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  1. Anyone else think it could be Runaway Mountain? The coaster is already in the dark and you can hardly see anything; there isn't much of an experience to take away from. Maybe the whole "virtual reality" could be themed around the ride. Dispatch times are already pretty quick; each train only seats 12 people and it runs an unload and loading station. Return headsets at the return and they can be sent over to the loading area for the next guests. Of all the coasters in the park I think it's the most practical. I saw ShockWave mentioned a while back; I don't think it would be ShockWave solely because of the force going through the loops. If you aren't expecting it, the forces are intense and a lot of people's heads get forced down into their laps. I imagine it would only begin lawsuit after lawsuit of neck/back injuries, especially after going into it blindly.
  2. Happy New Year! I decided to do a little shopping today at Katy Mills mall, which if you recall is directly across from the new water park, and decided since I was there I'd drive around a bit to find out exactly where Typhoon Texas would be built. I guess by now I should have anticipated something other than a sign being there since the park is slated to open this May, but to my surprise, construction is well under way. I wasn't able to get a picture of it, but all the slice pieces have been delivered and are being stored in what I assume will be the parking lot. Several slides are already nearing completion, and the multi-racer mat slide has already been conpleted. Here's a few pictures I took from my car; it's looking nice already! EDIT: Typhoon Texas has a mall booth/kiosk thing set up in the Mall near the food court with concept art including a 3D flyover of the park where you can ask any questions you may have or purchase season passes. It is located near the food court on one of the ends (I believe the one opposite to Books-A-Million?) Also, to put this into perspective, the park is located across from the Burlington Coat Factory entrance. Here is what is up closest to the mall; the slides on the far left are the drop capsule slides and a few other twisty ones, and the middle will be what the yellow and blue slide (family tower) in the concept art is (colors may not be final; I believe it may be called a constriction slide?) Here's a close up of the drop capsule tower: as you can see the loop part of the aqua loop is already in place with the drop part still to be installed; the horizontal loop drop slide is almost in place, and a few smaller body slides are already done. Here's a better view of the aqua loop; super stoked for this one! The multi-racer is already in place at the far end of the site, and behind it lies parts after parts after parts for what's left to be installed. Friendly reminder, the speed limit around Katy Mills and Typhoon Texas is 30mph
  3. One of my best friends lives in Seguin and sent me this picture this morning; it's kinda crappy but shows the work done thus far on the station. Still some more to go.
  4. I'm visiting from Houston with family this week; Branson is very dead. I was told today at SDC (report to follow) that school begins this week for the area which is why SDC is closed all week until Friday (and the park was pretty empty). Houston schools don't start until next week and I don't start until the week after being that I am a sophomore at Texas A&M and we start later, so as usual, we took our family vacation late. First off, huge shout out to SDC. We had a huge ticket kerfluffle and they were very cooperative and got the whole situation sorted out. They were absolute rock stars. We ended up getting into the park around two leaving us 4 hours to get in as much as we could. We will be returning Friday (SDC is our bookends, and afterward we will head back to Houston), so we weren't frantically trying to do everything, but we tried to get in as much as we could so that way we could experience more on Friday. We actually ended up getting in all the major rides. but didn't get to Fireman's Landing; it is on the top of our list for Friday. My Dad is a firefighter so naturally he is pretty excited. We walked in and just started walking, we had no idea where we were going, we just winged it. First impressions: the park is gorgeous. Absolutely stunning. We walked and walked and I ended up seeing the sign for Wildfire. So, we hopped right on in the back row. Awesome ride, short, but awesome. It was my third B&M sit-down and I really enjoyed the setting. We downloaded the SDC app to use a digital version of the map, but even then, the layout of the park was still somewhat confusing. Not many wide paths, and it's all forested; definitely not a Texas park. We eventually figured it out, but the first half of our visit was a lot of wondering where we were and how to get places. We went to Thunderation and I was pleasantly surprised; it is actually a very good mine train. We really enjoyed it a lot. The other ones I've been on don't compare; I think it being on a hillside had a lot to do with it. Such a neat ride, certainly not something you'd see in Texas. We headed over to the Giant S&S Swing, and it being my first, I really enjoyed it; all four of us found it to be very fun. Not crazy intense but it was all the fun of a childhood swing set on steroids. Pretty neat ride. After we got off, I looked to my right and there she was. The one, the only, Outlaw Run. I have had actual dreams of riding this ride. 2 years of waiting and I would finally have my chance. I hopped into line with my dad who wanted to tag along for our longest queue of the day, just 25 minutes. Oh my gosh. Blew me away. It was my third RMC but my first with topper track and not IBox. I was told later that day by an employee that it used to be much smoother and that it had gotten rougher, but even then I found it to be not nearly as rough as any wood coaster I had been on and still an incredible ride. So out of control, extremely quick and fast paced, disorienting. Easily my now #1 coaster. The double barrel roll finale was incredible. Too much for my parents to handle but I thought it was absolutely amazing. Definitely worth the 2 year wait. We headed on over to Powder Keg which caught us all by surprise. That launch is intense; by far the most intense launch I've been on. Such a cool ride; we all enjoyed it a ton. We finished up our visit with second rounds on Wildfire and Outlaw Run, then caught the country show that started at park closing. Overall amazing day, and we are stoked to return Friday to experience more!
