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  1. Killed this thread over a year ago. Item pictured is a Hop up for an Airsoft AEG XD
  2. Question... If I work at my local Six Flags in rides, and I'm a qualified OP, would they be more willing to put me in rides if I do the college program?
  3. Tis a Cycloidal Drive, reduces speed of an input shaft.
  4. Cause a miserable worker is an efficient worker. Why haven't I been on TPR in such a lonnnnng time?!?!
  5. Woah, haven't posted here in a loooooooooooong time. Anyway, my GT is now KittonMittonzz make sure to mention TPR
  6. I live 5 minutes away from SFoT, WHY HAVEN'T I'VE SEEN ALL THESE UPDATES IN REAL LIFE!?! It's because I'm lazy. And I actually like the Axe Trains, it would look good with a new paint job on the whole track
  7. Teagarden needs to go away. Treanor needs to be put in his place
  8. Why jump out of a perfectly good airplane? But, I might have to get used to sky diving for my future job in MARSOC (Marine Socom)
  9. I just ate one. I don't feel good D:
  10. Exactly, I think alot of NL1 users are gonna get pissed when they can't run this thing.
  11. New GT, MARSOCMARINE My X Box is down right now so the only thing I can play is GTAIV (On my harddrive) After that, ANYTHING, MW2 is up there right now though.
  12. Oh I'm sure your local Walmart is gonna get a great influx on sales of Water and Spam
  13. Is the Lite version compatible with Pro users?
  14. I've never been really attracted to an ad, I've always gone to a theme park I've researched myself. Though some of the local Schlitterbahn adverts are pretty inti-sing.
  15. Damn that's sad. RIP Yankee Stadium, I had some fun time there. First kiss and such...
  16. http://www.presstv.ir/detail.aspx?id=121754&sectionid=3510212
  17. Actually, I thought the towers were designed to sway a little bit from side to side? Am I mistaken?
  18. I'm sorry, but what do you mean by that? It's a thing me and my friends do on there, It's from Call of Duty, when I say Star, your supposed to say Texas! You wouldn't get it if you didn't play Modern Warfare 2
  19. God...I hate dark, small body slides. Theres this one at NRH20 here in Texas thats pitch black and the airtime launches you up, smacks your head on the top of the slide and the slams you back down onto the slide
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