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  1. Lol! The construction of this coaster is so weird. From the lift to the river and tight spaces, the workers really had/have some hard work.
  2. Some people say that. BUT, my family and I always considered ourselves RCCL fans, but we took our first Carnival cruise in early 2011 and loved it! We sailed on the Carnival Dream and it was really a beautiful ship! They are trying to become less cheesy and you could tell. I wouldn't consider a cruise with them on any other of the classes but the Dream class is great. There was really no complaints. I think I posted some pictures of it in this thread.
  3. I'm sure they have, but I wonder if the rescuers have thought about looking inside the elevators!
  4. Not that it's a cool situation by any means, I find it interesting to see that picture of the atrium! Where did you find that? I was looking for a picture like that for the atrium and the pool area last night. I was reading an article on USA Today and it sounded like Carnival wants to assess the damage so they made it sound like rebuilding the ship is still an option! They were also going into depth about the prices so I think the ship still might have hope. LINK
  5. ALSO, ahh almost forgot! I read on a few websites that some people believed the ship was doomed ever since it was built. According to maritime conspiracies, the christening of the Costa Concordia didn't go as planned (because the bottle didn't break when it was launched against the hull) which is the reason behind the ship being "doomed."
  6. tntornadox - I saw that video too! I wonder if the captain was doing the same thing. It was very interesting reading about Titan Salvage. I saw their website too! I hope they do something about the ship soon and find everyone. Elissa - Sorry, I didn't know they advertised the prices like that I heard the ship has the possibility to slip off the rocks its currently lying on (about 20m deep) and there is a drop off into 70m deep water very close. Divers were saying how they can really hear the ship underwater which is causing concern. I kind of doubt that will happen but you never know!
  7. Actually, a cruise is one of the most peaceful vacations (depending on ship and line.) You can tell your truthful when saying you've never been on one! Here are some reasons people find it very "relaxing." -Your in the middle of the ocean and if you find the right place such as your balcony on your cabin, or a quiet adult-only area you can enjoy an amazing view and even read a book in peace if you want. -Unless your willing to pay a fortune, you don't really have access to your phone or computer which gives a real sense of "getting away from it all." -A lot of ships have large open spaces such as the dining rooms, atrium, theatre, etc... -As long as you pick a good line (cough cough rccl) you won't be smelling BO... From the small amount of ships Ive been on, I have NEVER had this problem! I wouldn't not consider a cruise if you haven't even been on one to experience it. At least try Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, or even Princess before you totally "diss" a cruise vacation!
  8. Ha ha. Anyways, Was searching prices on Costa's website and the prices were crazy low. Heres an example, I believe that was an itinerary that included leaving Rome and a stop at Savona.
  9. Here are 11 pictures of the submerged part of the ship. LINK Also, something interesting to note is that if you try to book a Costa cruise by ship, the Costa Concordia is not an option.
  10. Just found this article. Nothings confirmed but some "industry experts" think the ship will not be recoverable. LINK
  11. ^^Exactly what I think! Plus, wasn't it their largest ship? Or at least one of them. It will also be interesting to see if they can recover people's belongings from the cabins that are still above water!
  12. Yeah, maybe they will try to get it back to Rome? It will be interesting to see if they actually repair it and sail it again or just...sell it?
  13. This is crazy! I couldn't believe it when I first heard. I love cruise ships and actually had a blog on ships for awhile (until I got way to busy). For me, I think the power going out at night would be one of the worst parts (especially when you feel like your falling over in the water!) Haha Elissa, you are so right!!! All the ads today are for cruise lines! Wth?! After I read that comment you made I immediately looked up at the ads here on the forum and sure enough an Azamara cruise ad was there! Is it kind of ironic how this happens right before the 100th anniversary of Titanic?! I just think it's weird how the side with the gash is facing up..? It will be interesting to see what happens to the ship!
  14. The ad is placed exactly the same location it is now. Someone asked me about that and I said it should stay in the same location. Oops didn't see that! Sorry. Anyways, I like that one the best!
  15. Nice design Jack! I think the only thing I don't really care for is where the ad is placed. They wanted something integrated and I think the best way to do that is put it somewhere horizontally.
  16. Great pictures! I really hope I can make it down this summer! Hopefully they top it off soon.
  17. It is definitely not far from a thrill park! With the concerts, Ride of Steel, etc, it attracts a lot of the younger generations. Especially teens. In fact, the senior class at my school always takes their "senior skip day" there because of the thrill rides.
  18. I like the old logo better. To me, the new logo reminds me of a winterish wonderland edition.
  19. Haha, this is awesome! I have seen these before in a video where the people who were flying them, decided to scare some of their friends.
  20. Awesome designs lately! I love "iloveride's" design but I think it's almost too simple. I see it and then automatically think, that's it? Also it doesn't have a dedicated ad section, video, etc but your probably not done! I really like it though!! When I come up with my concept this weekend, I plan on putting the logo in the middle, 4 "buttons" on each side. I drew it in my concept but I guess it was too hard to see...
  21. ^Exactly what I had in mind, love the glossy look for the buttons! It's looking really good so far
  22. ^Robb, do you want me to darken it? I just thought I would put my ideas on paper to see if you thought it was worthy enough to make a computer generated concept. I will put it on the computer this weekend for sure, I just haven't yet because I'm at school all day long.
  23. I am thinking of re-doing the middle part for the Park News section to look more like Angry_Gumball's horizontal bar. Good idea or should it stay the same? Ill try to make the computer generated concept this weekend.
  24. Ok, here's my drawn concept. You will probably have to load the image so you can enlarge it and see some of the stuff I have written down. A major part of this concept is my idea of "interchangeable parts" meaning anything can be swapped around for Robb and Elissa's liking. This is only my first concept so and feedback would be great so I can draw some more tomorrow in school Also please keep in mind that it looks like a lot of writing but half of the writing is notes from me (i.e. picture here, video, etc...)
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