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  1. Yeah I'am thinking it was dehydration now. When I went on Rage (a eurofighter) I was fine on the first 4 goes but when I came back later I hadn't drunk or eat anything in hours and had that head rush on the loop. When at Thrope Park I was really thristy on the way up but missed the supermarket I normal go into for a drink then only had a tiny little bit before going on the rides. Think I will go up to Rage at the weekend and take a giant bottle of water with me in the car and see how I feel, before bothering the doctor.
  2. Thanks, my local doctor has a blood pressure check thing which you can do yourself think I might use that and go from there. I admit that I was a bit thirsty before going on so maybe that could be it, but it really was unpleasent. The blackpool woods seem fine but there much less intense think I will just stick to them for a bit until I see the doctor.
  3. Yeah I would like an Intamin wooden coaster. Apparently Saw was originally going to be a big Wooden GCI but they dropped the plans for it. There was a great picture of the plan on the Thorpe Park forum, it was a shame I love wooden roller coasters.
  4. Does anyone suffer from this??? I have never experienced any head rushing at all on roller coaster until this year. I went to Thorpe park yesterday and rode Nemesis Inferno a ride I had always found tame but this time on almost every helix and bend I felt a massive pressure build up in my head it was to tell you the truth unpleasant. I didn't experience it on any other rides during the day except a tiny bit on Swarm but nothing unpleasant. It’s a pain I experienced the same thing on the loop on Rage a few weeks ago but again nothing to bad. It seems a bit odd that its suddenly effecting me like that especially as the tight turns are normally my favourite part.
  5. I went to Thorpe Park today it was dead so got to do Swarm 6 times, I have to say that I wasn't expecting much but its a really fun ride that's very smooth and you can keep going on again and again. It's best on the outside seats on the back few rows where there is a decent amount of force to the ride not to much not to little just fine for my taste. I didn't see any fire effects being tested today though, would love to go back when it's fully working. Thorpe Park now need to get that GCI wooden rollercoaster built.
  6. I dont post here much but this looks awesoom I am going to Stockholm next year so I will be giving this a ride. Those brunette twins in the front are hot you got to like Swedish girls lol.
  7. What is your favorite ride built during the 1970's? I haven't been on to many rides from this period but so far i would say the Irn Bru Revolution at Blackpool is my favorite from that decade. The launch is nothing but the drops are good and the loop backwards feels more intense than many modern rides i have been on i also found it smooth and i like its retro style.
  8. yeah i am just having a laugh i think its cool there adding somthing, hopefully it will help dilute the crowds a bit as you say.
  9. you will probably have to wait about 3 hours before you can get round it like most things at Thorpe Park.
  10. Thanks for all your advice about the trip, I am not 100% sure what I will do yet I might just go to LA and see the next big fight at the staples centre then go to Six Flags from there. I also have a free eurostar ticket for next year so I am planning to go to Walibi World in Holland followed by a few drinks in Amsterdam the next day, I am looking forward to 2010.
  11. thanks for the advice, its a shame Arrow couldnt have developed the idea more i would love to see one in the UK, Hopefully one day S&S will be able to make more than just 2 of these rides.
  12. cool i am coming over from the UK and i dont really know much about that area I will prob watch the fight and then get a hotel nearer to the park a few days after. Yeah i normally watch on ride videos and they always make rides look slow and a bit boring to me but X2 is one of the few rides i have seen that looks great from a POV, i heard some people say its a bit rough that sort of thing has never bothered me probably because i have done a bit of boxing lol.
  13. I was browsing through some ride videos, i was never really interested in X2 but after watching a POV on youtube it looks amazing, rides normally look boring on video but that thing looks insane i really want to ride it now, is it as good as it looks? also i am planning to fly to Vegas at some point next year to watch a boxing fight is SFMM anywhere near that area? This is the video i saw ADMIN EDIT! LINK REMOVED BECAUSE THE VIDEO WAS SHOT WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM THE PARK!
  14. Yeah thats the sort of ride i would like to see in there a fun fairly compact inverted coaster. When i went in September the park looked much cleaner than when i went back in 2001, I think there is talk of them doing up the kids section next.
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