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  1. Understood, thanks! I trust the Firefox spell check way to much . And today i tuned into one of the Baltimore news stations and they had a short story on it, but it said nothing more then we know already. I'm guessing that the situation has to go to court and charges are being filed which is why we wouldn't know anything yet.
  2. i think the guy cut in line anyway. but seriously, it probably happened outside the park (that parking lot, well, i've heard stories), and that news site hasn't even had an update yet and it happened on saturday so it doesn't seem like it was too major. Just that it had to happen in an amusement park makes it a big deal.
  3. please tell me you got a pic of that . ha, there's some really nice alpie shots there. Sounds like a great time.
  4. and i thought the definition of a bad day at the park was when in rained; i have been corrected. last year, i can honestly say i just remember walking into the park, no metal detectors or anything, just some security guys standing there smiling
  5. i've been to a ton of these parks, since i live in the area, here's what i can offer . Hershey-get there early! i like being at the park when the gates open, especally if you want to have short lines everywhere. I'd also try to get there on a weekday if possible. Do not pass up a front row seat on Storm Runner, front row seat on Great Bear, and a back row seat with a full train on all the woodies. Lightning racer doesn't run full trains until the afternoon, and you won't get the full impact of the ride unless you do. Knoebels- dont buy tickets or any pass, i belive it's no more then 3$ a ride on Phoenix and Twister each, unless you are looking to ride a lot of flats and hit up the waterpark. If you're just there for the coasters, you can just walk in and get some tickets and ride and save money. Knoebels is in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. Here's what i'd do. Visit Knoebels in the day, leave around 8 and drive to Hershey and stay in a hotel there. Then you can get to Hershey really early. I don't think there's to many hotels up in Elysburg (knoebels), and it's about a 2 hr drive at the longest between Hershey and Knoebels. If you leave the park and head west on the road that goes around the parking lot and giant center there's a slu of fast food joints about 2 miles down the road. KFC, Wendys, Pizza Hut, MickeyD's to name a few, that's where i usually go. There's also a Wendys right across from Lightning Racer, but you cant walk from the park to there unless you want to cross like 4 lanes of highway. SF-get the qbot! all i can say.
  6. hey big mike. curious if you knew just how much money you've spent on gas in the hot rod, or how many miles you've gone so far?
  7. ahh im heading up the 25th to get my Farenheit credit. Im pumped! Great TR, i hear storm runner has gotten very rough like every other intamin, did you notice that? This is one time i love having expensive gas prices. I cook at a restaurant that's a tourist trap within the hershey area (it's actually owned by hershey, but i dont get any park benefits ) but tourism is down like 200-300% this year with gas prices. I've heard parks like Hershey are dry and the only people there are the locals, leading to no long lines. It's prolly not good for the company, but if i can walk on storm runner im not complaning
  8. so i go to this site called nothingtoxic.com every once in awile, and i found this video of a aparent carnival ride literally falling apart and crashing. note: the site has some lightly mature content (language) and links to sites with very adult content (porn), but i couldn't find the video elsewhere. Remember kids, don't look at a site that you wouldn't look at with you're mom http://www.nothingtoxic.com/media/1213392571/An_Amusement_Park_Ride_Goes_Terribly_Wrong
  9. one foggy halloween day at hershey park. admission was like 25 bucks. no one was there, i had i believe 12 lightning racer rides, about 10 storm runner runs, and 7 or 8 great bear runs. All in the dark, it was sick . Every ride in the park was a walk-on, even SR and it was it's first year of operation. all those rides spaned about 5 hours, since i think it was a evening only operating day or something weird.
  10. great article here man, keep it up. Im new to these forms but not new to roller coasters, and have been on boards for the last 6 years atleast, and can't say i've seen an endevear like this one before. Great thread, i may have to stop in if you ever hit up Hershey or little Dutch Wonderland (if you haven't gotten those credits) and i dont have to work. thanks for the great read!
  11. yeah, i hate when that happens (which is daily) I've rode LR over 100 times, and the best rides are when you have to wait for a full train in the afternoon for a back row right seat on the Green train . You go a good 3-5mph faster i believe with the extra 1000lbs on board without the 6 or 8 seats closed off. The second hill that's right before the turnaround into the tunnel is one of the better floater hills i have ever expierenced, not quite Phoenix at Knoebels, but it still is a great hill. You'll have to try that some day
  12. i think lightning racer delivers with a full train. That's really hard to get tho considering that like 48 people technically ride at once, and the capacity with 2 trains running is unbelievable. The ride isn't great without a full train, but when it's filled up and you're in the front or back seat, hang on for one heck of a ride. Sick airtime if you're in the back on a full train, not so much if it's empty (less weight, less speed, exc)
  13. Hypersonic XLC, hence it being removed. I dont understand why Beast is so great and high ranked as well. SROS at SFA is a huge letdown, the helix's are awful. The first drop into a turn is so awesome, and the first hill has sick air, and the end has some beautiful bunny hops, but oh yeah there's those stupid helixs thrown in. I wish they would of had some high speed turns or more airtime hills. It's still one of my top rides just for the start and finish, but the helix's make me sick. Deja Vu as well, ha.
  14. Hershey runs it great. Here is you're ride. You dispatch station and sit usually about 10 seconds at the base of the lift hill. After the train on the track clears the brake run at the end you go up the lift. At the end of you're ride you usually wait for a train to fill up right in front of you, but it's usually only a minuet wait, and not as bad as maverick got. Here's a vid showing that
  15. ha so i was late, well it's a great choice, make sure to get to the park around 9 to ride the chocolate ride! its fun and you get chocolate at the end. check this topic out http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=40771&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=40 and ride all the woodies from the back seat. Great airtime! and do not pass up Storm Runner's front seat.
  16. i think it depends what you're grandma likes the best. If she likes the euro-style, then BGE is great. If she loves chocolate, then take her to Hershey! And if you are a woodie fan, hershey has what i believe are 3 top wooden coasters in the world. BGE lacks a woodie (which i think is the biggest downfall of the park IMO) Both parks are equivelant however i think in rides. All 5 are great at BGE, but i think Hershey stacks up with Storm Runner, Farenheit, Lightning Racer, Wildcat, and Great Bear has what i consider the best drop on a Beemer invert. It's a tough call. I can't count my vote because i'd choose BGE since im 30 mins from Hershey and am there all the time.
  17. i personally like the green train better on LR, just because the lift hill proves a better view of the ride to the right, that's the only difference i have ever come across.
  18. Manhattan express looks horrible from all the POV's. and it's a lot of $$ to ride if im not mistaken? I always fear the old woodies, even tho i know they wont fall apart, just something about them. Phoenix at Knoebels is a prime example (and my favorite woodie!) Vekoma SLC and most Boomerangs suck too.
  19. for anyone else, NEVER pass up these rides here, Storm Runner front Seat. The two seconds cresting that hill makes the extra wait worth it . You can't see to much from the rest of the train, and you can't appreciate the rides beauty as much as you can up front. Green train of Lightning Racer, back seat, FULL TRAIN (it makes a difference big time) Front seat Lightning Racer, I like the red train better from the front. Back seat of Wildcat (if you can take some pain ) Back seat of Comet, full train SooperDooperLooper (no wait ever, and it's a classic. Nice helix toward the end that I always like.) Hershey rarely has special lines for the back seat, and you usually never have to wait more then one or two trains for the very back seat, because no one really knows the power that seat harnesses
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