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  1. Great report. I'm a little bummed I will be passing the park on the way to San Diego and don't have time to stop!
  2. Wow, Bran has really grown up since he was last on the show.
  3. Paul McCartney rocked it. Played for 2 hours 45 minutes straight.
  4. HIs name was in the opening credits. I wonder what they paid him for just laying there?
  5. Getting rid of Tomorrowland Raceway oh nooooo! I can hear the revolt of the fanboys now.
  6. DisneySea doesn't use the Twilight Zone theme. It would be interesting to see what the would come up with to make the whole ride mesh together with a new theme. Don't think it will happen though.
  7. It is amazing to see the progress between the two videos posted. I know he has a long way to go. Glad to see he is getting better. Go Jack!
  8. ^ I can imagine some executives somewhere saying, "No, this wizardry thing will never be popular. We'll pass!"
  9. No loss on BTTF closing. Now Japan can put in something awesome!
  10. Hopefully this is the first of many positive updates to follow.
  11. I wouldn't waste my money on either of these options. I would use the money to travel all over the world to visit parks instead. Why be tied down to one park?
  12. Except that was the old Universal and this is Six Flags we are talking about!
  13. Looks pretty cool. When you hit that drop it can be pretty scary if you have any speed and catch a little air.
  14. I'm still a little bit in shock this has happened to Jack. Hope to see him on his feet soon.
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