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  1. Never, never been to Cedar Point. When is the last time you did something nice for a stranger?
  2. I love good German food. It looks yummy!
  3. Went to the coast this weekend and it was beautiful. Probably 70 degrees and sunny.
  4. Had Crumpled bacon on a maple bar and on a cupcake. Not bad!
  5. Rain and more rain. Rode 40 miles in it on my bike on Saturday!
  6. I think Luigi's will be a good family ride. I'm fascinated watching the cars move around in what looks like a "random" path.
  7. Curious to see how they are going to make this work. Do you have to have your own Galaxy phone to make this work or does Samsung have some headset with a "phone" already built in. I can see them making you use your own phone and downloading the app to make it work. Are they going to secure these headsets in anyway so they don't fly off while riding? Are they going to clean each headset after each use? Lots of questions.
  8. My wife has been getting the pre-cooked bacon that you just need to heat. She likes it on her sandwiches. I'm not a big fan of it but it is convenient.
  9. Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper from a Coke Freestyle machine.
  10. Kind of sounds like maybe the Chinese have so many accidents that they have a stock article for it and just change the first paragraph!
  11. Interesting comment from the article. Maybe there was no problem with the ride after all and the guy wins the Darwin Award.
  12. Diet cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper. It was a Coke freestyle machine!
  13. I think if your staying at an MGM property you will just suck it up. But if you are off the strip you will find free parking and go there costing them some business. I think the valet parking downtown was free. Of coarse you should tip them.
  14. Sadly probably just WCB and maybe Disneyland in the late Fall.
  15. OK, this sucks. Next week it will be in the low 70's here in Fresno for a few days but I'm going to Ft Lauderdale where it will be cooler! Florida is supposed to be warm!
  16. ^ I ate their when I was in Chicago in October. First deep dish pizza I ever had. It was awesome and worth the 30 min wait to get in.
  17. Runners running at night in dark clothes, no light, in the street and in the same direction of traffic!
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