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  1. As a kid, mostly the ground. I was always falling off my bike or jumping off of a retaining wall then SMACK!!! That would explain some of my behavior nowadays... The most recent incident that I remember being especially painful was a couple years ago on Mean Streak. I was in the last seat of the last car and leaned back while approaching the bottom of the first drop. I'm sure that what happened would be statistically rare, but it felt like someone hit the back of my head with a 2x4.
  2. ^ Dusts her DVD collection obsessively. < Obsessively overthinks "fun" threads like this, resulting in a blank mind. v Likes to (blank) his (blank) with a rubber (blank) every (blank).
  3. Painkiller: Battle out of Hell - Orphanage (level 1)
  4. I can't believe it. His music takes up a huge portion of my memories of the late 70's through the early 90's. I'll certainly miss him. RIP Michael Jackson PS He's also the first singer that I've ever become aware of actually doing things, as far as humanitarian efforts go, besides just singing (and capitalizing) on someone's misfortune.
  5. El Toro was cool, but it wasn't quite what I hoped it would be. Don't take that as something negative, because I did spend ALL of our ERT and some time after it re-riding the damn thing over and over...and I missed getting a head start on the public to get on Kingda Ka because of this. Thank goodness we went back again, because that's when I finally got my Ka credit. Or would that be Ka Kredit? Like Mortal Kombat...okay, I'll stop now...
  6. Awesome TR, as usual!! If only I could put into words the images that came to my mind when I read "Afro Cups" LMAO
  7. Yeah, I was actually kind of nervous when I met him. There was a 12 year old girl jumping up and down in my head shouting, "Oh my God! It's, like, that guy!" Anyhoo... I forgot how awesome the folks @ Morey's Piers were, which is a hair shy of a sin considering they pretty much opened the piers for us only. They deserve a HUGE THANK YOU!!! Didn't we hit Playland on day 1 as well?
  8. ^You'll have to try to get there when Jesus (or any other coaster-friendly religious figure) is there. He tends to hang around the luckiest mofo on Planet Earth: Robb Alvey.
  9. Aren't all coasters temperamental? Sure, some are more consistent than others for various reasons, but none are flat out the same exact thing every run of every day. But I'm just glad we did catch Boulder Dash on a GREAT day...Thank you, Jesus!
  10. Thanks for finally finishing the TR. I'm sort of glad that it's taking some folks so long to do updates to their trip reports, because every time the memories begin to fade WHAM! another update from that awesome trip appears out of nowhere. Add to that the fact that I'm really not sure when I'll be able to go on another TPR trip and maybe you'll begin to understand how grateful I am for these staggered updates. Thanks again!
  11. I voted for the midwest. I could be wrong but the coaster population seems a bit more dense in that area than the north east. I think 'the best of the best' are all in the north east, but the midwest -by it's sheer number of 'very good but not great' coasters- wins. *cough* thanks cp for all your slightly above average rides *cough* *hack* *gag* Also, I always thought of KW as being more of a midwest-ish park. The actual midwest is a lot closer than the Atlantic Ocean.
  12. I'm surprised by the amount of speed it carries throughout the ride, but I wonder how it will compare force-wise to other GCII's. Cool looking ride though. Too bad I'm not on the West Coast Tour.
  13. Ah the memories!!! Thanks for getting around to a great update of a great trip!
  14. That's a helluva nice pic! I'm sure we'll be seeing that ride from that angle over and over again, sort of like El Toro's lakeside shot. Not that that's a bad thing... I can't wait to see a higher resolution version of that angle though.
  15. It was sort of a gradual process for me. I was always interested in coasters but when we'd go to KW I'd just sit at the Potato Patch and watch Thunderbolt zoom by over and over, or hang out near the picnic groves at the rear of Jack Rabbit and watch it go for hours and hours. Over the course of 2 or 3 summers I went from riding no coasters to Jack Rabbit/ Racer then eventually all of KW's coasters at the time (1986 JR/Racer/TB/LL). I was still kind of scared of bigger rides though... What really took all the fear away was Magnum XL 200 during it's first year ('89). I never was so scared on a ride, and I haven't been as scared since.
  16. I really like the logo! I'll probably still say TPRTV for a while, until a few people look at me like I'm crazy because they don't realize what I'm referring to. Will it be animated and bookend each video on the site? I'd buy that on a t-shirt too... (that makes me think of the running joke in RoboCop - I'll buy that for a dollar!)
  17. Mike, I've only glanced at some of your updates in the past, but after this one...I'M HOOKED! Great work!!
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