  5. That looks just awful. Oh my gosh, WAY too constricting. If they managed to configure a capsule that was more open, maybe, but as of now, no way.
  6. Slingshot is only a couple of seasons old, to me it seems impractical to remove it. Move it elsewhere in the park, like maybe to the boardwalk, yes, but I just don't see them removing it. Texas Fireball seems like a practical name. To be honest, I was expecting a Larson Loop so if it is one I won't be surprised. Fortunately I actually enjoy these rides; the one at the Kemah Boardwalk, which I believe was the first 22m to be built was actually pretty fun; the loop felt bigger than it was. Capacity will probably be a nightmare but I think it would be a nice fit to the park. Really anywhere you place the ride it would blend in very well. I think the new vacant spot between Batman and Poltergeist would be a nice fit. Still have my fingers crossed for a woodie in the boardwalk some day.
  7. I'm at the park right now. Just rode Batman for the first time and wow, VERY fun, unique, and quite an intense experience. Great addition to the park. Queue time at park open was an hour and a half including a short delay to add a 5th train to the circuit. Currently I'm in line for Superman and there is a ride attendant at the ride entrance handing out regular admit one tickets. There is a security guard before the station that is checking the numbers on the tickets to make sure they are consecutive. If you don't have a ticket you are not permitted to ride. They are using this system to prevent line jumpers. It theoretically should work great, very cheap and effective idea. Props to the park for trying to make everyone's experience the best. I don't know how many or what rides are currently using this system, but I'll post to update if there are any more. Park crowds are moderate/heavy as expected. Drove in 2 1/2 hours this morning from Houston to come to the park with friends and we're having a great time so far!
  8. First off, prayers for those affected as I'm sure this won't be easy for them. Secondly, as stated above, this should not have happened. There's two things that need to be determined, 1) Why the first train stalled (very much possible it was just high winds), and 2) Why the second train was able to enter that block even though it was occupied. I feel almost certain that it is an issue with the ride's operation system but time will tell following a thorough investigation. I'm hoping this doesn't cause a mass closure of Gerstlauer coaters but if the same system is used on all the rides it is very much possible we could see some temporary closures. Crazy stuff, there are so many measures that prevent such a thing from happening and unfortunately, today, one of them failed.
  9. Was it windy? They shut it down for wind all the time. Very excited for Justice League! I'm glad they made this investment; I visited Universal Studios last summer and loved all of their dark rides, so I'm excited to see how this compares.
  10. I feel that with more weight in the seats that they wont spin as violently, but then again I could be wrong. Very excited for this, it looks amazing! Not sure if they're going for a less flippy ride on one side, but after the raven turn and double up there's a magnetic fin only on one side. I'm sure it's intentional, but it stood out to me. Anyone know more?
  11. A group of friends and I went to the park last Saturday and really enjoyed ourselves. The staff was working very efficiently, all the rides were running, and it was an overall beautiful day. There were a lot of people due to a Student Council convention that was happening where the second day the entire convention goes to Six Flags the day after, so we were going through hoards of high school students all day, but regardless of the added length to the queue lines we managed to ride everything we wanted and more. We departed from Texas A&M at about 6:00 Friday night and drove straight to Southlake to a friends house to crash for the night. 10 of us went, so therefore we were able to purchase discounted group tickets. We arrived to the park the next day around noon-ish to moderate crowds, and a reorganized system to get people through the front gates. Very efficient and friendly staff right up front. Right after we got in ny friend and I upgraded our tickets to season passes; he's from Southlake so he can make the 15 minute drive to Six Flags anyday, but I live in Houston, a solid 2 1/2 hours from Fiesta Texas, but I still frequent the parks enough for a season pass. I plan on visiting in the summer, but now that I live in College Station for school, I live significantly closer to Dallas and can head up on a weekend if I want to. With that in mind, I plan to experience Fright Fest for the first time this coming Halloween. Now the rides: We started right off the bat with Mr. Freeze, and rode it again later on in the day. Such a fun ride. Superman was running the program where it takes you back up to the top before dropping you, unlike it does in the summer months when it is too hot to function as described. I had never experienced Superman like that so it was certainly a treat. When I rode it a few years back it shot up and bounced back down and that was it. Shockwave will always be a favorite for me. Such a cool ride, even for it's age. Titan ran well, the crew was dispatching frequently. Texas Giant as always was amazing. Crew was going through the line at an OK pace, they could have been much faster, but they still got through the line efficiently. We rode it twice, both times in the back. CRAZY INTENSE. Judge Roy Scream rides so much better with the retracking. HUGE difference, and everyone who had ridden it before agreed. So glad it's still getting some TLC, it's such a beautiful coaster (although it could use some fresh white paint). Battle For Metropolis is coming along well and construction continues on what i'm assuming will be the queue. Also, there is some minor construction happening in Bugs Bunny's Boomtown; seems like a small structure, doesn't look to be anything too big, but I haven't heard anything about it, so If you happen to swing by the park check it out. Also, I don't know how I didn't know this because I'm pretty sure it's been announced already, but Roaring Rapids has reopened. Minor breakdown during the day, but it is open. At 6:00, 7 of the 10 of us departed back to College Station while me and two others stayed at the park until closing at 10:00. We rode Batman, Freeze the second time, got the second to last train of the night on Texas Giant, and then we hit the road. We got back into College Station at 1:30, switched cars and dropped people off, and I pulled up to my apartment at 2:00am and went straight to sleep. I woke up the next day and my voice was hoarse and body sore but had no regrets. We all had an amazing time, got to ride everything we wanted, all the major coasters, Superman, and can't wait to go back. So glad it seems like Six Flags Over Texas is coming out of that bump in the road and is quickly returning to their level of customer service and speedy operations they once had.
