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  1. Yes thats why I mentioned it! I love it! Its so easy and simple with a clean and modern look. I spent a class period drawing a mock up on what I plan to do and I will scan it later and upload it. If you like my ideas ill bring them to the computer, if not ill do some erasing and change it.
  2. Haha Robb and Elissa, I don't remember if you remember this "incident" since it was in 2009 but when I opened this, I immediately thought of something weird. I remember when I first joined I was young and well stupid! I was like, I could help design a new logo and design even though I was like 13 and I got banned, which led to me begging you to let me back on! I am so embarrassed by that thinking back on it!! Glad I got let back on here because I love TPR! Told you, you could trust me! Anyway, Doug your design is my favorite so far but it just looks 2009ish. When I think modern I think of a clean and simple font. Also I kind of like the idea of the Apple homepage for the buttons at the top. Angry_Gumball, I think you should make the light gray outlines a little more bold because they just look like little strings right now. Also I think you should replace the text of "forum" "park index" etc with buttons similar to the ones on the Apple homepage as I mentioned above! Also, I like gradient but I don't think it fits this space. I took a photoshop design class in school last year so maybe Ill take that chance now to come up with a new design! Haha! Ill work on it over the weekend since I'm so busy with school and swimming during the week.
  3. Thanks for the link! I am so excited for this project! I think this coaster will get me to come out to the park this year. Looks like they are starting to work on the lift.
  4. Does anyone have pictures from today? It will be interesting to see how quickly they demolish the area. I wonder if they have started the process of draining the water. It's funny reading some of the comments about the popularity of the ride. I remember when I went with my best friend in 2008, it was my first time to the park and I saw the area and instantly fell in love with it! I believe it was August and it was HOT! There was a very long line but I made him wait while listening to him complain. I thought it was one of the coolest rides I had experienced! The next time, a few years later, I went with my family and everyone loved it! Even my mom who doesn't necessarily like rides that move! It was just a good family friendly ride that would make someone smile even if they were in a bad mood! Next time I go, it just won't be the same to walk by the area. This new ride better be gooood!
  5. Nice point Robb! I wouldn't be as sad to see Jaws leave if Transformers were coming to Florida! The ride looks really cool and I actually love the movies. Also it is going into 2 other US parks, but for the people who live on the east coast, Cali and Singapore are definitely an expensive plane ticket since there isn't any major international airport around me. Plus, LC is kind of pointless anymore! When I went last year when WWOHP was open, my dad who could be considered "GP" was really confused by the area! It's just so small now and doesn't "fit in" IMO. I was just thinking about this and it's crazy for me to think that Jaws was a ride at US longer than I have been alive!! I hope this new ride is good! They are very smart doing it in a different park for $ reasons BUT, it's going to be really weird and broken up.
  6. I haven't been on this thread until recently so excuse me if I missed it before but, I hope they don't close Jurassic! I remember my first time coming to IOA, one of my favorites was Jurassic. I just loved it! There's something about it that I love. I think it might be how it really makes you feel like your in the jungle even though your in the middle of a huge park!
  7. I like to watch the Harry Potter movies but I wouldn't consider myself a HP fanboy by any means! The first time I rode FJ, I didn't really know what was happening but the next day I re-rode it and actually enjoyed it. I remember walking into the land for the first time and thinking how great it all looked! I think Universal did a great job with Phase 1 but like Robb was saying, in a few years down the road... will HP still be as popular? I'm also just surprised they would do Phase 2 in the other park! Looks and sounds like the ride will be cool though! Lets hope they keep though's of us who aren't as into HP, entertained.
  8. This is horrible! I just heard about this on the local news at 11! I immediately got the computer and came to TPR! I am supposed to go there on Thursday. It will be interesting to see what happens and if the guy actually had legs.
  9. Excited for the TR. I am going there in July probably. I love what the new management is doing to it, and I hope they announce a new ride for 2012. It would be amazing if they announced a new major coaster but I'd be okay with a new flat ride. I think they're due for a new ride.
