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  1. I just recorded that a few weeks ago. I'll bet you can find it on demand too.
  2. What is your favorite Star Wars movie? Was it one of the originals, Chapters 4,5 &6? The prequels Chapters 1,2 & 3 Or the enhanced versions of the originals? I'm pretty much old school and grew up with all of them liking "A New Hope" the best. It really doesn't bother me like it does some on the enhanced versions. Although Han did shoot first!
  3. Don't know, I had to google it to see what they were. Do you have a Six Flags Pass?
  4. With the number of people that live with in a few hours of the park I would expect huge crowds for a while. I think I will wait until the Fall to make a visit to see Potterville.
  5. ^Interesting, I did not know that. So Negan could be the season ending cliff hanger.
  6. False The person below me says Happy Holidays not Merry Christmas!
  7. We are still decorating for Christmas. My wife is going overboard because our granddaughter, who is 3, is coming to stay with us.
  8. It is horrible what happened to the kid and I hope things turn out well for him. It is also horrible that we as a society have not raised are kids, for a few generations, to be responsible.
  9. Sprinkled last night but cool, crisp and clear today!
  10. Do you get very wet on the log ride? Maybe that is why people were staying away.
  11. Well we got to see Negan and his gang last night.
  12. Glenn is not out of the woods yet. He still hasn't connected with the rest of the group. My guess is Daryl, Abraham, Sasha and Glenn will lead most of the walkers away. I think Negan is going to play a big part next week and then we will have to wait until February 14th to see how it plays out.
  13. So the cliff hanger for mid-season could be the reveal of Negan having Glenn.
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