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  1. I would like to visit someday to compare it to the other Universal parks I have been too.
  2. Since GM was bailed out by the government and the government is us, shouldn't we all have the right to use the lounge?
  3. Thank you MAX for the interview! Sounds like what Disney World already has but with no tan lines!
  4. Guess we won't be seeing those pictures anytime soon! Unless the thugs post them.
  5. After nothing but rain all weekend it is rather nice out today.
  6. Diet Dr. Pepper from a Coke freestyle machine!
  7. My granddaughter is getting to that age too. Next time in Orlando we might have to make the trek there.
  8. I have been so busy I have yet to watch a whole game. Now that you can watch the commercials online I probably won't watch the Super Bowl either.
  9. Clear and a little cool this week. Sucks we get rain on the weekends.
  10. Delta bummed me out on my last trip. They discontinued my return flight. They booked me on one that was a lot less convenient and made an extra stop.
  11. Me neither, probably because I'm on here posting!
  12. I really think that only 5 or 6 chefs have a shot at winning and the rest are put on for drama.
  13. I think it would help if they had an observation deck at the top.
  14. Nice report. Like what the have done for Christmas. Someday I will have to get back to the park.
  15. I think the metal detectors were only a matter of time in the world we live in today. They probably were planned long before the attack in California last month. They won't stop any premeditated attack but will help keep people from pulling a gun or knife if they get into an altercation.
  16. I really want to do a Disney Cruise. Thinking maybe next year it might work out.
  17. I kind of wonder if it wasn't the stand by line that had the 120 min wait, not fastpass.
  18. I like seeing this report every year. With all the parks you have visited, when do you have time to work?
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