  12. Oh my gosh they are moving along fast, and WOW it looks amazing. That raven turn... WOW. I'm at a loss for words. They'll be done in no time at all.
  13. Construction is coming along nicely! Source: Six Flags Fiesta Texas Facebook
  14. Wow. Batman is TALL. I mean, it's certainly taller than I anticipated. They are hauling butt with this construction; I'm stoked for this ride. Superman looks fantastic with it's new paint. I still think it looks faded in the pictures because the colors are darker, and maybe even because I'm used to seeing it all faded and disgusting, but the difference is still significant and I'm positive that in person it looks much better than in the pictures. It's crazy to think that it's already 15 years old! Bravo to Fiesta Texas for finally giving it some paint. And Road Runner, glad it's getting some TLC. I love that ride; it's small but certainly an attraction that is still loved by many and I'm glad that Six Flags is taking the extra time to make sure it's there for years to come. As far as that now empty plot of land across from Poltergeist and Batman, I'm excited to see what will go there! I always thought a Sky Screamer would actually look pretty neat there, but given the fact the park already has a Sky Screamer, that would certainly be foolish to put one there. Whatever the case, I think that something with a little height to it would look great there. It's a pretty sizable chunk of land and they can do a lot with it. Time will tell. Not sure if they're going to hold off on that area of the park for a little while or jump straight into it with the new addition for 2016.
  15. PRAISE THE LORD! FINALLY! So happy it's finally getting some paint. It certainly needed it!
  16. I really like these trains; they are super sleek and look very comfortable. I'm super pumped for this now, it's going to be a great addition to the park!
  17. I've always seen billboards for ZDT's but was never really interested in going because they didn't have much; now I have a legitimate reason to go, this looks very interesting and innovative so call me intrigued. It's still pretty out of my way from College Station but if I ever end up that way I'll have to swing by; it can always be a weekend trip.
  18. I've been on two Sky Screamers, the 400ft one at SFOT and the standard 200ft one at the Galveston Pleasure Pier that's, may I include, over water, and they're overall great rides. IMHO, I wouldn't mind if every park had one. They're actually really smooth, and because the seats are on chains, if it's windy enough. the seats will begin to gyrate and it's a crazy experience. The one in Galveston is actually really beautiful, especially at night as they have LED's up the whole tower. I'm glad Mexico is getting one, it really is a nice park from what I can tell and I'm glad Six Flags is investing in it.
  19. ^not to mention, Great White (another BTR clone) is right down the road at Sea World.
  20. Yeah, I agree with you 100%. I really don't think we will see a Gotham City retheming. If I read back correctly this idea started because someone saw Goliath in the background of a picture and said, hey, it's a batman clone; we must be getting Gotham City. The whole idea is kind of a stretch. I still think it's going to be Rockville, just what the new attraction is, presumably a coaster, is still a mystery at this point. The park hasn't teased anything recently so I'm getting a little eager to see what else they have to tease. The term "flying" is a very broad term, I don't think it necessarily means a flying coaster but I would love to see a flyer at the park. It's definately something Texas could use considering we don't have one.
  21. ^not even fading, there's places where there is no paint at all. It's just bare steel. It's quite depressing, actually.
  22. SFFT has already had a skycoaster; It was at the boardwalk. I highly doubt they would do that.
  23. Good point. Six Flags would never build a coaster similar to another that's just down the road. Goliath and Great White... same coaster, but mirrored. At this point now I have no idea what's coming. I feel like it's most likely a coaster, but everything else seems debatable at this point.
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