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  1. There're way too many coasters that end in e and r! Something needs to be done! Rocket
  2. ^ So a 310 foot and 420 foot coaster aren't intimidating enough? Even though I've never been to CP before, I don't think its difficult to spot a 300 or 400+ coaster from a couple thousand feet away. And last time I checked, 300-400+ foot tall coasters are pretty intimidating to the GP. So according to my magic Dippin Dots cup, the most likely coasters CP will get next would be... -GCI Woodie -B&M Dive Machine -Some random family coaster -Another possible height/speed record breaker (although not really soon enough) A major water attraction is VERY LIKELY to be built in a number of years as well.
  3. I heard a rumor that HRP was gonna keep the Hard Rock name and that the company purchasing the park actually operated a numbrer of Hard Rock restaraunts. I wasn't sure whether to post this here, or in the HRP thread but since I can't confirm it, I'll post it here.
  4. ^ Lucky I have to present a presentation tomorrow and I don't feel I'm totally prepared. This past month has been pretty chaotic with all the crap I have to do. Not to mention my grades are fairly poor.
  5. ^ Are you sure it won't be called something like SpinHawk or Rotating Garbage Can: The Ride? Actually I remember watching Looney Tunes on Saturday mornings ALL the time!! It was my FAVOIRTE cartoon show EVER! I can also remember when shows like Gargoyles, Darkwing Duck, and Tale Spin were brand new as well. If anybody has Dish Network, they still have Nick GAS, which airs classic Nick game shows like Legends of the Hidden Temple, Figure it Out, GUTS, and Get The Picture (except those are pretty much the ONLY shows they air). Even though I'm still too young for the target audience on TV Land, I still find myself watching it sometimes. Nick At Nite probably has more shows I grew up with than TV Land does. And I believe that cars did have the aerodynamics of bricks when I was born. BTW: B&M produced their first coaster the year I was born.
  6. ^ That coaster is really coming out nicely. Not to mention the park looks really beautiful.
  7. The update will be a little late since I can't seem to get my scanner up and running. So in the meantime I'll post some pictures that I already scanned but haven't posted yet. Hopefully I can get my scanner working tomorrow. An Arrow Suspended WITH TUNNELS!!! Here's another teaser. The sign is HUGE. IMO!
  8. Alright! I can't wait to see the finished results... And good luck on your midterm. I had to take mine (for an online course) today.
  9. ^ I thought there was another contest to name the flyer. The person above me posted a suggested name so I thought I might contribute as well. "Flying" Daggars because it's a flying coaster "Fire" Dragon because it's red and yellow(and it shares Iron Dragon's colors) "Red" Kunai because the track is red and a Kunai is a Japanese (Asian) weapon. Mc Donald's: The Ride because the coaster is red and yellow like McDonald's.
  10. That is one good-looking coaster! Makes me wish I could ride it Too bad I probably won't be able to head to SoCal anytime soon.
  11. ^^ Disney is universally popular so they will carry Disney related merchandise to make money. Disney Princesses are popular with little girls and SF wants to appeal to families (I think). So SF will carry Disney Princess-related products to appeal to little girls even though they are rivals in the theme park industry. PS: The Wiggles airs on Disney Channel in the US, but Six Flags is allowed to build Wiggles themed areas inside its theme parks.
  12. ^ I saw pics of that in the aerial CP thread. I think its because the track needs replacing. Wait, so concrete and trash cans are considered atmosphere now? Actually I’ve never been to CP so I don’t know exactly how many trash cans/concrete the park has. They got rid of a number of other rides for coasters, so I can see that happening. (Raptor and Maverick stand out the most) -- I always thought that “America’s Roller Coast” came to be just because they had the most roller coasters. If they didn’t have the most coasters, they’d probably still be considered “The Amazement Park.” I don’t think it’s about the race; it’s more about the publicity.
  13. ^ No I didn't know that. Thanks for sharing. Did you know that 10 years ago... I was in the third grade. I got my first video game (Pokemon Yellow) I lived in Arizona I first learned how to use a computer The tallest fastest coaster was Fujiyama Y2K was a problem The internet was much smaller than it is today Everybody still used dial up and AOL to access the internet Spongebob Squarepants aired on Nickelodeon for the first time The Columbine massacre occured The Euro was introduced Napster was founded My sister graduated from high school I feel old now.
  14. Lemme guess... Pancake and waffle themed roller coaster? I love how compact the park is. Keep up the excellent work.
  15. Awesome work! I can't wait to see more. PS: Are you gonna keep the track the way it is or are you gonna add the two extra ties like the real one?
  16. After seeing the pics, all I can say is that it looks.... well cheesy! Its a bit too expensive for my tastes, but I wish SF good luck getting revenue from this. BTW, did anybody notice that SFNO was mentioned on one of the signs inside the shop? Dan - $40 for a haircut? - Nguyen
  17. ^^^ That looks more like a Wing Walker/Ball Coaster than an X-Car. Both coasters are made by completely different companies. As for a pre-fab, IIRC, Kinzel stated that no Intamin pre-fabs would be build at CP. Judging by past new coasters Cedar Fair has built, the next possible wood coaster would probably be a GCI.
  18. Flying Daggers Red Kunai Fire Dragon Mc Donald's: The Ride Excellent work. I definately couldn't make a park in RCT with that much detail.
  19. First time on BBW The first drop into the village was probably one of the most intense moments on a roller coaster that I've experienced. The train felt like it was going SO FAST down that tiny little drop, the countless Wolf POVs that I watched before could not prepare me for anything like that. I actually thought that drop was actually better than the drop over the water. Second is my first time on Alpengeist. I remember reading that the coaster was forceless, but I did feel some forces at the bottom of the first drop going into the immelman and inside the cobra roll. The ride itself was very disorienting and I really loved it.
  20. Incredible, awesome, insane! I really wish I could visit Ohio this year. Those pics just emphasize my desire for Intamin goodness. Too bad the closest Intamin is about an hour north.
  21. Lets see here... I have a midterm exam that I have to turn in Monday that I've barely gotten done. I have a Power Point presentation on the culture of Vietnam that I still need to fix. My dad recently got out of the hospital from a near heart attack that he had not too long ago. The weather in Williamsburg is cold and wet. I probably won't be able to get any new credits this year. I have a C in Bio 101 and I got a D on a Philosophy exam. I have a feeling my I'm bringing my family down. That's pretty much all I've got. - Dan "I just wanna fit in" Nguyen
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