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  1. So do you think the Glenn issue will be resolved before the mid season break? Seams like they are sure stretching this out.
  2. AT the moment I'm still waiting to see how much vacation I have. In January it will be a couple of weeks in Orlando staying at WDW. Past that I don't know ...
  3. This is going to be a nice improvement. I think the ride is going to be a little short though.
  4. ^Did you go and see it when you were there last month? Pictures?
  5. I'm going with Dodonpa because I couldn't see anything the first half of the ride because my eyes were watering.
  6. J: Journey to the Center of the Earth ..... the awful remake!
  7. Thinking of taking my wife to Carrie Underwood and Luke Bryan
  8. Isn't he dead in the comics? When Rick cut himself, might he lose his hand?
  9. I used my daughte'rs Netflix account this last weekend and binge watched season 1 of Z Nation. Wasted all of my free time!
  10. ^The island theme has been beaten to death. Time to move on. DVD coming out on the 20th!
  11. In the last 4 years I have been to SFMM twice and Disneyland not once. What the heck was I thinking!
  12. In the end, Disney is a business trying to satisfy their shareholders. They are looking for that sweet spot of supply and demand on the tickets to maximize revenue. They are very aware of customer satisfaction because that is their business, it's just one variable in many of determining price.
  13. This lengthy discussion on the price of the Annual Passes is not happening in the Florida threads.
  14. Oh, I completely forgot Green Lantern even existed. Rode it once on my last visit to SFMM and didn't really enjoy it. It along with Scream and maybe X2 are the coasters i'll likely end up ignoring. We watched GL lack of spinning when we were at WCB. Didn't ride it and had no desire too.
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