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  1. For me it's probably Steel Phantom. Apparently it was a bit much for many other people and that's one of the main reasons it is now Phantom's Revenge.
  2. I rode it again today, and although my opinion of Skyrocket has cooled somewhat, I still love it. At first I didn't mind the surf curves even though they are pretty weak force-wise, I just considered them some sort of cool down from the unusual stuff (ejector air in the inversions) earlier in the ride. Now, I'm thinking (more like hoping and wishing...to no avail I'm sure) that KW will redo that section of the ride. It really is a buzz kill, but nothing's perfect... Rocket's Revenge, anyone?
  3. I LOVE this photo trip report. I was just at KW for a few hours last week...and now I seriously want to go again! I don't really find Phantom to be ugly at all. It looks a lot better than it did with the original Steel Phantom color scheme (so so depressing it was) and it's inversions on crutches. I think it looks rather nice when you look at it from the side of Lost Kennywood that's closest to the highway. Yay!
  4. I'm a pretty calm (aka boring) rider, but sometimes I say, "weee!" just to get a reaction from whoever I'm riding with. Other than that I'll smile and put my hands up at about shoulder height. I feel like a moron doing that but I do it anyways...
  5. This thread is awesome!!! I can't remember the last time my eyes were riveted to a single thread for such a long time. Got any more Kennywood stuff? I guess it doesn't really matter...keep going!
  6. I agree with most of the above review. I also got 4 rides in: 2 in the front row, one in row 6 and one in row 5. I wouldn't describe the sensation going through the barrel roll as 'hang time,' to me that insinuates that the ride isn't really going fast enough to go through the element and give the floating sensation you're used to with B&M zero g rolls. I'd describe it more like the ride trying to literally throw you off of it. Call it "get the hell off of me time!" The corkscrew felt more like what people (people like...me!) thought the barrel roll would feel like. Yes, the surf curves provided no lateral forces, so I didn't really understand them but the last two bunnies are just bonuses. Trust me, after getting bigger doses of airtime in unexpected places earlier in the ride you don't need El Toro strength air time to finish off the ride. I'd give the ride a 9.75/10. I'm not one of those people who look at a ride, or even ride it and immediately think, "they should've..." I just try to enjoy the ride for what it is, and this ride is something special.
  7. I'll be there! I'm leaving my house in about 90 minutes!!!
  8. From one Pittsburgher to several bickering Pittsburghers all I have to say is.......GO STEELERS!! I also highly doubt that it will be open by this upcoming weekend, but I'm not an expert on anything at all either. I'm just basing my worthless opinion on what the site looked like when I was there on Saturday.
  9. ^A B&M of any kind wouldn't be worth it on that plot of land. It's about the size of the palm of your hand. No really, it's that small. Sky Rocket looks like a Space Warp toy come to life...which is a good thing!
  10. Those trains are strikingly similar to the ones painted in silhouette near the entrance/exit tunnel. I wonder if this was intentional. They look awesome!
  11. I kind of like the odd shape of that hill. It reminds me of the Millennium Force's logo, but less extreme. Okay, okay, a lot less extreme.
  12. I like Kennywood's racer because of the curved hills. They seem to become a factor when the race is really close, and I almost forget how small the ride actually is because I want to WIN!!
  13. 1. Pittfall! (facing the ravine occupied by Thunderbolt and Phantom, otherwise make this 2nd) 2. ToT (WDW) 3. Dr. Doom's Fear Fall
  14. I love Magnum. It's the last coaster that really had me scared the first time I rode it, and that was back in '89.
  15. I'm not one who's into posting nothing but a row of smiley faces, but.... Sorry 'bout that!
  16. First off, I think this ride will be awesome and will turn heads in a good way. I don't understand the talk of the change of culture at Kennywood though. Yes, I understand they have new owners and such, but it seems that everyone's insinuating that Sky Rocket is the first major result of these changes and that SR is out of character with the park, as far as the former owners values go. They've been mixing old and new since the "modernized" front on the racer (remember the huge polka dots? lol) and have shifted gradually to more of the "new" in recent years. I just don't see SR being that much of a departure from what the park's been doing for the past three decades, at least. The location of SR is a different story though. I like the location as far as it not being built on a slab of concrete with no trees or atmosphere, but I don't like that it's so close to the tunnel. One of the things I like about Kennywood is how relatively quiet, scenic and old school things are as you enter the park from the tunnel...but as you progress further into the park you get surprised over and over as the atmosphere becomes more and more lively as you make your way to the other end of the park. This balance, IMO, has been disrupted a bit...but I can live with that.
  17. I just read checked out this ptr for the first time today in an attempt to get "in the mood" for the upcoming season...this report absolutely rocks! It rocks, in an absolute way, or something...Nice job!
  18. Overall, I really like this idea. The only drawback for me is that I'm really not sure if I'd be able to take advantage of the perks as often as I'd hope to. Aside from this, a $15 credit, a membership card and a bag-o-crap is totally worth it. Maybe an exclusive t-shirt too? Edit: After reading the post 2 spots up it brought to mind someone who was on the trip I did who constantly made references to the GP (how they have to stand around and watch us riding during morning ERT, things along those lines) in a way that made me somewhat uncomfortable. I'd hate to see something similar happen within a TPR group.
  19. Another excellent report!!! I wish Mr. Bolliger hadn't been so brief with Robb, but you could tell just from his demeanor that he takes his work very seriously. Also, the expression on Robb's face as he's next to the roller toilet was hilarious. And for some reason, I want to go bowling in Las Vegas. Hmmm....
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