  10. Wow! These photos are incredible! I really hope I can get down there and check it out this year.
  11. Wow! Outstanding so far! It took me at least 2 hours to look through this thread from the first page to this page! I can't wait for the next post! It's so weird, we probably crossed each other at sea! I left Port Canaveral on the Carnival Dream on April 2! It funny because I was hoping that the Disney Dream would be docked and leaving the same day we were because I wanted to see it really bad! Looks like you had a great time so far!
  12. Nighttime atrium Movies under the Stars was cool! Hmm! I believe this was Navigator of the Seas that we passed by. Cozumel oh jeez! Who hasn't been here? This shows just how big these ships are! Cave Tubing in Belize! Very neat excursion! Scary cave water dripped off these! Jen and I dancing with Juan from Peru! Never got to stop here in Honduras because of strong currents.. Booo! Good morning from Costa Maya! Laaaa! Uvero Beach! Add your caption here! Costa Maya Maya Maya! Yay for Mexican Elephants! I had to make my friends and I pose drinking water with our spoons! Trying to be like KidTums!! I had a very fun time and would go on another Carnival Ship! Hope my next review can be on Allure of the Seas!!! -Mike
  13. *Sorry for double post!* Carnival Dream Trip Review! Western Caribbean, April 02 - April 09 11' First off a little background! I have previously been on 3 cruises (Disney Wonder, Freedom & Navigator of The Seas). My family really loves both lines and I have to say we are Royal Caribbean fans! We decided to try out Carnival on its newest and biggest ship, the Dream! Alright lets get started! (*Note this ship was at full capacity*) Our Cabin We stayed in Cabin #1338 which was a Deluxe Ocean View stateroom on Deck 1 (Riviera). Our room was actually very decent and barely found any problems. When we first got to our room our stateroom attendant introduced himself and informed us that the safe wasn't working properly but should be fixed soon. We ended up only having one problem with it during the trip but got fixed 10 minutes after we called! The beds were very comfortable and there was plenty of space for all of our things. We had two bathrooms (one was a regular stateroom bathroom and the other had a half tub/shower) which was awesome! My only complaint was that the water didn't drain immediately and I usually stood in about a half inch of water. We traveled with two other families which one had a Junior Suite #7321 and a Balcony Stateroom #6305. The suite was large and spacious with a huge bathroom and the other room was really nice. Neither had complaints about their cabins. The Ship & Features I am 16 and found the ship to be very fun! My friend and I were at the slides most of the day during sea days. The line for the slides varied throughout the day but even at its busiest time I only waited about 25 minutes but the best time to go was around 5:30 when the 6:15 dinner group was getting ready because there was barely a 2 minute wait! Depending on how you went down the slide, it could have hurt. My favorite was the toilet bowl one as you got some good speed! My friend who has been about 10 Carnival ships said that they toned down the glitzy/cheesy look on the inside of the ship. My family thought the whole ship looked really nice and our favorite part was the glass elevators in the Atrium! Deck 5 (Promenade) featured a rap around deck which I enjoyed walking around at night! The teen club for my age group (Club O2) was fantastic! They had dance parties every night from 11:00 pm to 1:00 am with numerous other activities before. The ship also had teams (Red, White, or Blue according to what deck your cabin was on) and during the week they had family activities throughout different locations where you get points for your team which was very fun. Food Reading reviews of the ships food sounded like it was going to be terrible. Actually the food was amazing! It may not be the best in the industry but I sure wasn't gagging! Everyone has different taste preferences but our whole party of 8 people enjoyed the food! The Lido buffet (The Gathering) was not small by any means as was mentioned by some people. We never had a problem finding a seat! There was a line but it was usually only a 5 minute line at most. They also had some different buffets throughout including a chocolate and mexican buffet! Our only complaint is that there is only 1 specialty restaurant and was always full. The People! I had to put this is here to clarify Robb's statement that a lot of people that would choose Carnival are the Wal Mart type people! Not 100% true!!!!! We are Target shoppers!! We liked Carnival and would def. cruise with them again! We still are Royal Caribbean fans and would prefer them but Carnival is good in our eyes! Driving to Port Canaveral! Ships on the horizon! The Carnival Dream! Disney Magic next to us in port! Atrium From 3rd floor to 13th! The Crimson Dinning Room Lido Deck pool and screen! Carnival Water Works! Massive freddy the horn!! Yay for the aft pool that was filled with obnoxious college kids! Las Vegas or Carnival Dream?! You decide! Didn't see empty chairs in here a lot seeming how this was a buffet! Magical portals with annoying circle c brats (young kids) I loved this area! Water slides! Part of the Promenade Deck! Thumbs up for random chairs! These over the edge hot tubs weren't as cool as Royal Caribbeans but at least someone my age could go in them! Suite balcony Thumbs up for a heavenly sunset! More pictures soon..
