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  1. So my guesstimate was *slightly off. Getting higher and higher! I feel like the Rye Airplane Coaster is now out of the question, but a wood coaster still seems like a reasonable option. I wonder why FLYING is in all caps. Flying coaster, perhaps? Would be neat, Texas doesn't have one.
  2. One thing to consider if the balloon keeps on moving locations and changing in altitude is that maybe it's symbolizing the height at different points on the ride. For example, let's just assume it's a coaster after all, a hill on the ride at the first balloon location is 92.5 feet, and a hill, or inversion, or whatever at the second balloon location is x feet (whatever they measure). If it moves a third time, same thing. They're definately doing an excellent job hyping and teasing this new attraction. If screamscape sources are true and motorama and hustler are indeed closing, that's a pretty large plot of land to build on. This should be quite interesting as all the details unfold. Really hoping it's a wooden coaster; the park no longer has one.
  3. One thing to mention, Motorama goes under a pedestrian pathway and makes a u-turn by the poltergeist queue, so unless they utilize that space, the coaster, should it be one, might go under the bridge, turn around, then go back under. If they don't utilize that space, it's plenty enough for a flat in the future.
  4. No, just one balloon. My guesstimate is 75-85 feet, but I'm a horrible guesser and it's been bouncing around all day; I don't think I've seen it all the way vertical. Also I believe this is the reason Boimerang is down... It appears the lift chain has broken.
  5. Sure! I'll head over there in a bit and take more, but for now, here's one I took earlier. I'll take a few better ones. It's right next to the motorama station. Bahama Blaster is also closed today and they only have one show going if I'm not mistaken. It's the country band that performs in front of the Road Runner and IRat. Edit: and here are the rest taken from the kidzopolis area and the last from the motorama queue. It's literally right there in the middle of the ride area. Kidzopolis In front of Kiddee Koaster Right at the train tracks that cross into rockville In Motorama queue Bonus shot from the log flume
  6. ^^^ Thanks for the clarification! I thought the balloon looked a bit different; it looked a little further away. But yeah, I'm at the park now and it's right next to the motorama station.
  7. I'm here at the park now; the balloon is flying high. I've yet to check out the area. Boomerang stalled after the loop presumably this morning. The empty train is sitting there uncovered and I couldn't see any maintanance crews working on it. Other than that, it's a little toasty out today and I'm next in line for IRat. The crew is working very well and effectively.
  8. Wow, SFFT is NOT going stingy with the teasing. (Not complaining) I don't want to say "it's safe to say we're getting _______", but so far it seems like we're getting what we think we are.
  9. ^ Very interesting. We could very possibly see an out and back coaster maybe? Whatever the case, if they are closing Roaring Rapids now, it has to be something big.
  10. There's not much space around Roaring Rapids so they're going to have to get pretty creative. Hoping they start some teasing soon . . .
  11. ^true, true. It's nowhere near the same ride it was when it opened. RMC can bring back some of that former glory, plus more!
  12. I'm all for RMC coming in and doing a renovation. I'm also all for preserving the classics. It seems like RMC has only come in to do something with the not-as-old but broken woodies. Colossus is old and not as broken based on what I've read, so I personally would have tried to preserve it. BUT, there is another wooden coaster in the park and there is a plethora of things RMC can do to make this classic new and amazing and I'm excited to see what they will do! (Assuming we do get it) I could portentially see a record for steepest drop and an inversion record because of the track length; they have a little more to work with. I'm excited to see what they will do; should be a very interesting, but lengthy project so I can't wait to get an official announcement and begin following progress! I have family that lives near the park so I may have to make a visit in a couple of years!
