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  1. Five Guys has the quality, but is a bit more 'spensive. In and Out is quick, easy, and cheap.
  2. The older I get, the less I enjoy La Vibora. Beats me up man...can't imagine what it does to parents. Kids are getting less durable aswell lol.
  3. are the Star Flyers more reliable and will not make me sit in the sky for 4 hours?
  4. SFOT's 3d arena needs a show. I'll take Spongebob after they tortured us with that stupid "Flys on the Moon" ride
  5. My only issue would be 1, surprising Texas weather, I could see it now, "Guests stuck on swing ride in middle on Thunderstorm". 2, Full bladder + 4 hours of being stuck. Oh boy.
  6. I remember 4-5 years ago talking about the same thing "What are they going to do with that shopping area"....It's probably in the deep bowels of this thread somewhere, and yet nothing. Same thing with the Security guards saying theres gonna be something big in there, so on so forth. So I won't be surprised if we don't see something there for awhile.
  7. Before the park opens? Gets me pumped. After, well, it usually means someone puked which grosses me out and I then avoid the ride.
  8. If they're paying for people to take it down piece of by piece, it'd be cheaper just to have them do the whole thing, and not have 2 separate companies try and work that out.
  9. Looks like a eye piece for a scope, telescope or camera lense of some sort.
  10. Don't be jealous of the number 1 MLB team in the world. Check out who I got to meet last night.
  11. Ahhh! I was gonna guess lighter. Close...but it totally is one of those.
  12. My guess is they'll take the ring down and crane off the tower in sections. I wonder If I can snag a piece of Flashback and Chute out like I did with Wildcatter.
  13. Hey guys, bumping this thread back to life because this project is more less, dead, but all is not lost, I have found another awesome group dedicated to making a WDW Minecraft recreation, and my god it's amazing. I'm not advertising them, just passing the word on because it's really cool, and any disney geek would be impressed. They already have most of the parks done, except Animal Kingdom, and several resorts, Contemporary, Grand Floridian, Poly. It's awesome. Server IP is mcmagic.us Webside is http://mcmagic.info/
  14. ^ racisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssst
  15. I dunno, Backlot Tour is still fun, but you're right, it needs something done, it is very "90's". I'd be sad to see it go, because I've been riding it my entire life but that is alot of free space back there that could be used for a awesome dark ride of sorts.
  16. I heard you can just walk right up knock, as them really nicely, and they'll let you in for free and give you a free meal.
  17. I'll give it to SCBT. It's a magpul triggergaurd for an AR-15.
  18. Six Flags Over Texas, for Frightfest. I didn't buy a season pass this year because I was going to be away most of the year, so this would be only my 3-4th time in the whole year, which is CRAZY. Usually I visit upwards of 30 times a year.
  19. Eat it! That was some good revenge in the first few innings. Yankees #1!!!!
  20. No sir, another hint, It guards something that if left unguarded would be very dangerous. I'll give it a day and if nothing comes up I'll post the brand name and ya'll can find it that way.
  21. Interesting. I should give you guys a hint to give ya'll a chance. A man named Travis Haley helped develope this product.
  22. It's a close up of some kind of Fiber optic plug.
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