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  1. This will end the ride if not most of the park. This accident is the ride's fault, and im sure the GP can notice that. People won't return to the park or go there. The park will have no sucess opening the ride back up (even if they do, no one in the GP will ride it) and the park will be millions in debt until they can sue or win a lawsuit or some form of payment from RideTek.
  2. Link America needs a new law system. "Well ok so he trespassed into the park illegally, then jumped fences and illegally entered a restricted area, BUT it's the parks fault for having a chunk of steel going 40mph that might just hit someone who is illegally entering the park and illegally trespassing into a restricted area. Funny thing is the family will win that lawsuit.
  3. I'd have to say Storm Runner the first time. I was not prepared at all for the intensity of that launch and the forces (going from sit still to 72mph in less then 2 seconds) just blew my mind. And, I LOVE IT
  4. "Busch has no ownership over any B&M design... the only thing they have is a regional exclusive which typically means that B&M wont sell another Dive Machine to any park within a 150 mile radius from Busch Gardens Tampa and Williamsburg for about 5-6 years from when the ride's opened." -Lance, Screamscape News Editor. To clear all of that up. I think it's just one of the first times something like that became public so it was blown out of proportion. I still see this being a hyper coaster with Behemoth style trains. It'd be one beautiful ride.
  5. I noticed Comet is not trimmed on the turn around that goes over the station. It used to slow you down a good 5-7mph, but now you just fly around the turn and Fly through the second half.. It's now my favorite Woodie at the park when it operates like that . LR has gotten slightly rougher then say 3 years ago, but all woodies do.
  6. Great job as always man, I hope to be up in Hershey when you guys are later in the year. It's so unique to compare America's rides to Europe's and anywhere else around the world really.
  7. Beautiful pictures, and some sick angles i rarley or ever see of my home park. A++++ On those pictures Did you notice Comet is barley trimmed on the second turn around? The ride FLIES through the second half now. Great Bear seems faster too this year, I'm curious if you noticed the same?
  8. I think it's a good move from a park standpoint. I mean, they can attract a lot more with the wavepool and the special rooms or whatever for lodge members or whatnot. It's sad to see the ride go, but I'd call it an improvement. I'm perfectly fine with the boardwalk's expansion. I would rather put in a water ride and take out Sidewinder. They won't get rid of Lightning Racer or Storm Runner or Fahrenheit (Which border the boardwalk area if sidewinder is gone) yet and personally I'd rather spend my time on the Boardwalk then ride some of the coasters like Sidewinder. It's probably the funnest section of the park on a hot day. I'd love for Sidewinder to go and them to add those launched inner tube water coasters. That'd be ballin. There getting rid of a water ride to add one, so it doesn't make me mad. The day Lightning Racer gets demolished for the water park, someone may get hurt.
  9. Wow I can't believe I didn't mention this, Busch Gardens has a US Trademark on the Dive Coaster, so none can be built in America for the next few years.
  10. Knoebels is a sick park, I'd have to say it's better looking then BGE. I think you shoudn't have a problem riding all the rides. I'd make sure to get a back seat ride on Phoenix, and avoid the front seat of Twister if you don't like rough woodies. The water park doesn't have many big slides or rides, but it's not good to miss if you like water attractions. The slides had no lines the two days I was there and they were very re-ridable.
  11. Oh you guys know, just because there's a splash it has to be a dive machine. There's no way that B&M wouldn't put those fins on any other coasters or design anything new. He seemed very confident in himself. That report made me laugh, I hope that guy is proven wrong. He may not be tho in the end, only time will tell.
  12. Yeah, a lot of us have thrown together phpbb boards and just opened them for the heck of it. I'd do that now, and just see what the forums bring in. If you get a lot of members (heck even outside ones) then you could get other people who would be much more dedicated and willing to help launch the site.
  13. Its state law that says how high the fences need to be, and it varies from one state to another. For example, in MD, state law requires chain link fencing 6 feet high that is not wide enough for a ball of a certain diameter to pass through (I can't recall the exact measurement, I went through my rides training at SFA a couple years ago and have forgotten). So its not even the park's choice as to what type the fences are or their dimensions, its a matter of what the state government the park resides considers safe. Didn't realize that, which again raises the possibility of the family suing the state. Again all speculation, but with the stuff i've seen today I would not be surprised
  14. I'd be more then willing to write articles and news stuff about the park. I dont know if I'd want any big "jobs" but I'd be more then willing to help out get things started. Hershey is my home park and I'm there very often. Please let me know if I could do anything. I know logo and web design can wait a little, but it would be nice to do. I would suggest starting with getting a url and then hosting a forms on it. I don't really know how to do it but I'm pretty sure the phpBB offers them for free. I wouldn't want you to waste a long time or money on logos and web design without a forum base. Getting a lot of information about the park (you know a ride section with all the info like RCDB if not more, and flats, park history, exc..., and have that set up. I'm not much of a expert so you might want to check in with some of the top guns here.
  15. just put him on the back seat of Goliath at SFMM. You can't get much worse then that, and maybe he'll enjoy it. I hated coasters, I would hesitate to ride anything when I was younger. Then I was forced on Great Bear (i was afraid of SooperDooperLooper) and loved it, and since then I just ride anything. Just make sure he doesn't kill you while you're in line.
  16. It's good to hear that the family isn't going to sue the park. I just was sick of watching the news that night hearing "a 17 year old kid is killed by a rollercoaster" as a headline, and anyone who didn't listen to the whole story figured that the ride screwed up and killed him.
  17. With the financial troubles Six Flags is already in, a lawsuit could be a death sentence for the company as a whole if they lose. Imagine - all Six Flags parks having to be sold because they had to pay so much money to the family of a moron to cover a lawsuit that they could no longer afford to operate any parks. the way things have been looking, that might happen no matter what.
  18. The news already gave Six Flags a bad rep, but they showed some sick Goliath shots . Really though, I think the damage has already been done, a lawsuit wouldn't paint much worse of an image. The GP knows that a Rollercoaster killed someone, and that's all they need to hear. I've heard more so now that the kid just wanted to avoid the "re-enter" lines, so he decided that going through the coaster was better then waiting in line.
  19. I agree, if you have money, you can do anything in America. I agree with you're "heartlessness" but maybe (and hopefully) the family will be real and not blame anyone but the child. We don't know what there intentions are yet.
  20. It's like jumping in front of a car on a highway, then blaming the driver. How on earth could someone blame Six Flags on something like this, even a highway doesn't have a warning sign or a fence but you should be smart enough to avoid the area. I feel bad for the kid and family now, but if they start blaming the park then the remorse feeling is as good as gone for me. Yet we all know Six Flags will be blamed.
  21. I could still see maybe a special entrance for buses around Lightning Racer and have them park over at the Golf Course? Just an idea for more space for the park. There's plenty of access to that place from where the Claw Is.
  22. I have a feeling that Six Flags will have to put up barb wired chain link fences around every ride once this is over.
  23. I went into HPCrazy's drawings of Hershey and decided to show my ideas of a future, mainly because it's halftime of the MLS Game I think the Golf Course could be used for Employee Parking and mabye some maitnence buildings, then build a transportation tunnel under the buildings and such, it isn't to far from Lightning Racer. It's just an idea, and also I would like to see ZooAmerica be moved to another part of town or something like that, and offer a shuttle service from the park to there. Hershey just doesn't have the land like some parks do.
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