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  1. Ooh! Can I go too? If you guys meet up anywhere in PA, let me know...I'll try to go if I can.
  2. Those pics are SWEET!! It's also good to see Dominator get some love too. On the East Coast Tour I heard a lot of talk suggesting that folks thought that it was just a tad disappointing, or rather it looks better than it is. I rode it as B:KF at GL and loved it, and loved it every bit as much in its new location. Hooray for Dominator!
  3. I like that really old sepia look, Jake. If only you could crop out the modern dressed people in the corner... Correction: They're littering the entire bottom of the pic. Maybe draw little old school 20's dresses and suits on them?
  4. Thoroughly. Entertaining. Stuff. And I mean, "Stuff." (Good stuff, of course!)
  5. Boulder Dash is neutered already? Did they trim it or rebank the turn around? If not BD, then I'd like: SFGAdv: Nitro.
  6. I guess some of the comments of the guests on the East Coast Tour got back to park management, and now they want to raise themselves above mere speed-bumpdom. Great for them!
  7. I'll pull a "Kennyweird" and name another park, but not Idlewild since I haven't been there in oh, 24 years. If my home park were CP, it would be Maggie. Sorry for wasting your time!
  8. As far as SROS at SFA goes, I only like the beginning sequence (first drop, ground hugging turn, steep climb) and the bunnies at the end. What makes me not care much for the ride is the filler in the middle which seems to exist, IMO, only to sap momentum from the train...whether or not you have fun during that stretch was way down on the list of priorities. Oh yeah, there were a couple decent head choppers in there too. What a weird layout.
  9. I'll have one of each, thank you. I would very much like for that strange phenomenon to happen...
  10. Pretty funny lines, Brent. I wish some people would contract the task of adding captions to some of the longer photo trip reports to you. Who got the Staple 'N' Slap first?
  11. Sam...this trip report was AWESOME!!! Thanks for bringing back many good memories -- flooded bathrooms and all! Speaking of which... I'll have to admit that my roommate did make my trip a bit more interesting in an offbeat sort of way. And for that I thank him for making the whole experience that much more...uh...what's the word...not "weird," but "surreal!" That's it...surreal!
  12. I wasn't impressed with Steel Force either, although I think it's better than Mamba. I thought Mamba was even less forceful than SF, and I actually did get some floater air on SF. Thunderhawk was better than I expected, although it wasn't terribly memorable either. Laser was pretty awesome! I grayed out during the second loop. The only similar ride I've been on is Scorpion @ BGT, and this was much better, although both are very fun. It's sad that Laser had to go since the only other intense coaster would be Talon. Hydra was fun. My expectations for it weren't too high since I've read plenty of reviews saying it was mediocre at best. It was better than a lot of people make it out to be, but it doesn't seem to be an attempt at a super intense coaster. Talon was waaay better than I thought or even hoped it would be. It was fairly forceful and the constant changes in direction left me a bit disoriented every time. Montu was my favorite B&M invert since it opened in '96 and this one is seriously making me rethink my choice. PS Montu without trims is better, but when was the last time they ran it untrimmed?
  13. Great pics Jake! I really like those empty park photos of SFFT. I've been wanting to try to catch KW on a similar day for a couple years now, but haven't had the motivation to keep going to KW on odd days to do it. I hear they will offer a season pass this year (for the first time ever.) If that's true, then maybe 2009 will be the year to get that done.
  14. I thought they said they were in the same league as Disney?! Or at least they have to sort of trick themselves into thinking that they are competitive with those guys just so they can find a reason, regardless of how false, to roll out of bed and open the doggone park... I seriously feel bad for Dominator. I'm sure they'll prove that being designed well won't mean squat for longevity.
  15. Because after riding something like that, trust me, you won't *want* to ride anything else...and what's a life lived with nothing to look forward to? Well, really... What's a life lived with nothing to look forward to?
  16. Thanks Erik, you have no idea... Seriously, I want to cry every time I remind myself that I won't get to go next year...unless I hit the lottery, or attract a rich girl. Okay, maybe not literally cry...maybe just sit and pout for a few minutes... I just read this again and thought..."wow, what a >feline
  17. I hope I'm not irritating anyone, but I'm feeling kinda like: All the member trip reports were great but the whole thing still doesn't feel like it's "officially" in the TPR history books until Robb & co. do their thing. I'll admit that I'm even more anxious to see what's in store now that I'm absolutely certain that I won't do a trip in '09...and '10 is still on the fence. Sorry for being selfish. I'll go back to my corner.
  18. I think the idea for concrete, mortar, glue and other apply-before-it-dries things comes from creative use of... snot. I'll let your mind run with that idea... Do you think I'm weird?
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