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  1. Just upgraded to the Space Grey iPhone 5S from this mint condition iPhone 4S! It's been weird adjusting to the new screen size and fingerprint scanner (sometimes I forget I have it), and LTE is 10x faster than 3G. I was blown away by how fast I was browsing the TPR forums on LTE when I first got the phone. Iron Shark wallpaper taken by me.
  2. Graduation is 102 days away and I am so excited to finally graduate high school and go off to A&M in the fall. Right now I am sitting at #16 in my class with a 99.6 weighted GPA. Senioritis is kicking in but I'm managing well. As far as coaster fandom, it gets in the way of studying because I'll sidetrack and go watch POVs on YouTube (or get on here) but never gets in the way of the school day. I did take off two days last year for the Iron Rattler film shoot but I left after my last of three AP exams so I didn't miss anything special when I got back.
  3. I've never been to Hurricane Harbor and now I think I have motive to go. Looks like an AWESOME addition. I love the 'twisty and spiral' combo and it should pack some airtime before you go down the drop to the splashdown. Very excited to see a recent string of announcements coming out of Six Flags parks. Hopefully there's more to come.
  4. I read all three books in the Hunger Games Trilogy (Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay) and they were amazing. It's weird reading them an realizing that the deprivation of rights and corrupt government present in the books reflect that of some countries today, (cough, cough DPRK.) Of course, with the exception there exists no hunger games.
  5. Our county fair has one every year but I wouldn't dare ride it. I'm not scared of the ride, I'm scared of the ride falling apart. I've never really trusted carnival/fair rides.
  6. I was a varsity high school swimmer (I actually swam my last race last night in San Antonio), and before Christmas we followed a M/W/F crossfit/swim schedule. T/Th were full two hour swim practices and after Christmas we do full two hour practices M-F. Anyways . . . Crossfit. My coach is an avid 'crossfitter' and goes every morning. So, when we would go to practice, we would do her workout from that day. I hate it. Absolutely hate it. I personally haven't seen many results from it on land or in the water but my coach (who by the way just turned 52) can do some pretty marvelous things with crossfit. She's got me beat in pretty much everything. In short, I should just stick to the water but I really don't have the option.
  7. Goliath is #9 on the World's coolest new tourist attractions! However, it is stated in the article the supports are steel. Make sure you scroll down for some awesome GP comments including . . . travel.yahoo.com/photos/world-s-coolest-new-tourist-attractions-1391726175-slideshow/
  8. Wow! What an amazing park! It's absolutely beautiful. I'm slightly bummed about FOTR's roughness but it definitely looks like it was a step in the right direction layout-wise. It definitely (to me) doesn't seem like a B&M other than the track design. I'm happy to see them try something new. I saw a rather shaky POV and was surprised to see how forceful it seemed. Well, at least the first half. . . . and that water is absolutely breathtaking. So pretty!
  9. Alright! Station is red. I drew this on my tablet. Let the Guessing commence! Hint: This should be VERY easy
  10. Looks kinda wonky; I really wasn't expecting that much reinforcement, but I'm glad to see progress moving forward. This is going to be one interesting attraction when it's all done.
  11. Never associated Iraq with roller coasters ever. None of them are any i'd travel around the world for, but I'm glad that country has something. I'm not entirely sure about Iraq but I know in Saudi Arabia, Non-Muslims have to drive on different roads and I believe you cannot publically express any other religion other than Islam (going back to 9th grade AP Human Geography here). I'm not entirely sure if Iraq is even similar to that but I would advise to be careful as always. The country is strictly Islamic to my knowledge. So, yes ladies, that means you atleast have to wear a hijab. (Please, if anyone can affirm or deny this [arby, since you spent time there, or any locals] please do! I don't want to spread any false information.)
  12. It's a mine train. It isn't really that fast, so the transitions shouldn't be a huge deal IMHO. It's not like Goudurix. Plus, the more bouncing around might make it more fun for the kiddos. Not the parents, though.
  13. ^Amen to that! I want them to keep Judge because it's so beautiful and nostalgic but my goodness it's brutal! It's a one and done for me and it used to be a re-ride.
  14. I don't think their standards are as high as ours are so it doesn't really bother them as much as us. We are very familiar with many manufacturer and they aren't, so we have expectations. I'm sure Six Flags has realized the capacity issue, but I'm not sure if their quite over the ride. IMHO they might try to solve the capacity issue first before they ditch future installations.
  15. That was unexpected. It was already a beautiful enterance, I'm sure they are just making it easier to get through the crowds, but I'm curious to see what aesthetic improvements will be made.
  16. Wow, they are really trucking along. And in this weather too! This project is easily getting more exciting for me as progress moves along. I was a little sceptical at first as to whether or not I woul like the way it would come out but as construction progresses I'm getting more and more eager to see the finished result.
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