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  1. BOONDOCK SAINTS?!?!? Oh dear lord that's the best movie ever.
  2. Yeah I've always found working on school first is better. Crap now you made me realize that I have work todo, BYE TPR!!
  3. Well...I had an Angus burger from Mcdonalds... it was ok...I feel sorda sick though..guh
  4. I think it's more of an Italian male name. The hard C gives it a masculine feel. Not to mention Luca Brasi in the Godfather
  5. ^ Likes too much stuff on his Hot Dog < Likes Ketchup and THATS IT. V Likes every condiment ever made on their hot dog
  6. Oh, well I guess that makes sense
  7. Just a question why don't ya'll pick up Airsoft or Paintball, I'm sure it's a tad more expensive, but It's alot of fun!
  8. Oh yeah, it really has. Many people won't ride it on there visit due to shear pain, I mean, it really was painfull. We used to use it as barters for bets. If so and so happens you have to ride in the back of the Giant.
  9. I'd be willing to find one and send it to you, with redemption money of course.
  10. Looks like they've done some solid work so far, this is bound to be great!!
  11. I beat the game the other day. Fantastic stuff. Agree about the moral choices, esp the second guy. I think I made all the right decisions. Is Bioshock 3 out yet?????? I guess I should've played the first one, I had NO idea what was going on. Something about little girls and this scary flying bitch, and then I was flying around in water, then I just stopped playing. I'm sure it's a good game, it's just you have to know whats happening.
  12. I still think it's bs though, Why couldn't they just plop a Terminator clone in there, they cost around the same.
  13. I hate this, now Texas only has 3 wooden rollercoasters...2 of which suck.
  14. Long time observer but first time poster.....I'm sorry to say this is no longer a wooden rollercoaster...However, it's not to say it will not be good...A matter a fact it may be great...But to classify this as a wooden coaster is wrong...It's as much as a wooden coaster as Voyage or Cyclone(Coney) would be considered a steel coaster...I will miss the Texas Giant(Wooden) the early years that is... Well, Everywooden rollercoaster has some metal in the track, Your not riding on pure wood.
  15. If it is smooth as I think it will be I believe will take #1 Wooden Rollercoaster again. It's like it's rising from the ashes As for the clasification debate, I believe it will still be considered wooden, just look at the track, it isn't a circular beam,it still has a wooden rollercoaster brick track.
  16. I learned today to not talk to friends when pissed off.
  17. Battlefield Bad Company 2, my Blockbuster messed up and now I have it 4 days early
  18. This girl I like broke up with her boyfriend! YES! Time to make my move..
  19. ^^ My dry spell is still going...damn this weather.
  20. ^^ Don't be scared off cause of this thread This is were all of us bitch about out romance lives haha
  21. ^ How would that work? Wheres the proof?
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