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  1. Just foolin' with you, I go on the SFOT facebook to find hilarious comments, some are gems. Was surprised it was an actual blog and not an advertisement.
  2. Just foolin' with you, I go on the SFOT facebook to find hilarious comments, some are gems, like the one I'll post. Was surprised it was an actual blog and not an advertisement.
  3. They run in the show. Walking dead meaning they're dead, and they walk, run, sprint, drool, whatever. I hope you were serious and not making a joke or else I'm gonna feel like a fool.
  4. We have the worlds longest here in D/FW, Cutting Edge, which is awesome. One of the few I've been through and it's super fun.
  5. I like it. Most don't realize theres more brown in real life then you think.
  6. Hey Orioles, go back to being 3rd place team now pls.
  7. ^ Was thinking about it, but gas for truck/heat/calf strain has denied me a trip. Bid fare well for me.
  8. I just realized...no more Christmas tree lights during Holiday Judge will stay, it's the last real wooden coaster. My guess will be some kind coaster/station on bumper cars and flashback footprints, ride going back to strip mall.
  9. Agreed, it's gonna pool alot of the "Not wanting intense coasters" people from other rides and drag them to this one. It'll be interesting to say the least! Welcome to Texas, you picked a bad summer to join us with this heat haha.
  10. Although something bad happened to this dude to set him off in a rant, there are some valid points, SFoT has very much so declined in quality, even in my short 18 years of visiting the park, It does seem to be losing charm. By no means is this the employees fault, nor the brass. Between the times of 2003-2010 all I saw was deterioration, and lack of care, but ever since new management has stepped in I can tell they are taking steps in the right direction.
  11. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it's a Starfyler. There is worse fates.
  12. Theming makes or breaks the park for me. If SF would put just a LITTLE bit more money and effort on the rides que's and whatnot, they would go way up in my books.
  13. Unfortunately, I'm thinking Starflyer. Fun fact, Bumper Cars were closed because each year the haunted house would literally unintentially destroy the flooring, and they would have to replace it every year. Apparently Studio 13 was more important then the ride itself. Everyone probably knew that by now though.
  14. Awesome thread Joey, It's always been a dream of mine to hit every MLB park in a season. Maybe one day when I'm rich and old haha. So far I've been too Yankee Stadium (New) Yankee Stadium (Old) Ranger Stadium Turnpike Stadium (Old Rangers(Notsure if I should count this I was a toddler when visiting)) Astrodome Minutemaid Park Rockies Stadium Shea Stadium Citi Field Veterans Stadium Citizens Bank Park Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand Turner Field Now to visit these and more in a single season.
  15. Granted, but all the normal users are replaced with GP I wish tomorrow was Friday
  16. I'm no philosophical type. Humans are human, nothing else is.
  17. It's a shame that you would complain after someone went out of his way to provide pictures of a new park. And you are? Sorry, let me introduce myself. I'm Larry, the moderator who just gave you a 24 hour ban for being rude. Ladies and Gentlemen, the world class TPR Moderating staff!
  18. Gun people/people who pay attention to the news will get this.
  19. Wait why is there an A in NTAG "New Texas....ass....Giant"? Oh and that's litterally one of my worst fears on a rollercoaster. Some kid puking infront of me.
  20. I remember when grown men didn't watch childrens cartoons.
  21. Hey guys, zombie thread, my bad. I'll shoot you guys PM's and get everyone setup. Looks like were gonna have to start from scratch, as the old map files got destroyed in a harddrive crash. This won't happen this time around as I'll be sending you guys the map files every other day or so, just incase.
  22. Little project I've been working on. Been forever since I've played RCT3
  23. Hit up Fort Worth, Billy Bobs, Stockyards for the real D/FW. And hit up a Ranger game if you like baseball!
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