that time I think I began to realize I was a cruise ship lover. I can't explain in words how I felt all week long on the ship and I honestly did not want to get off in the end. RCCL also runs an awesome program for kids. I went every day and it was so much fun! I got to meet new friends and one night I remember we won a "challenge" and we got to push one of the "teachers" in the pool late a night I loved everything and I don't have anything negative to say about the ship. Freedom of the Seas: Now I was older when we went on this ship back in 2006 when it was brand new. I knew a lot about this ship as I had been following the ship forever! This ship was probably the best you could go on before Oasis was introduced. I had a blast on this one and I was never board. The flowriders were great and I loved the Aqua Zone! I am still not an "adult" but I got to see the adult only whirlpools "hanging" over the ship and I wanted to go in so bad as they looked awesome! Great service overall and was very clean. I defiantly recommend going on a larger ship though. If you have the money to even go on a ship I would save up even more to go on a larger one because 1. You will feel the ship rocking way less. 2. There are more activities ex. RCCL's larger ships have the flowriders, Aqua Zone, etc... I also disagree to all the people out there who say they don't want to go on large ships because there are too many people. Here is the simple thing to understand, they have more rooms yeah, and they ALSO have more space! I never had a problem on Freedom of the Seas with it being "crowded." I truly love cruising and if the fear of sinking or something is stopping you from making a reservation then do not let it! Trust me you will NOT sink! I am a nervous wreck a lot of the time but since I have been on one I have no fear of them. If you go on Oasis of the Seas you will most likely not feel the waves at all as there has been reports that when it was coming to North America through a winter storm with 30 foot swells (that only happens in the winter in the North Atlantic ocean) workers could barely feel a thing! Also if anyone is lucky enough to go on Oasis tell us all about it! My mom also loves cruises and RCCL and is saving up to go on it for next year!
  12. Wow when I saw this card for the first time I could not believe it! The card looks amazing and I personally don't have any negative comments about it! Club TPR sounds really great but I just hope that the cards look as great when printed out! Great job.
  13. It really is interesting though. They must go through a lot of money to paint everything they have to, to make it look awesome. I think that's why they are applying a new type of paint to prevent it from fading so much.
  14. Wow great pictures and they look like they are moving along pretty fast!
  15. Wow your lucky, I love Royal Caribbean! I hope you have a great birthday cruise!
  16. IOA is giving the park a new paint job! While this is still new they have only been doing certain areas. The idea behind why IOA is getting a new paint job is because they want to make the park look amazing for all the people when WWoHP opens. Here are some shots I have found from Orlando United. (Before and After) *Note: These photos are fairly new and don't date back any earlier than September 29th, 2009. These are just a few of the photos I gathered. I also heard that the new paint they are applying is a new kind of paint that is supposed to last a lot longer in the Florida sun and heat. Everyone hopes that the Hulk & Marvel island gets some TLC next. MOD EDIT: I know it's a judgement call, but no need to piggyback on to a thread that hasn't been touched in 4 years. Yeah, looks a lot better. Can you guess what they are doing?! All better. This really needs a new coat of paint! A few days later, the sign looks outstanding. The sign is finally getting some love A few days later the whole water feature is completed and looks great. An area that needs a much needed paint job!
  17. Be careful, I have a newer computer (Dell XPS One) and RCT3 won't download on it because of dual-processor. So hopefully that's not the story for you. Anyways, this park looks really good and I can't wait to see more. P.S. I am a huge fan of both these games and it's really cool for me to see a fan of both too. I am however not a big fan of The Sims 3! I absolutely hate it and The Sims 2 is way better! If you haven't tried TS2 before I recommend it, It's way more customizable!
  18. Wow I didn't realize you were on TPR I have been following this park on rctlounge for quite some time. I will probably follow this on here now!
  19. Wow! This is totally incredible! Seeing what you can do with RCT2 I would love to see what you could do in RCT3!! Great work.
  20. 1. Universal Studios Orlando will grow in popularity and be a top park once again. (Will make a big return, not saying it isn't already but with the opening of WWoHP it will be major!) 2. HRRR will be open all the time with everything working smoothly. 3. Like said before, Vekoma might grow in popularity. 4. A new roller coaster to replace Big Bad Wolf at Busch Gardens Europe. Those are basically all I have right now. I also don't disagree with anyone else predictions.
  21. The Flowrider is so much fun! I have been on the Freedom of the Seas one and I had a blast! The only problem is that there is a big line in the middle of the day! If your thinking to yourself, that looks like it hurts when you wipe out! It doesn't at all! Its like cushioned mats
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