  14. Wow! First you should be very proud and feel extremely lucky that you are going on Oasis! I have heard from a few people that have been on the Oasis class ships that you can barely feel anything in rough seas because of the massive size of the ship! And like the other people said, you won't even know your on a ship! I am sure you will have fun and remember its almost impossible for ships to sink.. Unless it hits a ice berg and I know there are tons of those in the caribbean Just go into the ship having good spirits and you'll be fine! I was scared my first cruise but trust me, the feeling of being scared goes away!
  15. I agree! I was expecting to feel like my bones were about to break but I didn't think it really was THAT bad!
  16. Yes CNN is really ridiculous right now!! They keep dragging the nuclear thing and last night around midnight they put re-runs about it on!! Here is the latest news from my friends who live in Tokyo. Its sunny and it's pretty calm. They actually have to evacuate sometime because of a warning about about another 8.0+ magnitude earthquake predicted for Wednesday March 16th. So far they also won't be going back to school for 2 weeks!
  17. I am very jealous! I have wanted to go on this ship since I heard about it in it's planning stages! Robb & Elissa's trip review really sparked my desire to go on the ship! I always say Allure of the Seas every day to my mom to make her finally give in!!
  18. Its amazing in that video how the people just sit down and stay calm! If this were here in the U.S. I'd probably have to mute the computer volume because of screaming!
  19. ^Nice! I was actually in the area (half hour away in East Meadow) those three days too because of a swim meet. It was so weird to see this when I got back because we hit up a lot of the same stores you did such as the 5th ave. Apple Store (LOVE APPLE!) I asked my parents if we could go on TOTR too but they said no! I will have to show them the awesome pictures you guys got and say look at how awesome that would've been!!!
  20. This makes me mad! I read all the reviews about how awesome this coaster is and then last year when I got to go to Las Vegas I didn't end up having enough time to get to it! I thought to myself when leaving, I will get to it next time.... Guess not!
  21. Wow this is so cool! I never knew that someone so close to me was a TPR fan like me! (Sorry this is off-topic!) I live like 30 minutes away from Ithaca in the Corning area! Also Robb when were you all in NYC? I was there Friday on March 4th! It would have been awesome to have met you and Elissa! I want to try and go on a TPR trip with you guys soon!!!
  22. Couldn't believe the news when I was in school! I have to agree with everyone on Robb's side. People here freak out about electricity going out and people there are like ahh whatever another earthquake! I actually have a friend who just moved to Tokyo with his family because of his dad's job. Their apartment is smack dab in the middle of the city and my friend and his sister have to take a 1 hour bus ride to their school. They said that their bus ride was 8 hours today due to this! They had to re-route and stop because of traffic, aftershocks, and fires. They were scared because my town is in New York and we never have earthquakes so it was something new to them!! They also said that they had electricity but cell service is on and off. Nothing to bad happened to their apartment besides loose things falling. I just hope now that everything turns out okay with the Nuclear Power Plants!
  23. Oh my gosh!!! I was in the city Friday afternoon and night! That would have been awesome to meet you guys because I plan on going on future TPR Trips!!!!! I like the picture of the Apple Store!! I went there too and it was packed. Such a cool store! Those pizza pictures made my mouth water! Now I'm hungry!!
  24. Wow cool report! If I could I would love to hop on a plane and visit. I hope this park stays but looking at some of the photos it doesn't look like to many people are ever there. Were there many people there or is it just me?
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