  13. Well, I've been playing for a couple of days now, and here is my honest review: To begin, I feel that Roller Coaster Tycoon 4 Mobile was not the best name to give this app. It's should be Roller Coaster Tycoon Mobile, with no 4, that way it won't be compared to a full on PC version, but other mobile aps. Now, I wasn't expecting too much out of this. Regardless of the lack of realism, the fact that the flats have RCT2ish animations while the coasters defy gravity and have much smoother and nicer animations, and the fact that there are no RCT style goals we know and love, [i'll discuss that in a minute] . . . it's actually not that bad of an app. Currency wise; you really don't need the tickets too much unless you are impatient. You began with a $5 USD amount of tickets (I think around 50), and you only use them to build custom coasters, or use special elements in them (even then, you only use 2 or 3). If you want to speed up construction or unlock material from higher levels, you can use tickets, but if you stay pacient and play the game, tickets will be used very seldomly, and coins are generated quickly. You can gain more coins and tickets and XP to level up by accomplishing goals, and when you level up, you gain more coins and tickets. There really isn't any use to purchasing tickets with actual money. Goals replace the objectives from the previous games. They aren't "x-amount of guests by x-date." It's build a custom wooden roller coaster, build this restaurant, build a hotel." Yes, there are hotels now. This is new to the games, and they serve the purpose to add peeps to your park's maximum amount. You begin with a peep max of 200, but for every hotel you build, you add peeps to that max and generate money quicker. Each ride you add adds to a percentage (park rating I guess you can say) and the higher it is the better, but it's proportional to the peep max. For example, many rides with a low peep count = higher percentage (rating). Lower ride count with higher peep max = lower park percentage (rating). So you have to keep up with your peep max. Designing coasters is fun. You can actually design it, then move it, and then build it. (Building for all rides is a certain amount of time you must wait before opening.) you can design the coasters even if you are broke, but it won't let you build it until you have enough coins (and tickets if necessary). Also, you are given a of of land to start with, but must expand if you want to grow. Expansions start at 1k coins and go up after each one. Overall, it's a mobile app. I wasn't expecting much, but more could be implemented, and I'm hoping that in the future, Atari will update the app to feature more. One thing to note is that is the credits, they do mention Chris Sawyer. Lastly, I hope this is nothing like the PC version. I hope it is completely different than this because you can do so much more than with a mobile app, but for a mobile app, honestly, it's a pretty nice time killer. If you need me to elaborate on anything, let me know. I'd be glad too. 3/5 stars Here is a screenshot of my park so far. I decided to pay homage to my former home park.
  14. ^yes, that it. That's the one manufacturer I forgot to check! Thanks for the confirmation! Back onto KK, lightning run looks great! It shouldn't be much longer before we are some testing. Having ridden steel eel I'm excited to see how this compares at is is more 'flexible' I guess you could say in track design (granted, the trains are smaller).
  15. That's not a Larson; I believe it's an SBF/Visa. The catch car on a Larson is MUCH smaller than the one shown in the picture gerstlaueringvar posted. I could be wrong about it being from SBF but for sure it's not a Larson.
  16. Larson Towers are amazing; they're the only ride to date that I still get jittery and nervous on when I ride. Very intense.
  17. ^ There are signs at Fiesta Texas posted throughout the queues that say "wait time is minutes from this point" instead.
  18. It's safe to say that some modifications will have to be made to the current train designs unless they want their new family coaster to have a height requirement of 54 inches. At the least, we might see it in the harnesses and most definitely in the seats, but if they do two abreast the modifications shouldn't be to hard to make. I can see a new/modified harness (an OTSR shouldn't be necessary for this ride, maybe lapbar of some sort), and maybe something to the seats to make them more accommodating to younger children. I know that really the height requirement on inverts kicks in on the seats; I witnessed a girl almost get turned away on Goliath at SFFT because although she was 54", her legs stuck straight out in front of her and she couldn't bend her knees so her feet could dangle below (legs were too short.) They managed to rectify the issue and she rode. Long story short, something HAS to be done to the seats. For all we know, B&M may not be involved with the trains at all.
  19. It's so pretty! This is a perfect addition to the park. I hope a few more of these pop up somewhere (preferably in Texas). I particularly like the reverse-bank (not sure what to call it) before it gets all twistyyyyy on the ground. It's very similar to Iron Rattlers reverse over bank except that it isn't over banked, but that element on Iron Rattler is actually one if the most Interesting points of the ride.
  20. Although the park is no longer in operation, I always thought it was cool how for 5 years, Six Flags Astrowolrd has a trio of Schwarzkopfs; Viper (Looping Star), Greezed Lightnin' (Shuttle), and Texas Tornado (Now going back to Germany.) To this day I still think that was one of the coolest things about the park; had I had been older at the time I could have ridden all three. I only got to ride Viper.
  21. Wow, this seems like a very interesting and revolutionary project. That dive into the ground at :35 has my mind going crazy with ideas. I can't wait to hear the plans; as impressed as Robb seems this has to be one absolutely amazing project!
  22. That's what they did with XLR-8 at Astroworld for a few seasons before the park closed. The front half of the train had forward facing cars and the back half had backward facing cars. It was very fun going backwards. The experience was so different. I have this vague memory of my mom grabbing me by the wrist and dragging me onto the ride (back when I was scared of coasters), and me exclaiming, "mom, no! It goes backwards now!" And her going, "no it doesn't, come on," as a train with backwards facing cars zoomed overhead.
  23. and see, all of the cool elements cost you ACTUAL money (tickets have to be bought) or you get very stingily during the game. More of a ripoff than a game.
  24. This looks so amazingly Japanese. It's so stretched out. How did I forget about this? The three tube track looks so weird. This has a little bit of everything on it.
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