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  1. Agreed, Great Bear is always a pain in the a$$. I swear i was stuck on a train in the brake run for 5 mins just sitting there waiting for the staff to get people seated.
  2. yeah, there's a few as of now in the right section of the park (from the POV of that picture of the hyper. I think a big go-kart course might go in next to the "Fury" ride.
  3. Here is my most recent project, a unnamed thrill seeker "beach and boardwalk." Located along the ocean this park features some of the world class thrill coasters not found at any other boardwalk. Im not to good with scenery and such, but i try to make do. So let me know what you guys think! Any type of criticism is more then welcome as well. It's a hyper coaster to this point, then it stops on the brakes (well slows to 4mph, go RCT2) and launches up to 65 mph in 2 seconds, followed by some of Intamin's famous ejector air hills. That's all for now, hope to add some more eventually! The entire park, and, That big red thing. Doesn't have the name but is my favorite thing i ever built in RCT. Hurricane, a Intamin launched coaster filled with airtime and fast turns. Very fun ride. Steel Venom.. I mean VooDoo.. I mean, heck I dont even remember what I called this thing. Fury, a B&M Launched Looper, with 6 Inversions and packed in a small space.
  4. I can't find a online story on this yet, but this was just on the 10'oclock news and I just had to share. So a 44 year old lost her finger on the sky ride at dutch wonderland. This is a ski lift style ride pictured here, http://www.dutchwonderland.com/rides/details.php?ride_id=99 Apparently the other person in the cart lowered the lap bar unexpectedly, and the 44yr old woman had her finger in just the right position and snap, the finger fell off. The news didn't say much more then that. The ride has those metal lap bars that just adjust to you're height and I don't think lock in at all, If i remember right.
  5. If you can hit Hershey during the week it's the way to go. I always go mid week. On a hot day, Fahrenheit maxes out at a 20-30 min wait. On a cold day, it maxes out at say 45-60 mins during the week (depending on how many people are at the boardwalk). Every coaster I rode with the exception of Fahrenheit was only a 1 or 2 train wait at the most, 2 Storm Runner walk ons.
  6. Agreed, but that ride had OTSR's. You can't have a hyper coaster and OTSR's, it's just evil. You can complete a loop with just a lap bar, and i really hope B&M Puts that in with a hyper.
  7. that's what i was figuring. Six Flags in good times = original designs Six Flags in bad times = Something like 10 Batman The Ride Clones, and the same ride showing up 4 times across the country. The GP doesn't care if there are clones. Six Flags IS building some B&M Dive Machines in 09-10 from all I've been told from the most reliable sources, but I doubt any will show up here. SFMM is due for a woodie
  8. ^^ sounds like mythbusters should get on that. And this year Hershey put a world class coaster in the area that two water slides took up, anything is possible. I expect a Evil Knevil clone, personally.
  9. We'll see rollercoasters covered that go 200+. Drag cars go 0-300 in 4 seconds, and i'm sure that a coaster can do that too.
  10. Make it another 100 ft taller and it would be sweet. There its just meh.
  11. True, I guess im just so used to HersheyPark letting us know a year in advance if anything is happening.
  12. risk of fire, fireworks make a mess, exc. Im sure it could still be compromised, and stuff could be put their if need be. But KI needs to tell us something. If they are so close to the plant the track is coming from then I'm sure minimal can be left onsite, and we shouldn't see much outside of station track until winter.
  13. Here is a Intamin Hyper with a wintery theme. 7000+ feet of Intamin sexiness. I can't think of much more to say, so i'll let the screens do the talking. Criticism is awesome. FROST.SV6 Download and Enjoy Station, end of the ride, exc. Some nice Intamin curves, well, as nice as RCT2 can get. I like Intamin
  14. There's live monkeys in those crates anyways. I doubt there's nothing that deals with the coaster. But seriously, I hope they would make some sort of an announcement instead of building and just letting people speculating. Some people in the GP might start some rumor that a 400ft coaster is coming, and then be disappointed when it's only 200ft. Everyone has seen the teasers and us coaster enthusiasts all know what's coming, why won't they let anyone else know. It'd make more sense to tell the GP visiting the park on vacation right now about the new ride, show some artist sketches, and that will make people thing about coming back next year instead of leaving it a secret, because i'm sure 98% of people don't go online to see what parks have new rides. Is there any reason for it to not be announced while work is being done.
  15. those packages of meat are disturbing. Looks like something you'd see in a vending machine.
  16. 1 Credit = 1 Coaster So say someone has 234 credits, that means he has ridden 234 different coasters. And, This coaster has a 120 degree drop, and it's the steepest in the world
  17. and enlighten me if this already happened, but vertical loops and inversions in those launched water-tube rides (where the water is shot out and that propels the tube, dont know what there called)
  18. Waterparks. I see almost every single park being half water park, and Vekoma joining B&M and Intamin as the "elite" steel coaster designers. More Steel Hawg rides I think parks will not be building much more bigger or faster rides. Possibily a few new inversions over the next few years. I see theming coming into detail more, but not as much as some people are saying. Just more rides themed like Black Mamda and Nemesis Inferno emerging in parks. Six Flags will be reduced to SFMM, SFGAM, and SFGADV in 10 years. And there will be some company like Six Flags owning 20+ Waterparks. That's what I think.
  19. it is the best ride for the GP. It's hard how to describe but it's the parks first ride with more then 3 inversions (count out sidewinder), and that's something almost every other park has somewhere or another. In this sense I think it was a great move. And this ride is better then you're standard B&M Floorless or Intamin 10-Inversion ride, so i'm very satisfied. I hope this makes sense, Hershey shouldn't build two rides that half the GP are afraid off in 3 years. Many people in the GP just look at SR's launch and are like No, not riding it at all. Now the ride has been a walk on the two times I've been to the park. Fahrenheit isn't as as intimidating since it lacks a launch, 70+mph, exc. Ever notice the huge group of people standing outside of Storm Runner just watching, there's not that many at Fahrenheit today and that's a new ride.
  20. I really have maybe 1% faith in this program actually happening anytime soon. I think New Orleans has many more issues instead of a theme park they should focus on still (sorry to say it, but really). People are still missing houses and many living parts are not completely cleaned out and re-done. Spending 100+ million on cleaning up SFNO and making a new park will not sit well with the general public. It's just too much money to spend on something in that area at this time. They could put that money to good use and rebuild houses instead of building a park. Does anyone have any current photos of the park? You think Darien Lake looks creepy, i bet this is 10 times worse.
  21. It isn't as intense as Storm Runner, but i don't think it was designed to be as well. I think it was hyped up a little to much, but it is still just you're standard intamin looper if you take out the lift/drop. And there mighty fine if you ask me. I like Fahrenheit better just because it seemed more fun to me, Storm Runner is quick and a intense ride but almost to fast to enjoy anything, Fahrenheit has massive air and a tons of inversions (something the park was probably looking for).
  22. Ha it's ten times better then the maps they provide and clearer then google earth I think expansion is possible and likely out in the lot in front of Wildcat, but that picture i put up is my idea of what the waterpark will look like in say 10 years. The park won't go and get rid of Lightning Racer, Fahrenheit, or Storm Runner, so we know the whole park can't be swallowed by the Boardwalk (they surround it minus sidewinder).
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