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  1. Since it was so long ago (not to long but I was little) I can't be 100% sure. It was either Rock N' Roller coaster at MGM (now Hollywood Studios) or Viper at Darien Lake when it was Six Flags Darien Lake.
  2. Predator at Darien Lake. The ride is VERY rough. I almost threw up and I never feel like that on roller coasters. Every time I go to Darien Lake with different people we all say the same thing when we look at Predator, "Yeah right!"
  3. On the video it shows this, ^I hope I answered it correctly[/img]
  4. 1: Sheikra (watching the people before they fall!) 2: Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit (the crowd surfer)
  5. Now Scream! needs to be next in line for a re-paint! Also I was looking online the SFMM website and saw that Deja Vu is closed for refurbishment.
  6. Hmm.. A really unique indoor steel coaster that did mostly everything, (launch, small hill lift, go backwards, loops, etc.) but had a story along with it. I guess something like the Mummy but like in space! It would be cool to be launched but look like your just flying through stars! Oh and it would have to be very smooth with great air time!
  7. Most fanboys would think it looks awesome covered in dog crap. Dog crap...?? Anyways, so it goes from rain to snow! Now what!
  8. Wow, I don't quite know if I like the old one better or the new one. There both nice but it's great to see that the structure is covered!
  9. Wow this sounds cool! I've never heard of a spinning coaster with such theme! Correct me if I'm wrong.
  10. It's amazing how these companies can run when there in so much debt, I mean $20 billion!? Wow!!!
  11. My brother was just in Orlando but sadly only went to all the Disney parks. I told him he should go to Universal to give me updates for everyone but he never made it. Sorry, anyways I really can't wait to see some more updates and in previous pictures it looked like the castle has been getting a lot of attention.
  12. Yeah I agree I think Vekoma has really taken the time to create one heck of a coaster. I really like the detail they put into the sit down side on the back of the trains, they have like little "blasters" (haha I don't know the exact name but its close)
  13. Wow that looks stunning! That should be sent in to Kings Dominion!
  14. Very interesting. Maybe a Motion Theater from the company? Not sure but this does sound exciting! IF it really were to be a RoboCoaster, I would probably walk all the way from where I live (New York State) to Universal to ride a RoboCoaster!
  15. I like this one The Curse of the Silverback is a new water ride at Enchanted Forest Water Safari. The sign looks sweet!
  16. The top will be capped off tonight!!! From Kings Dominion Twitter: "KingsDominionVA The topping off will commence tonight! It will be a late night! Hope the rains hold off..." Sweet!
  17. They have the spot lights on! Do you think they will cap it off tonight?
  18. Just because it's "off-season" I don't think the ride ops should "slack-off." Anyways, I have nothing bad to say about this TR because I would've complained about the situation too. I have been to a park with a similar event just not as many people and it is so annoying. People would be screaming and line jumping. He said that some kids were picking bamboo, well I think that is ridiculous! Anyways, I hope you had a little bit of fun.
  19. Wow this is coming up fast! Can't wait to see the lift hill complete!
  20. I've been to a show at that huge white theatre in Downtown Disney before! It is quite amazing and the show was spectacular. Great photos, can't wait for more!
  21. Same here, but it looks so cool! And trust me, I live in the North and I honestly HATE snow!! I mean I love how we get snow days but once you have been up here for awhile the gray and cold days get old!
  22. I could have gone on a few of them including, Superman RoS at Darien Lake but I visited when I was little and didn't want to ride it, and also I visited Busch Gardens Europe when I was so little I wasn't even aloud to go on Apollo's Chariot so I picked the one I thought would be amazing so I picked Thunder Dolphin! Have you seen it?! It looks amazing.
  23. Looks great can't wait to see some construction photos!
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