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  1. I've only been on B&M coasters so far (because there are three next to my house) so currently my opinion is biased towards B&M right now, but I'm dying to ride any kind of Intamin coaster. Judging by the few coasters I've ridden... Alpengeist - My current #1 coaster. The ride is fun & intense as well as highly underrated. AC - My number 2 coaster. I think a theme needs to be added. Has some very good airtime in the back. Griffon - My number 4 coaster. Fun coaster but feels gimmicky, I think Busch only built this coaster because Tampa got one. No theme or shade whatsoever Hopefully I'll be able to visit KD or some other park this year and expand my coaster count.
  2. Hello everybody, I've been lurking around the TPR boards for about two years and this is the first roller coaster message board that I've actually joined. I've also lurked around other coaster-related message boards for a very long time now. I love roller coasters and theme parks in general and hope to get myself accustomed to the board as well as make new friends. I've repeatedly read the TOS as well as the rules and I want to have a great time here.
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