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  1. Because people will think that #2 plastic comes from actual number two...and not want to put their lips to such filthy cups. Can we get this thread out of the crapper?
  2. That would depend on who exactly the wood chuck works for: GCI - Quite a bit, but it's all put to good use, Intamin - Too much for his own good, though the sheer volume is rather impressive, or S&S - Not very much at all. If the wood chuck is an unemployed/untamed/wild wood chuck, then he's probably chucking more wood than any of the others since he'd most likely be stealing wood from all three employers to try to recreate his home forest. WTF?
  3. Because I'm brown. Why doesn't everything brown taste like chocolate?
  4. Free pizza for everyone for 23 and 1/2 hours on January 20th. What kind of beverage will go with your pizza?
  5. I guess it's not a full-on phobia, but I do have a problem I'd describe as some sort of social anxiety. If you're around me and you're relying on me to break the ice, be prepared for plenty of awkward silences...
  6. Because NO ONE is an expert enough pee-er to only turn the white stripes and stars yellow. What was I thinking?
  7. ^You think Cedar Fair ruined that place? I think it's more a management team that's having trouble adjusting to the new owners. I guess in a round about way it is partially their fault, but I'm thinking of the dillusional qualities of the two guys who did the Q&A with us...and at least one of them was there loooong before CF took over. I'm thinking he isn't the only one there who thinks that they can actually compete with Disney. ^^C'mon Great White wasn't that bad! There were much worse rides, as far as bad lateral force execution goes, that I haven't read anything about....like Rolling Thunder. I put Great White in the same category as Twister at Knoebel's. The lats weren't the smoothest, but the ride was still fun. Of course Twister's better though...
  8. hyyper said: I love underbanked woodies! That's one of the things that made Boulder Dash great for me, and all the proper banking is what made rides like El Toro, Roar, Wildcat and to a lesser extent Lightning Racers not as much fun as they could've been if they had some lateral forces. I dunno, maybe it's just me...but I blame growing up so close to Thunderbolt at KW, where you get Wipeout/ Trabant/ Musik Express levels of lats going past the Potato Patch. Great pics...and now I know what the top of my head looks like...to a bird...or Yao Ming.
  9. Call me crazy if you want, but I enjoyed Nitro way more than S:ROS...yes, the one in New England! I really didn't think I'd enjoy Nitro that much because I always thought of it as being "Magnum XL-200...B&M style" which means there aren't any of the jerks and oddities that makes Maggie special to me, so I though Nitro would be a less interesting version of the same thing basically. Boy was I wrong!!! They are two completely different beasts, and I'll leave it at that. Magnum's still my fav at CP (believe it or not!!) but Nitro just blew me away. As for S:ROS, it was great too, and that 4th hill lived up to all the hype, but I didn't really care for all the curvy bits in the middle of the layout for some reason. It seemed like they sort of interrupt all the air time goodness that was going on before them, but luckily it continues with the 3 bunnies at the end. S:ROS does get the award for Scariest Brake Run though...
  10. Mudflaps! Actually I don't know, but they look like something someone would stand on if the train were either stuck upside down and needed immediate attention, or maybe the trains at some point in their maintenance cycle would get flipped over intentionally and worked on while inverted.
  11. Funny as hell!!! Jay started the "tanking" of that piece by offering to show his clip before you finished your lines. You were brilliant in continuing on about the Mentalist...lol
  12. IE 6, only the first vid. This is one of two computers I access the site from, so don't get confused when I respond again later tonight.
  13. To tell you the truth, I wish more videos had music that was less, ummm, rocked out.
  14. So, I'm not the only one who likes Herb Alpert...hehehe. Good stuff, man!
  15. Purty funny stuff ya done got there... Seriously, I liked the captions. Will there be more like this?
  16. I was kinda wondering where everyone went, but I was having too much fun on El Toro to really care... Ka's overrated anyways.
  17. Oh Boulder Dash, how much do I love thee? Let me count the ways... I swear Boulder Dash did NOT get old to me at all during ERT, well actually during the hour or so I spent riding and reriding it before ERT and during ERT. I came back into the station with the same exhilirated (sp?), generally blown away feeling every single time. El Toro, on the other hand, was a little disappointing to me because there were no surprise moments during the ride. Sure, you have the hill that takes you into RT's infield, but I've read so much about that hill that there was no surprise in that moment. I guess it was a case of reading too much about a ride to give it a fair chance.
  18. I noticed those were my legs in the "tripping hazard" pic. Just for the record...I didn't trip on anything!!!
  19. Hanno probably doesn't realize this but he has a similar shot in his trip report. Of course, he was taking pics of people *on* the ride, but I still noticed, eh hem, the gap. Look closely and you'll see... Actually, I just looked at his thread again, and someone else noticed it too.
  20. I wish I could get back to the "Blair Witch Coaster." I was just telling my father about it tonight, during the football game. Do you think that was annoying to him?! Hahaha! Bas, these pics absolutely rock...even if I'm only in 1 pic making a weird squinting face (Mad Mouse at Quassy, waiting for it to reopen) LOL Edit: I forgot to mention my surprise that you didn't include the wheel-off-the-track-as-proof-of-extremeness-of-airtime shot of S:ROS.
  21. Nice pics, Hanno! I wish I had taken my camera into the park. I let myself be intimidated into leaving it on the bus, so I only got a few pics on my phone. The expressions of the riders on Cyclone are pretty funny, although I thought that the ride was rough in a good way. I guess it only seemed good because of the extra, extra, extra thick padding inside the seats!
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