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  1. I don't know the name, but it's an early Fat Boys rap song. There's no drum machine, it's just the Human Beatbox doing his thing with the other two rapping. The only studio effect is an occasional reverb that kicks in about 2/3 of the way through the song. Sorry, I haven't heard this song since the mid/late 80's and I just had to tell someone.
  2. I waited 4 hours for millenium force the year it opened. And I was riding with this girl I didn't know very well, and she was a big complainer. MF broke down several times during this wait in line, and I got yelled at every time it stopped. "No! No! I ain't ridin' this! You crazy!" "Uh uh! I don't think so! This thing is broke!" Four hours of that crap. Four HOURS. FOUR!
  3. I just went through the motions of sending my deposit via paypal... I saw the note about it needing to be an e-check, and I followed the instructions, but I'm good at causing the most painless processes to fail! Please let me know if something's wrong... Phil "Oh jeez, I screwed up again" Johnson
  4. I agree with D.E. Seeing these pics makes me wish even more that I hadn't signed up for extra hours at my job, yet they make me want to go back very very soon...like, my next off day! Thanks for reintroducing me to the beauty of KW that I've come a bit ignorant to in recent years.
  5. I'm aiming for the East Coast trip! How fast do spots usually go? I probably won't be able to deposit anything until the end of the week.
  6. Knoebel's Haunted Mansion gets my vote. It got a variety of reactions from me during the ride...everything from jumping and leaning waaay over on my ride partner to laughing out loud at the African tribesman (who, btw doesn't sound very, eh hem, African lol) who "jumps" at you at the end of the ride. Very, very wierd stuff goes on in there...
  7. I hope you guys had a great day at Kennywood. I would've gone there to see some of yunz in person and introduce myself, but I committed to doing an extra shift at work before I knew exactly when TPR was coming to town... bummer! Oh well, there's always next time...whenever that is!
  8. Hi Robb and All, Just as I was going to drop a few (positive) comments about the Midwest Tour it gets locked because of the whiners... DOH! I understand. I figured the next best thing is to drop a line here expressing my appreciation for the updates and mini photo tr's. I guess to properly qualify this post for this thread, my question is... Will there be another attempt at a calender in the future?
  9. Three years ago my family and I went to Geauga Lake. We arrived during a light rainstorm and bought ponchos... Sometime later in the day, it had stopped raining and we decided to ride RWB. Since we don't go to Geauga Lake every year (or really ever for that matter) I convinced my sis to ride in the front seat with me. We were dispatched and immediately my mind went into "record" mode- I was trying to give my full attention to the layout and the forces and anything else that adds to the experience, but I was distracted the moment we went zooming down the first hill. I noticed my sister laughing a little more than usual, but at first I tried to ignore it, then I decided that RWB really isn't a mind blowing coaster and decided to see what the heck was so funny. My sister and I were still wearing the ponchos from earlier and, you guessed it, the wind during the ride caught the ponchos and inflated them, making us look like rejects from the mascot orgies on Conan O'Brien. Looking at my smallish sister "hiding" in that poncho brought me to tears for the rest of the ride. The mother and daughter sitting directly behind us didn't help keep the situation unfunny either. The daughter, in her best 80's after school special voice whined to her mother, "Mommeeee! I can't see aaannnyyythiiiinng!" Everyone that I kinda got a glimpse of while exiting the ride got off as though nothing special happened, as if they just saw a mediocre movie. Even the operators were in their "quit yellin', I'm gellin'" mood. But I left the ride doubled over out of breath and in pain from laughing so hard at imagining what we must've looked like on that ride... I still chuckle about it when I think about it...
  10. I'm 32, and I think my first coaster was Rollo Coaster at Idlewild Park. Either that one or Kiddie Dipper @ pre-Raging Rapids Kennywood.
  11. It seems that GCII isn't so much into roller coasters as they are into making beautiful wooden sculptures that you can ride. (That's a compliment.) Troy lookes awesome! I can only pray, pray, pray that Kennywood will give them a bit of business...
  12. That ride looks AWESOME! It seems to have a good balance of twists and pops of air. I'm praying that KW gets a GCII for it's expansion...
  13. I like Evil Dead 2. The first one didn't seem to know which direction to go...comedy (intentional or not?) or straight on horror? pharce? spoof? i dunno. AoD was good, but I'll still give it to ED 2 because it corrected the tone of ED 1 and set the tone for AoD.
  14. Yeah, an R is a bit much... I forgot about the most f-ed up and disturbing movie I've ever seen: Eraserhead.
  15. The Shining, The Excorsist, Friday the 13th 1, Texas Chainsaw Massacre (70's version), Cannibal Holocaust (actually can't watch it in one sitting), Halloween, Alien.
  16. Nice pics. Griffon looks awesome, as does the rest of the park. I have to find a way to get to BGE for the first time.
  17. Congratulations!!! She's very adorable! ...And that's the most conservative, normal expression I've ever seen on Robb's face. lol
  18. I'm going to WDW the second week of April. Your pics are helping to make my dealing with the recent crappy winter weather much easier. On second thought, just about any warm(ish) and sunny looking pics will do just about now.
  19. 1. Hulk- Took me by surprise the first time...and a few more times after that. 2. ROTM- Actually more surprising than Hulk's, but it didn't stand out as much because of the general sensory overload going on by that part of the ride. 3. TTD- C'mon, you gotta love the sound of a drag racer!
  20. I googled it, and in trying to find a link to what I read about a 2008 opening, I found something else saying an October 2007 opening, so make what you want of it. The bottom line is yes, they seem to be getting a tower.
  21. Walt Disney Studios Park, in Paris I believe. I don't think it's tower is open yet (I just found a trace of info from trusty ol' Google!) I'd like to know what Mr. Alvey thinks of the Towers he's been on, being the jaded globetrotter that he is!
  22. I'm trying to find a review of some sort of the WDSP version. Any suggestions? And is this version generally regarded as the best one? I've been on the Disney/ MGM version and I've seen that one referred to as the "good" tower, so I'm interested in knowing the differences in them all.
  23. Hi, My name is, uhmmm...Phil. I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States of America, North America, Western Hemisphere...Earth. I'm not sure how many coasters I've been on, to be absolutely honest. I never really cared. I'm not much of a credit whore I guess. :? Aside from the real thing, I like simulated sex OOPS coasters too, like those found on No Limits. I'm a No Limits user, and a proud non-owner of a cell phone!
  24. Spiderman. I can't get enough of that ride. And I seem to notice more of the little things that I missed on previous rides when I re-ride.
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