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  1. Ha...ya'll have it cheap. Studio 13 at SFoT is 8 bucks, and so is Skullduggery, which are 2 premier mazes that are 5-7 years old
  2. The Saw series after Number 3 was freakin' retarded IMO, but, actually being in the situation of one of the characters, In real, might freak me out a little bit...too bad theres none in Texas... We do have the Cutting Edge though...
  3. Man, I wish SFoT put forth effort in designing Fright Fest, I mean, I wish they could have colored El Asserado or Roaring Rapids water red...
  4. Yeah, I also missed that..What was the Heath Ledger thing??
  5. Last nights episode was amazing. Partialy because I love the song Surfin' Bird, and everyone I know hates it..
  6. Actually, We're (The States) transistioning some of it's restaurants into "The Hut", which is more of a sit down, nice T.G.I Fridays style. I recently went to a before opening test of one of "The Huts" and if the pasta is the same, It was really really good. Surpassed my expectations... So, I'm down with it, only thing I noticed was the Pizza wasn't so greasy, like the specialty ones... So, I want every so often a greasy pizza, I do hope they still have them.
  7. I'm not big into Rct2 (More of a Rct3 kinda guy) but this looks amazing!
  8. but Fidel Castro survived, leaving every theme park in the state of the Moon too
  9. Man, this makes me want to go to the Mountain... So much stuff going on up there!
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